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Everdeen Institute (GirlxGirl) by WantingToFly
Everdeen Institute (GirlxGirl)by Who cares
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Teacher's Choice | COMPLETED by TheSolSoldier_
Teacher's Choice | COMPLETEDby ✘Crap Bag✘
Jordyn Harper falls for someone she never thought she would fall for; her young, new, gorgeous teacher, Mr. Evans. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved. PG-13 First bo...
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My Teacher Love Affair by DarkGirl20
My Teacher Love Affairby The Dark One
Samantha Moore is a senior in high school and she finds out that her math teacher retired. When she shows up for class she sees that her teacher is her dad best friend M...
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Linger by twinkling_fireflies
Lingerby twinkling_fireflies
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Lipstick Stains {Teacherxstudent} (editing) by xThe1975
Lipstick Stains {Teacherxstudent}...by Vivian
One teacher One student One lie One mistake It all started with Lipstick Stains {gxg} um I am currently re reading and editing this because I think I mixed up some nam...
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Loving you was forbidden by mancyuvi
Loving you was forbiddenby manc yuvi
Its hard to get away from a tragic past but sometimes life gives strange turns changing us forever, making us believe in love once again. Young shin a studious girl who...
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My Controlling Alpha by professor_peregrine
My Controlling Alphaby professor_peregrine
Cruel. Heartless. Merciless. That's how everyone describes the members of the Black Moon pack. No-one knows why they are so cruel. The Alpha is a mysterious figure that...
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Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM) by Marxmxa
Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM)by Marxmxa
. . . . . While every other room was filled with your typical everyday school supplies, his was more of a play room than anything else. Like some kind of sex dungeon for...
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My Teacher, My Lover (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) by MaeNiac03
My Teacher, My Lover (Cameron Dall...by MaeNiac03
**WARNING: TEACHER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIP** Jade Hutcherson is just a normal teenage girl in her senior year, who gets in trouble every now and then. She had a dream befor...
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My Sexy Fool of a Gym Teacher by lolimconfused
My Sexy Fool of a Gym Teacherby a teenage dirtbag;))
When Taylor goes back after the summer holiday's. Nothing much has changed. Except the school has gained a quirky, hot gym teacher. When he lives next door to her, does...
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The Purple Iris by leafdad
The Purple Irisby ashleigh
"- I'm Mr. Bostwick, your English teacher for this year." "You are? How- what?" __________________________________________ Ashlyn Davis. A competent...
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My Private Korean Tutor  (Lee Jong Suk as sexy Korean Professor) by ToniCorso
My Private Korean Tutor (Lee Jong...by ToeKnee
The passion of a language barrier. ----------------- It's Crystal Molders' first year as an American exchange student at a prestigious Korean university in Seoul. Ready...
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Pure Nightmare (Sequel to Pure Trouble) (RDJ Fanfic) by RosalindaGonzales
Pure Nightmare (Sequel to Pure Tro...by Rosalinda Gonzales
~Read Pure Trouble before this~ ____________________________ After fourteen years Lori and Robert have raised their two children to the best of their ability. Now, both...
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Don't Try To Hide It by sxmmieftw
Don't Try To Hide Itby Kylo and his rens
Benedict Cumberbatch is the Humanities teacher of young April Jones. This is when he first realises just how much potential she really has, but its shadowed by her need...
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Too Good To Stay Away (Teacher/Student Relationship) by Whines8
Too Good To Stay Away (Teacher/Stu...by Whitney T. Hines
Demi McDaniel is an 18 year old girl in her last year of high school. She doesn't have any friends anymore and keeps to herself, purposely not letting anyone in or close...
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Mr. Mendes by JustineRGrier
Mr. Mendesby JustineSaltzman💕
He's a teacher. She's a student. It's a forbidden love. Just trying to try a different kind of story to write😂
How Do We Get to the Sky by jessicateresee
How Do We Get to the Skyby Jessica Terese
Have you ever wondered what kind of an impact you would leave on your loved ones if you just disappeared? Died? Went missing? Have you ever thought of the mess and turm...
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Teacher Jacksepticeye X Reader Chapter 2 by H20skygirl
Teacher Jacksepticeye X Reader Cha...by H2OSkyGirl
This takes place after you had finished school, well a few years after, you we're 23 as for jack he was now 30, you we're living the sweet life as a a girl who dated the...
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Rosie (Lesbian Teacher Student Story) by livelife2thechillest
Rosie (Lesbian Teacher Student Sto...by livelife2thechillest
Lauren is a high school student. She is "popular," but most of the time she really just feels alone, and unloved. Well, this was until her Senior year. The [fi...
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Mr. Horan by AMROSE98
Mr. Horanby AMROSE98
There's a new teacher at school and every girl wants him. The only problem is, he's their teacher. That doesn't matter to one girl in particular. She'll do anything to h...
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