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heavenly | p.hockstetter by babypinkcry
heavenly | p.hockstetterby crygirl
to the town of derry, evangeline kaspbrak was the perfect girl. a clean, intelligent, polite, church-going girl. to patrick hockstetter, evangeline was the spawn of all...
Patrick Hockstetter Imagines by Harley---Quinn
Patrick Hockstetter Imaginesby Heathen Harley
//my friends aren't far In the back of my car... Lay their bodies//
gonna get burnt • patrick hockstetter x oc by katxwrites
gonna get burnt • patrick hockstet...by kat (๑*◡*๑)
❝ playing with fire, you're gonna get burnt ❞ rose tozier never imagined she'd be any way involved with a sociopath, but guess she opened the wrong persons refrigerator...
Bowers Gang Preferences 🖤 by x-reader-writer-x
Bowers Gang Preferences 🖤by x-reader-writer-x
Preferences:)) here for your reading pleasure - started as a joke but now i have 8k reads which is unbelievable i love each and every single one of you❤️ -
Alice Teague: POTC by BiancaEvans2
Alice Teague: POTCby LegolasG5*
Alice Teague stowed away on the HMS Dauntless before it left England to sail to Port Royal. She had been doing this for two years trying to find her father Edward Teague...
❝ i'm a lover , not a loser ❞ imagines & preferences of chosen jacobs
POTC Book 4: Everything Has Changed by PirateGirl3
POTC Book 4: Everything Has Changedby Rebecca
Sylvia Barbossa is now searching for the Fountain of Youth.
The Unenchanted Butterfly**Unenchanted/The Iron butterfly crossover** by nealjol
The Unenchanted Butterfly**Unencha...by Monkey Cracker
*contains spoilers to the ends of both of the series.* Takes place at the end of forever, and is just before Lisanne is born, so pretty much right after the end of the...
the sister// owen teague by m_walion11
the sister// owen teagueby m_walion11
hello! I'm Julia grazer, Jack grazers older sister. I'm 18 years old and I have brown hair and brown eyes. i am a very pop girl that likes to stand out in the crowd and...
Half the world away. Nicholas Hamilton  by BowersGangBiatch
Half the world away. Nicholas Hami...by bowersgangbiatch
Lou Smith. The best friend of Logan Thompson. She was in America when it part 1 was filming so went with Logan to meet the cast. She grew close to Owen and Jake but grew...
Owen Teague Imagines by CarinMaryRoy
Owen Teague Imaginesby Carin Mary Roy
Imagines about Owen Teague, no I will not be doing request but I might in the future.
Mina and Jared Christmas by craving_eloquence
Mina and Jared Christmasby Craving_Eloquence
A Jared and Mina fanfic that takes place during Christmas.
Blood creation{1}||POTC:Curse of the black pearl by Samkloosterman
Blood creation{1}||POTC:Curse of t...by sam
Teague dalma is a son to tia dalma, Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones, black beard and Jack Sparrow.
new monster by THEwrenchinperson
new monsterby jack kline
I was the new monster in town bullying kids except for one.... HER, her smell makes me crazy
Pirates of the Snow - A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic by ShahbanouSheherazade
Pirates of the Snow - A Pirates of...by ShahbanouSheherazade
Jack Sparrow is determined to pay his debt to the daughter of Teague's closest friend, and his plan will even make him rich. But he has other worries: a stolen ship, a c...
Like a Little Bird  by DaughterofKingTeller
Like a Little Bird by LindsGilbert
Jack Sparrows father has gotten himself in a predicament in saving a young woman. Then she gets involved with Jack and everything spirals.
My dark Fae prince by LeftAbandoned
My dark Fae princeby No one’s here
Mina Grimm battles with her growing feelings for a certain dark prince. Because loving him can mean her death. Teague has the same feelings but the shard makes his feeli...
Forever: An Alternate Ending ✔️ by The-average-gatsby
Forever: An Alternate Ending ✔️by WIGLESS
Don't get me wrong, I did love Forever by Chanda Hahn but the way it ended just didn't feel right to me. Meaning no disrespect to the author, I took the liberty in writi...