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It's the Little Things by xXBrokenxRebelXx
It's the Little Thingsby BrokenRebel
What the team doesn't know is that when Tony gets comfortable with the people around them, he gives out little kisses. At first, The Avengers can't really believe that s...
I can Hear My Heartbeat by xxCharlieSPN
I can Hear My Heartbeatby Belle Jean Smith
Blindspot Oneshot Jane is injured during a mission gone wrong and Kurt is left on the sidelines to watch helplessly as she bleeds out in front of him.
when the caged bird sings by scribblequote
when the caged bird singsby « lady »
The one where Fugaku Uchiha decides to step in and protect his family. Except that now it's less political and more personal when Sasuke is looking to find someone to sw...
Shadow plagued by nightmares by sonicandshadowfan1
Shadow plagued by nightmaresby SSJRosey
Shadow keeps having reocuring nightmares of maria being shot and his teammates rouge and omega being killed before him (killed in front of him) can rouge and omega track...