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Playboy Lover |Yanyan De Jesus Fanfiction| Complete by jungrassicrawr
Playboy Lover |Yanyan De Jesus Fan...by jungrassic
Y/n Was A Famous Student Because Of Her High Grades And Looks. She was Perfect. She got the looks and wisdom. All of the girls was jealous of her. The other girls hate h...
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SOLACE by bedshits
SOLACEby i s a ☽
"is this what solace feels like?" Maybe a girl just wants to feel what love is like.
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The Sacrifice I'm Willing To Take by SRHYGN
The Sacrifice I'm Willing To Takeby SAHG
Based on a Tagalog experience. (First person point of view)
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in captivity // phan by caitlin_is_a_mood
in captivity // phanby Caitlin
after dans been missing for a year he's soon announced dead, but there's more to the story of dan howell. ~ tw: violence, blood (dm if you want to know any specifics) ~
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wonders by historicallibra
wondersby ✮ ⭐ 𝒮𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒽 ⭐ ✮
a journey of another messy teen, trying to understand the wonders of life. Whether it'll be tragic, comedic, or romantic, she knows she won't be able handle it. She's go...
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Sandcastle Book 2 (Namjoon Fanfic)  by Fashionista369
Sandcastle Book 2 (Namjoon Fanfic) by KayBee
Following on from Belinda's heartbreak, this book takes place, showing us the life of Belinda after Namjoon and how she copes with motherhood, lost friendships, growing...
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The Wolf Hunter's by IrinRahman77
The Wolf Hunter'sby Irin Rahman77
#Girl's fight back now!!! Marina, Amilia, panda and Zara made a perfect BFF squad. Which made every other girls envy them.They got an exciting mission of catching jerks...
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Beautiful Scar [Amore Series 1] by betyfullmeeee
Beautiful Scar [Amore Series 1]by ShangdeSheep
I choose you. And I'll choose you, over and over and over, without pause, without a doubt, in a Heartbeat, I'll keep choosing you. Language: Tagalog/English
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Bliss Station ~ Poetry by Ajay-Kumar
Bliss Station ~ Poetryby Ajay Kumar
~Ongoing~ Where is your bliss station? You have to try to find it! ~Joseph Campbell Hmmm, okay, here we go.
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Living Under The Same Roof by Sunidosh_Reemanchi8
Living Under The Same Roofby Ginny
Have you ever felt the helplessness of a situation? Abigail has never felt but now she has too. Her mother dies just three months before she turned eighteen, meaning she...
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Con Science, Not Conscience (ONC2020) by aurum_autumn
Con Science, Not Conscience (ONC20...by t
You know the stigma against con artists? Well, Angel doesn't believe in that. Mainly because she works as one... A determined con artist. An impossible task to con the c...
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Ruel - I Still Love You by giselleroe
Ruel - I Still Love Youby giselle :)
When Ruel and Claire spent the summer together, everything was perfect. But then he had to leave for tour without telling her. What will happen when they see each other...
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Pearl by dumbestwriterever
Pearlby dumbestwriterever
''Some people are just not likeable, and she was one of them...'' Pearl is fourteen and annoying. All she does is try to please people, and gets nothing but hatred in re...
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Novellikokoelma, sekalaisia tekstejä by Tuulisulka
Novellikokoelma, sekalaisia tekste...by Tuulisulka
Tämä on siis yksinkertaisesti novellikokoelma ja jokaisen 'luvun' tilalla on aina uusi novelli. Koska olen erittäin "luova" kirjan nimi on novellikokoelma. Ja...
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Four Little Words | ONC2020 by OnceUponASonder
Four Little Words | ONC2020by OnceUponASonder
"The roses are dead, The violets are too, Don't mention romance, You'll make me spew." Francesca Burton knows all there is to know about love and romance. She...
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When love begins with hate by sania_092
When love begins with hateby Sania Seraj
You dont get to choose,you just fall in love and you get this person who is all wrong and right at the same time. And you know you love them so much except sometimes the...
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The Flame with Red Hair by Toffie_cat
The Flame with Red Hairby Tof
Living in a small conservative town in the south is hard, especially if you don't fit in with their beliefs. Naomi Robbinson just moved to Lullin, Texas from New York, t...
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Arc-en-ciel by CoffeeGirl_10
Arc-en-cielby Cassiopeia
Arc-en-ciel(n.): Rainbow "It was her allure that taught him to appreciate colours- whether it was the combination of blues that made her eyes sparkle- even in the f...
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idk yet this story is kinda bad xoxoxo by raspberriesbruh
idk yet this story is kinda bad xo...by lola
sket behaviour
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Stand by me by ladyunice
Stand by meby Lady Unice
"matagal ko nang pangarap to...ito na... matutupad na." sabi ko sa sarili ko bago pumunta sa tanghalan at simulan ang pagkanta. Di ko maipaliwanag ang saya na...
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