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Teacher's Choice | COMPLETED by TheSolSoldier_
Teacher's Choice | COMPLETEDby ✘Crap Bag✘
Jordyn Harper falls for someone she never thought she would fall for; her young, new, gorgeous teacher, Mr. Evans. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved. PG-13 First bo...
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Everdeen Institute (GirlxGirl) by WantingToFly
Everdeen Institute (GirlxGirl)by Who cares
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The Teacher // h.s by PostStyles
The Teacher // h.sby Gucci Boy
We all have that one teacher who is stubborn, narrow-minded and intolerant. Angelina's new History teacher, Mr. Styles could not be described any other way. Besides hi...
Teacher Jacksepticeye X Reader (COMPLETED)  by H20skygirl
Teacher Jacksepticeye X Reader (CO...by H2OSkyGirl
Welcome to another year back at school last year of school u hated everyone u did have a few friends called Vanoss crew..... But then a new teacher comes in named Mr...
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I'm In Love With, My Teacher. by TypingSiimeree
I'm In Love With, My Teacher.by TypingSiimeree
Age doesn't matter right? It's just a number. Meet Layla brown, she fell In love with her teacher called ' Brendan Salvatore '
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The Weight Of You by GermanWerewolf
The Weight Of Youby Adal Wolf
Hermione Granger wanted to find a faster way to Transfiguration and entered a corridor she had never seen before. When she comes across a strange door, what will she fin...
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Love Lasting [Lesbian Story) by HawkMistress
Love Lasting [Lesbian Story)by Hawk Mistress
*Sequel to Loving Her* A year ago, Alexis Rodgers took over as the leader of her faction of witches. She is doing a fine job of leading her witches and making their fact...
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Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM) by Marxmxa
Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM)by Marxmxa
. . . . . While every other room was filled with your typical everyday school supplies, his was more of a play room than anything else. Like some kind of sex dungeon for...
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Drunk in love by d1984b
Drunk in loveby d1984b
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The Purple Iris by leafdad
The Purple Irisby ashleigh
"- I'm Mr. Bostwick, your English teacher for this year." "You are? How- what?" __________________________________________ Ashlyn Davis. A competent...
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Help me, Mrs. Courtier! by SuperVanillaNatural
Help me, Mrs. Courtier!by SuperVanillaNatural
I don't know what to say. My friend said I should put my story on this website, so I did it now. Well this story is about a girl who is in love with her female English t...
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Don't Try To Hide It by sxmmieftw
Don't Try To Hide Itby Kylo and his rens
Benedict Cumberbatch is the Humanities teacher of young April Jones. This is when he first realises just how much potential she really has, but its shadowed by her need...
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My Teacher Is A Pedophile- Vkook Fanfic by InnocentChild_Of_God
My Teacher Is A Pedophile- Vkook F...by Child Of God
Taehyung, a primary school teacher, suddenly finds himself strangely attracted to a young boy who just transferred into his class. Now giving Jungkook extra math classes...
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Billy Be Good (Robert Downey Jr. as the student in this Teacher/Student story) by Poly007
Billy Be Good (Robert Downey Jr. a...by Poly
You have always read about The Teacher and Student Fictions, where Robert Downey Jr. is the teacher and his student is in love with him. What happens when tables are tur...
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Rosie (Lesbian Teacher Student Story) by livelife2thechillest
Rosie (Lesbian Teacher Student Sto...by livelife2thechillest
Lauren is a high school student. She is "popular," but most of the time she really just feels alone, and unloved. Well, this was until her Senior year. The [fi...
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Teacher's Pet by Varian122894
Teacher's Petby Varian122894
For years Naruko had a crush on her English teacher Asuma but little does she know Asuma feels the same way about her and is now going to make her his personal pet. Mode...
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True Love (Benedict Cumberbatch) by SherLokiStark
True Love (Benedict Cumberbatch)by SherLokiStark
Teacher student romance Benedict has recently moved to a new town to continue his career as an English teacher at a secondary school. However, after his first embarrassi...
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Professor Styles [One Shot] by TheScriptDirectioner
Professor Styles [One Shot]by lolita
Beware of his stare. Meet Professor Styles.
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I Have A Crush On My Science Teacher (Teacher/Student Relationship) by Daryl_lover_21
I Have A Crush On My Science Teach...by Babygirl
This is about a 14 year old girl name jordan, she's in 8th grade she flunked a grade so that why she older than the other kids, it's her first day of 8th grade, she coul...
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Emails from Mr. Anonymous by krystynchanelle
Emails from Mr. Anonymousby Krystyn Chanelle
Denry is just an ordinary school girl who gave up on love with all the cliché reasons in the world. She thinks that she's ugly and not good enough for some guy to actual...
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