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Bitten (the walking dead) by dragongirl2020
Bitten (the walking dead)by dragongirl2020
Izzy Grace is living in a world with zombies but is immune to the virus. will Izzy live long enough to see the world saved or destroyed? hope you like! :-) or maybe the...
After The Show by retrowritez
After The Showby retro 🥂
(Completed!) ALL ARTWORK IN THIS BOOK IS DONE BY ME :)! This story is the aftermath of what happened after the show ended (no not the show from TDA that Geoff and Bridge...
Oh Fuck It ( TWD x OC ) by Jackdieiplier
Oh Fuck It ( TWD x OC )by Jackdieiplier
Jack Anderson, by her name and looks, she's like a man. But she shows up out of no where in Atlanta, she's a veteran well used to back when she was 18. She tries to save...
chained love | loki/twh  by wandasnat
chained love | loki/twh by e | mcu
[ loki x reader ] they are not under age in this, she is eighteen! - emilees life was not easy, she was always worrying about her brother peter and his secret identity...
The Dead Walking by twdnation
The Dead Walkingby twdnation
Carl Grimes is a 10 year old boy who lives with his mother and father. Lori and Rick Grimes. Carly is a 9 year old girl who lives with her Grandparens. Papa D and Nanny...
Fix You (Loki fan fiction) by DragonbornXXPrincess
Fix You (Loki fan fiction)by DragonbornXXPrincess
What would happen when Loki meets Blake? A rebellious young woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind up and isn't the one for submission.
Forgive Me by poleninwonderland
Forgive Meby poleninwonderland
Set after Thor: The Dark World. Loki did many bad things. He lost many things. Time has changed now. He was the King as he had been wishing to be. He had a wife he love...
My Artsy Side by CailinLaufeyson
My Artsy Sideby Phoenix
This isn't a book. it's a mural of all my artwork ( at least, some of it). Requests are open! please tell me what you like and want to see more of! Nutrition Facts: Dra...
Alex x  Alejandro by MidnightDash3
Alex x Alejandroby Midnight Dash
Chris : Yo here we are were coming at you live from a camp wakana but we will be going all around the world i'm your host Chirs Mclean dropping season one of the hotte...
The Angel of The Mischief |A Loki Laufeyson Fan-Fic| by TheSecretiveAngel
The Angel of The Mischief |A ♛ l e a n n e ♛
Even the misunderstood villain has an angel at his side. And the drifter has mischief beside her. The people that never belonged in the universe found each other. ~ ...
Wholesale ways of saving a Buck by TDWCloseouts
Wholesale ways of saving a Buckby TDW Closeouts
Times are hard economically. Buyers are trying to save a buck, and business people also need to make a profit. What would be the best way of doing things? Well, it would...
Nightshine by Mizuurei
Nightshineby Mizuurei
When Ellisif, a young Asgardian researcher, is summoned to study alternative energies using Odin's royal research and development facilities, she thinks it is the peak o...
The Drama Wars by CliffordBruh
The Drama Warsby Aмαи∂α Hemmings Hood Irwin Cl...
a story about nine teenagers that should've gotten their own reality show called "Keeping up with this bullshit" :) aha omfg I'm actually dying of laughter rig...
Silence [The Walking Dead] by MrNegativity
Silence [The Walking Dead]by MrNegativity
Everything went to hell.... Nothing is left.... It's just survivial.... Loneliness.... Silence....
Sigrún by humphrey1999
Sigrúnby Rikki
Fandral woke up once he felt that Loki wasn't beside him anymore. He pulled his clothes on and started looking. Loki walked for hours....