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Remedies : by takumotokixx
Remedies :by Yūdoku
Short shots of simplicity, spilled upon a page.
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Jenzie:A new beginning by Aryaa_____
Jenzie:A new beginningby ms.chanandler.bong_
Johnny and Mackenzie have recently started dating.One unexpected night they are accidentally drugged leading them to do the deed.Causing Mackenzie to be...Yes!She is pre...
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Vipers by Silence_Of_Shadows
Vipersby Silence_Of_Shadows
Michael is a typical teenager, except for the fact that he doesn't have a family as most do. He was raised on the streets, abandoned by his family at a young age. One da...
T R A P P E D by lucindafernsby
T R A P P E Dby Booklover101
Based in the future where ordinary girl called Violet liked to blend into the shadows of society. She is hardworking and follows the rules like everyone else. But what s...
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teen wolf | gif series (german translation) by mangoesxcarrots
teen wolf | gif series (german tra...by Jade
"I'm addicted to you don't you know that your toxic." [TEEN WOLF GIF SERIES] Alle Rechte gehören der Autorin (phoebe6666).
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Satan's Daughter by KodaIsAFrenchFry
Satan's Daughterby 🍟 Koda 🍟
"I never knew what I was until the day I died." My name is Sasha, I'm a teenage girl who never knew what she was. Well what teenager, really knows that. But...
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Weekend Babysitter by DlBoy69
Weekend Babysitterby DlBoy69
High School student Ryan has some interesting experiences babysitting for a family on the weekends.
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saving skylar  by myearlybirdd
saving skylar by mia
*********************************************** Bryce was the schools bad boy. He always liked to live life in the edge. On day Skylar stumbles into his town, but that's...
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My Twin Teachers by itzjustmeeeeee
My Twin Teachersby Emily
"We promise, babygirl", he softly kissed promises into her skin. "You'll be safe with us." ~ "Play with Fire and You're Gonna Get Burned"...
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you dont really know me by 1ayaaya12
you dont really know meby Aya Mahmood
You think you know someone but look into there heads and you"ll be shocked. Join the heartbreaking, loving and happy experience as we go through Rebecca mind
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Before Sunrise by aaanxious
Before Sunriseby noa
When being successful means leaving all things behind, even the good ones, would you do it?
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The Change by Writer337
The Changeby Tiffany Richards
Read it and find out. Tehehe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂😐. I'm not sane and not sorry.😛😜😝😖😖😖😖😵😵😵😵😵🤪🤪🤪🤪*Cringe
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R i d e | a dialogue story by Dreamerwithabook
R i d e | a dialogue storyby goes by many names
"Call you later, princess?" "Since when has this become a regular thing?" "Ever since you called me, hermosa." "W-what, do you even kn...
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Red by xTheOddGirlx
Redby Z O E Y
"Something about him ticks me off - I'm still deciding whether it's his ridiculous good looks or colossal ego." Zara Johnson is a witty teenage girl, who has a...
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The Letter Without An Address by MyinspiraSHAWN_
The Letter Without An Addressby ❄️Bubble ❄️
Olivia Brown, a simple nerd girl who had no social life started to receive mysterious letters about someone confessing to her, but they didn't have any address. Who co...
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Eddsworld x Teen reader! by LaylaBugByfar
Eddsworld x Teen reader!by Friendly asshole
Y/n was a little shy. I mean, like, Didn't ever really talk to strangers. (Bitch. Are you supposed to?) Y/n went out one Day and seen a wonderful shop! Then she got lost...
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The Possessive Bad Boy by itz_me_namrata
The Possessive Bad Boyby Namrata
Anna isn't just the normal 17 year old. She's been through a lot. She's hurt. She's full of scars. She's broken. Unlike every other girl, Anna wants her life to be norma...
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Cold heart- Bradley Simpson by NewHopeClubE
Cold heart- Bradley Simpsonby
"Jeez" He sighs, his broad shoulders visibly deflating "I'm trying to be nice. I know you hate me" I can't help but roll my eyes at everything being...
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Impossible To Possible by daydreamer182003
Impossible To Possibleby lemah
"IF YOU LOVED SOMEONE ELSE THAN WHY DID YOU CLAIM YOUR LOVE FOR ME." "I only love you Bia." "Than what is this. Han.I ha ..ate you. You are... j...
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All because of just a notebook by rose_yay
All because of just a notebookby rose_yay
Here - words will decide the future. Ashley Wells is a simple student and like every student has a bully(Leon), rival(Ashley Brooke) and a bestie(Steffi), she too had t...
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