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Dark Leaf by Whatitdofifthharmony
Dark Leafby Whatitdofifthharmony
Book based off of Naruto, if you don't like Anime don't read. New Generation has appeared and they are ready to be the best shinobi ninjas of the hidden leaf village...
The Dead Me [Short Story] by Cat12106
The Dead Me [Short Story]by ᴘɪᴛᴀ
"It was a chilly night, which didn't surprise anyone. Jitendra point wasn't known for being sunny and happy. It was known for being dull and cold, a junkyard of bro...
Tim x Dallas Random Stuff by greaser4life_101
Tim x Dallas Random Stuffby Larkyn¯\_(ツ)_/¯
•random stuff that just pops in my head🤪 •Feel free to comment or vote or read.. or none..😐 •Requests= open!
The Bad Girl by Whatitdofifthharmony
The Bad Girlby Whatitdofifthharmony
Struggling with life- parents putting her out, having no friends -Normani took off a job becoming a stripper and after that her whole aurora changed, see how...
Seven Sinners by Whatitdofifthharmony
Seven Sinnersby Whatitdofifthharmony
Born in Hell, the 7 chosen sinners are placed on Earth to experience what life is like for the demons and Satan...
The Triple Threat by Whatitdofifthharmony
The Triple Threatby Whatitdofifthharmony
Around campus, you do not mess these kids... -The badass (Lauren Jauregui) Apart of the biker gang, would die for 4 people, actually smart to solve any case. -The jock (...
The Journey of a Not-So-Beautiful Girl by sandyuuuuh
The Journey of a Not-So-Beautiful...by Hannah Guanga
"I never knew that I will fall inlove with her. I guess I can say that love really works in a mysterious way." -Cypher "Minahal niya ako despite my imperf...
/7384233933📲//cash tally cash calculator counter//7541831045☎// by xbdhjdfhh
/7384233933📲//cash tally cash cal...by xbdhjdfhh
/7384233933📲//cash tally cash calculator counter//7541831045☎//
For You by Whatitdofifthharmony
For Youby Whatitdofifthharmony
At the age of 13, Normani gave birth to quadruplets. Later she revealed to Dinah that she had to move away breaking Dinah's heart. 3 years later....
Life Style by Whatitdofifthharmony
Life Styleby Whatitdofifthharmony
Two bands were form and the world was going crazy. One member of one band decided to collab with the another member of the other band, what will happen...
Married to Evil by Whatitdofifthharmony
Married to Evilby Whatitdofifthharmony
Two demon sisters with lots of power, money wise, is asking for wives by their father demands. Step sisters named Camila Cabello and Normani Kordei was forced to take th...
Arranged Marriage With My Enemy by Whatitdofifthharmony
Arranged Marriage With My Enemyby Whatitdofifthharmony
It's pretty clear on what happened, Dinah and Normani hate each other since they first met in Kindergarten, nothing will change that and getting married will make things...
The Tally Hall Iceberg by TomcatAcaphe
The Tally Hall Icebergby Tomcat*
There's always more than meets the eye.
Tally hall joke fanfic by WebbS616
Tally hall joke fanficby Aloris
This whole thing is a joke i don't actually ship any of them Plot: Rob and Zubin have just gotten married and then Zubin cheats on rob with Joe, but joe and Zubin manag...
the outsiders! by sadgaytrashTM
the outsiders!by multifandom
the title lol various ships
Harmony FC (fut-clubs) by Whatitdofifthharmony
Harmony FC (fut-clubs)by Whatitdofifthharmony
It was a nice day, and the coach has everyone running as the principal watched. As the kids get their break, the couch's son brings up an idea to the principal...
Tally  by translatorofdreams
Tally by Anisha Belladonna
"Welcome to the ring. You fight, or you die." When Laurel is forced to tattoo a single tally mark onto a strange man every day, it doesn't take long for her to...
Going Back to My Baby Mama by Whatitdofifthharmony
Going Back to My Baby Mamaby Whatitdofifthharmony
R&B/soul singer, H.E.R and Emo rapper, Dinah Jane feuds after H.E.R allegedly says that Dinah cheated on her. For right now we know, they are both single...Emo rapper, D...
Tally on Cloud by sandyanistonn
Tally on Cloudby Sandy Aniston
In this article, you will get a detailed description of how to host Tally ERP 9 accounting software online. Try NetForChoice Tally on Cloud which provides users a direct...
Sleeping With My Ex-Bandmate by Whatitdofifthharmony
Sleeping With My Ex-Bandmateby Whatitdofifthharmony
In January 2020, two bandmates are rumored to be dating...