Teammate Stories

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Puck You by PeytonNovak
Puck Youby Peyton Novak
Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ...
Sasquatch to the Moon by rabideraser
Sasquatch to the Moonby rabid (not medically)
Rocket's plan is simple, get traded to the Wolves, catch a crush, get over it, then maybe date someone for real. He's expecting the crush to be Fenrir, all-star player...
The Puck Queen by RFG_RFG
The Puck Queenby Faith Green
Jessica Waters considered herself a pretty average teenager. She went to school, hung out with her friends, argued with her parents, and lived to play ice hockey. Then o...
brothers by kiya0511
brothersby it's_Kiyaaa😜
Basically it's a OS of Indian cricketer
HIS NAME by TrixHunt
HIS NAMEby 𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕩𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕥
Ushijima has just lost the chance to take his team to nationals. A sleepy Tendou ends up getting dumped with the blame. When Tendou goes missing, Ushijima is determined...
Falling: The Truth by CuriousKhai
Falling: The Truthby Khai Ryu
A girl named Shirley was brought to the Force Academy by Captain Izac when was little. She has been trained to be a strong warrior when she grew up. She doesn't know who...
The Words They Wish They Said by Experiment51
The Words They Wish They Saidby Problem Child
Regrets for what they wish they had said, Guilt for everything they did, The people left behind, What happens to the people you leave behind? This book is written...
Never Forget by fateofawakening
Never Forgetby Karina Christine
SEQUEL TO KAKASHI'S TEAMMATE, THE LIGHTNING GODDESS. A couple of years ago, Kira Izanami returned to Konohagakure, seeking revenge on the man who had abandoned her all t...
Author Games: Original by Author_Games
Author Games: Originalby The Author Games
Welcome one and all. Battles for votes and reads on Wattpad Hunger Games fan-fictions have been raging on. 'The Hunger Games' is catching like fire, and now is your cha...
He Who Must Not Lie by isko_tisoy
He Who Must Not Lieby Kuya Isko
"Liars go to hell." Almost every living person believes in this notion - but not Drape Scamander. He didn't have a normal childhood because at the age of ten...
Fangirls by njrscrgirl
Fangirlsby njrscrgirl
Fangirls * Lydia Martino. Neymar Jr. Barcelona. Brasil. Italy. * One Chance For Love.
Handleless Doors by DonovanHills
Handleless Doorsby DonovanHills
Hanna is moving districts. Before she leaves, she must make three visits, one for each person whose memory found itself conjured up in her mind.
My team mate by Poetsandroses
My team mateby Poetsandroses
Toni Topaz has always wanted to join the volleyball team of riverdale high,but when she meets Cheryl Blossom,captain of the team,things get hard for her.
The Most Valuable Player by HennyxVicodins
The Most Valuable Playerby Saint 🎱🅾🎱
Zay is on his way to fulfilling his dream of being in the professional basketball league, he's been working for it since he was still in pullups. When he makes it he pla...
The Monsters Last Wish by Jay_the_Eevee
The Monsters Last Wishby EeveexXxLove
Jay, disowned by her family and hated/ feared by everybody, meets Ahiyara, a hyperactive girl who is interested in who is and what happened to Jay. After a fight and tra...
Goodbye by comedyxtragedy
Goodbyeby comedyxtragedy
It is a goodbye. Both of them have bitter smile on their face. Their feeling is conveyed to each other for the last time. Everything ends here. "I'm sorry for this...