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The Kid's Mom (rewritten) by greysoitnb
The Kid's Mom (rewritten)by greysoitnb
Sarah Brantley is a hard working stay at home mom who loves her kids and her husband dearly. Megan Murray is her neighbor who is freshly graduated from high school. What...
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Life Studies by ShibaPersona
Life Studiesby Shiba♕Persona
Choi San is a psychologist, always working to support his daughter. There just happens to be an interesting person working at the same school his daughter goes to named...
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|Daddy's Boy|Jikook| by Jikookie_Vibesssss
|Daddy's Boy|Jikook|by Jikookie_Vibesssss
Where Jimin is Jungkooks strict daddy, and Jungkook is Jimins obedient baby. KINKY AF (daddy kink, Baby boy, toys, etc ;) <3 means there's sexual content in the chapt...
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Another Day At School  by LV_Kunene
Another Day At School by The Female Author
Emma recently got a job as an art teacher at a high school. She's very excited about her first job, nor little does she know that she will fall in love with one of her s...
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IDIOT-i do ishq only tumse by 12343risback
IDIOT-i do ishq only tumseby 12343risback
it's a story on a topper and a teacher...do check it...
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Teacher Male Reader X RWBY by HahahaChapters
Teacher Male Reader X RWBYby Andy Carson
Y/N L/N was a graduate of beacon at the age of 10. 8 years later he was called by Ozpin to come back to beacon and teach the new generation.
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Subs and doms by burning_reverie
Subs and domsby burning_reverie
Miss Belle is Lily's maths teacher... with an ulterior manner of discipline and a hidden persona... she is one entirely new thing to discover for lily... who is a studen...
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👀👣ფსიქოპატი მასწავლებელი👣👀 დასრულებული by justminosgirl
👀👣ფსიქოპატი მასწავლებელი👣👀 დას...by I'm MINO
მასწავლებელი, რომელსაც უყვარს მოსწავლე თუმცა მასწავლებელის პრობლემები დიდ კედელს აღმართავს მათ ცხოვრებაში. დაავოუთეთ და დააკომენტარეთ ☺
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The Navelicious teacher by t4keit3asy
The Navelicious teacherby T4keit3asy
Story of a Navelicious math teacher Chitra. Other than solving Mathematical problems ,new problems bombards her way. Was she able to solve them?
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Teacher's Pet  by mimsNova
Teacher's Pet by mimsNova
Scarlett Martinez is a student in Northwood High School, and she hated being there but one thing that makes her come everyday, is her teacher Mr. Kendall. She's been cru...
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believe || madderton by stefaniee_lmz0303
believe || maddertonby stefaniee_lmz0303
I believe in love, it's all we got love has no boundaries, no borders to cross
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Teach him| Kim SeokJin x Kim Taehyung by Bangtans_tissues
Teach him| Kim SeokJin x Kim Taehy...by k3iraaaa_
Mr.Kim has fallen for his male student, Kim Taehyung? Isn't that wrong? Even if they were 3 years apart, it's still wrong to like your students. What did Mr.Kim like ab...
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Teachers by NeckTiesOfGod
Teachersby NeckTiesOfGod
a Logicality story where Patton and Logan teach at a high school and they're hiding their relationship from the students. no, this isn't a sequal to my other book. But a...
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Good Omens - Office Hours by shimchek
Good Omens - Office Hoursby Andrea
In this story Crowley and Aziraphale are human and teachers. Crowley must look after the new blue eyed teacher and keep him out of trouble. While doing all that is he su...
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Dennis The Wizard : The Secret of The Dark Wizard by heyydanny
Dennis The Wizard : The Secret of...by Danny Iskandar
A story about a child names Dennis Christopher who has lost his mother since young age, the tragedy has changed his life after discovered his father was one of the wizar...
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•Teacher's Pet• ||J.Jk|| by LittleBitOfChim
•Teacher's Pet• ||J.Jk||by LittleBitOfChim
•In which Jungkook is MADLY in love with you ||WARNING|| •Mature themes, content, and language •Teacher x Student relationship You have been warned ||You||-Teacher ||Ju...
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Deadly Secrets by aria_leroy
Deadly Secretsby aria_leroy
Skylar (Sky) Knight just moved to Beverly Hills , California a few days back and she was hoping that everything would change, that her and her parents will make a fresh...
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Teach Me! [Free, Haruka Nanase x Fem Reader] by tokkidino
Teach Me! [Free, Haruka Nanase x F...by TOKKIDINO
A high school girl named (Y/n) (L/n) transferred into a new school and perhaps, she joined a swimming club' the so called: "Iwatobi Swim Club". She's not a ski...
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A Silence that lingers. by Devilminx23
A Silence that lingers.by Heaven
Serial Murder - The unlawful, premeditated killing of two or more people done by another being. Lilith only did it for revenge, but then she began to enjoy it a little...
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unwanted love ♡ // hs by elisemiablacketer
unwanted love ♡ // hsby trymehoe
"I don't want you anywhere near him, understand?" He growls into my ear, the tight grip on my wrist tightens. I nod as a shiver runs through my body, his breat...
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