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obsession || hannigram [ teen au ] by lxvecrime
obsession || hannigram [ teen au ]by char
[ on going ] Will Graham, an eighteen year old who is constantly harassed by vivid nightmares. Hope is birthed when Will is introduced to another student, Hannibal Lecte...
Falling for Him (Sabriel AU) by InactiveForNow419
Falling for Him (Sabriel AU)by Inactive
Lawrence High School wasn't very big, but it also wasn't very small. It had around seven hundred students and a student to teacher ratio of twenty to one. Sam isn't new...
message delivered {frerard} by candyflossmelanie
message delivered {frerard}by ✨gabriel✨
geebear: ummm who is this? frnk is typing...
Detention League  by xStolenGracex
Detention League by xStolenGracex
The story of seven teens who are struggling to hide their secret powers, not only from their teachers, but from each other. But secret identities don't always stay se...
Happy Accidents {highschool ironstrange uwo} by CreativeNameThing
Happy Accidents {highschool ironst...by weesnaw
Tony, who's starting his Senior year of highschool, is a straight-A student who doesn't study, does his own projects before his schoolwork, is sarcastic toward anyone a...
Double Trouble by CreativeCooki
Double Troubleby Cooki
There's nothing worse than falling in love with your straight best friend. Oh, wait, no, scratch that. There's nothing worse than falling in love with your straight best...
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something that we know (dipperxreader) by Andy_Avis_Cipher_2_
something that we know (dipperxrea...by Your Living Nightmare
you're name is y/n,l/n your already 18 years old and ready to live on your own. your moving to gravity falls with your best friend Abby. you and Abby have been friends f...
sweet tooth ⭑ richie tozier by j0yless_symph0ny
sweet tooth ⭑ richie tozierby j0yless_symph0ny
" sweet tooth for you, i'm wide awake " _______ IN WHICH derry's local twink falls for a foul-mouthed, adhd-ridden asshole and everything goes to shit _______ ...
P.S I love you  by Loserthangs011
P.S I love you by Loserthangs011
High school AU. The party met El in school not in the woods.
Teenlock AU by Dat_Sherlock_Boi
Teenlock AUby Dat Sherlock Boi
Sherlock's a Sophomore at Baker Academy. He's always been the laughing stock of the school. Aside from his brother, of course. But one day, everything changes. Sherlock...
palette in the moonlight | x-files teen au by foxmulders
palette in the moonlight | x-files...by abandoned account
In the early 1980s, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are paired up as chemistry partners.
Voicegay by austimbroust
Voicegayby austimbroust
Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned. Did somebody say... high school AU? - Tony has a crush. Layne has a plan. Geoff has no idea. Now Tony has a crush AND an awkward sit...
Prom Committee by NicentacCrackers
Prom Committeeby Nicentac Crackers
When Craig gets in trouble, he and his friends are forced to help the Prom Committee with the preparations for next week's Autumn Dance. He doesn't find it difficult at...
Educating Eric (Cherik AU) by SarcasticSuperhero
Educating Eric (Cherik AU)by Rowan
Picture this: Eric is an outcast who gave up on his education roughly two days after he started secondary school, he doesn't give a shit about anyone because he doesn't...
Teen AU, Final Space by Crm55555
Teen AU, Final Spaceby ✨𝔸𝕧𝕠𝕔𝕒𝕥𝕠 🥑✨
El universo no peligra, el planeta tierra tampoco, tan solo es un AU en el que nuestros personajes preferidos de Final Space son adolescentes.
365 days of Cas [Destiel Highschool AU] - In the middle of Editing by EnbyPalCharles
365 days of Cas [Destiel Highschoo...by Charlie_Raine
This is the story of Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak, aged 18, and the year they met, lived, laughed...and loved. "When you have a certain number of days, you spe...
Songs (Ironstrange Teen AU) by AmericanCheese1
Songs (Ironstrange Teen AU)by Punk goth gal
Tony Stark goes to a prestigious boarding school. He meets a student named Stephen who's been going to the school for a while. The two quickly become friends. And maybe...
《Summer Fun》 Supernatural//Teen AU by MichaTheWriter
《Summer Fun》 Supernatural//Teen AUby Michael
Michael and Lucifer take in Sam and Dean after a tragic accident. Summer rolls around and Michael and Lucifer must open their camp again. This year, Lucifer invites his...