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Scarred by Omegathyst
Scarredby Omegathyst
Duncan and Gwen's betrayal in Total Drama World Tour left Courtney devastated and torn. She signs up for Total Drama All-Stars to start a new leaf. She then warms up to...
SuperCamAU by crazypyp
SuperCamAUby Pyp
This is an AU in which Cameron is a superhero going under the name of Dorkazoid. Cameron is a high school junior who had just recently managed to convince his mother to...
⚠️TW⚠️ Prom Queen by duncneygoalss
⚠️TW⚠️ Prom Queenby LMAO IM NOT SURE
This is going to be discontinued for a while. Read recent chapter for info. inspired by the song, prom queen This story will have things like self harm, eating disorder...
Total Drama All Stars - Rewritten by bellexdrama
Total Drama All Stars - Rewrittenby total drama 🦋
Hello everyone! Welcome to Total Drama: All Stars! 18 contestants from previous seasons battle it out, all in the hopes of winning $1,000,000! Join Courtney, Gwen, Du...
Prom Dress - Duncney by sunflcwering
Prom Dress - Duncneyby ♥
Courtney wants to create the perfect prom for the student body, as well as herself, to enjoy. However, sometimes things don't go exactly as planned. Or at all. And somet...
Total Heathers (Total Drama/Heathers crossover) by MiniatureInfinity
Total Heathers (Total Drama/ thottie
Courtney's your average high school nobody- very few friends to speak of and constantly stepped on by the popular people. However, by a chance meeting in the school res...