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| Beautiful crime | ELITE S2 | by loveisweakness7
| Beautiful crime | ELITE S2 |by Bekind-always
"It's only murder if they find the body. Otherwise, it's just a missing person." After the assassination of Marina, the golden youth returns to Las Encinas. W...
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The Girl Who Broke The Rules by therhythminmysoul
The Girl Who Broke The Rulesby therhythminmysoul
Some say she is a bully. Others that she is a curse to those around her and her family. The truth is, she is just human. Both good and bad. Hazel Hardison is a rich, spo...
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For The Greater Good (Minizerk FF) by FauxNotAQuiff
For The Greater Good (Minizerk FF)by Ryan
Simon was straight. He wanted to make the world a better place for the LGBTQ+ community and change things for the greater good, but he was DEFINITELY straight.
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Our Little Secret  by Blkmail
Our Little Secret by 𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐔𝐌.
Keep it on the down low. . .
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Nina by darawestb
Ninaby chun lí
just know this shits gets good! 💘
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Silent Shot | Group Roleplay by xXDr3am_CatcherXx
Silent Shot | Group Roleplayby ♡ Dream ♡
Don't fire the shot Or they will all come running. Don't fire the shot If you don't plan on hiding. But if you must; fire silently.
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Har Baar Shak Karegi Kya? by TheUncertainMiracle
Har Baar Shak Karegi Kya?by TheHummingUnicorn
A stardust soul, meets a chichhora drowned in wanderlust. Seek into their life and witness their entangled yet entwined bond.
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Peter Parker: Future Hearts by GreaserinaTardis
Peter Parker: Future Heartsby Seshat
Peter sometimes just has a very sad life, but Tony and the Avengers are there to make it a little easier Part 14: It was the one year anniversary of May's death. Peter t...
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The Black Hearts  by kalimasida
The Black Hearts by kalimasida
A mysterious and a difficult love story between Luna who is over controlled by her father and Kinta whose parents accidentally fail to give him his freedom as they live...
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Wait, what? by randomrasberyy
Wait, what?by Randomrasberry
Hi, I am Kayla Harvelle, I am 16 and I dont trust guys, Not after Max broke my heart at least. But then I met Anthony. Sweet, honest, breathtaking eyes, has this charm...
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ONCE A WALLFLOWER: When will this story be mine? by wanderbegins
ONCE A WALLFLOWER: When will this...by wanderbegins
Like everybody I am a teenager who's into watching Korean dramas, cause why not? I mean it's nice to feel romantically excited with someone else's story, right? Well ca...
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Kepler-168F by breathingchemicals
Kepler-168Fby Anna Weckert
Etta Parker was eight years old when she became a Chosen. Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. The Council emerged shortly afterwards. They proposed o...
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"13" by lets_paint_the_world
"13"by 1D_storys
Harry styles fan fiction
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Archetypes by alluringlytragic
Archetypesby annalisa
"I'm going to make you love me, Vivian. I'm going to make you mine again because I love you and, quite frankly, you should know by now that I always get what I want...
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Survive / Book 1 by breathingchemicals
Survive / Book 1by Anna Weckert
This beautiful cover was made by @celestialine There are zombies walking through the neighbourhood, and, they're wearing military uniforms. With nothing left to lose...
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FRESH by tendergift
FRESHby L.N.She.
"I came to this school to get into Columbia, but instead I'm morning the death of my childhood neighbor. She had dreams, and she truly could've gotten them. She was...
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The sun is also a star by babylams_
The sun is also a starby lamsou
The story of a girl, a boy, and the universe. Natasha : I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not de stingy. Or dreams that will never come true. I'm...
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First flight: Corbyn Besson  by Seavey_and_Besson
First flight: Corbyn Besson by Seavey&Besson
In which two childhood bestfriends fall for each other after he went through a hard break up and she went through somthing way worse. Rankings: 2019 #70 corbynbesson 10...
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[ OG ] Memories | JJK  by ex155cm-
[ OG ] Memories | JJK by melmelmelaa
"ily" - Jungkook " I love you too " - Hana " im sorry but its probably means i leave you " - Jungkook
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𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐆 | ❝ I wanna be... ❞ Forever is a long time but it's made better with the right company. Wars may be waged, loved ones may be lost, friends...
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