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Hemos visto y sabido acerca de las vidas de Serena y las chicas, todo lo que pasaron hasta llegar en ese momento en el que llegó la gran batalla con Sailor Galaxia... Pe...
Xros Wars: Legends Who Seek Of Chronicles by Fieradose
Xros Wars: Legends Who Seek Of Chr...by BlueScreen
Taiki and the gang finally entered the DigiQuartz once again, but as they travel around, they met a mysterious digimon with great power and found out that DigiQuartz was...
MY DRAWINGS.. ^O^by Charlotte
Just my drawings!!~ Hope u like them.. Don't forget to like,comment n share!! 《These r drawn by me but by seeing anime characters or pic's from google》
Digimon Xros Heart Strikes Back! by StarryBC
Digimon Xros Heart Strikes Back!by BC
Tagiru, Taiki, and Yuu, along with their friends, have successfully got rid of the stray Digimon left behind after the final battle with Quartzmon. A year has passed sin...
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e X Reader Scenarios by Curseblood17
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e X Reader...by Curseblood17
I haven't found one of these so I thought I should do it. The reader is whatever gender you are. This will only include Sano, Ashiya, Nakatsu, Taiki and Nanba. I'm redoi...
Nene amano x taiki kudo one shots by Link_destro
Nene amano x taiki kudo one shotsby Rascal the joker
Don't last hate comments this is for fun and also enjoy this
Digimon Xros Wars Rp by howling35
Digimon Xros Wars Rpby Admin
Welcome the the world of digimon! but be aware of the danger that lies within... In (-Universaltale-) here...anything can happen
A Queen's Choice by Woolley119
A Queen's Choiceby Woolley119
It's been twenty years; and Yoko leads her kingdom to peace. One day she tells her Kieran, Keiki, that she's going to Hourai, Japan, for a couple of days under the prete...
Mou Ichido Dake (To the Last Man) by Da-iCEFanfiction
Mou Ichido Dake (To the Last Man)by Da-iCE Fanfiction (Da-iCE Mem...
A Zombie AU casting Da-iCE. A story that I wrote for my friend and I am posting it in celebration of Yudai's birthday.
Science Experiments (a Da-iCE FanFic) by ST4Lill_Venus4Bailey
Science Experiments (a Da-iCE FanF...by BailiesBailey
What if there is a girl and five guys are being science play toys. Will they rebel agents the scientists or will they die
Hana Kimi: Minami Nanba x Oc by zoe_animebaka
Hana Kimi: Minami Nanba x Ocby Julie O' Dauntira
Ohsaka Gakuen's students NEED a chef to cook since their food privileges are suspended. They soon hire the only available person, the cousin to Kayashima Taiki; Kayashim...
la prima de taiki by yui_1912cipher
la prima de taikiby Eva Romina Maitri Velasquez
antiguamente hubo un humano llamado alexander kudou el fue como el heroe del digimundo y su digimon era foxmon gracias a la ayuda de un cristal para aumentar el poder de...
Falling For The Ice Prince by lyme123
Falling For The Ice Princeby BitchesSassy
A/N: Hello there mga bby! Please, support this story. It will be really appreciated if ever na you'll read this. Medyo jeje din kasi first time ko palang nemern. So bare...
The Darkest Hour by CryBabyOfTheLions
The Darkest Hourby Crybabay
Kayla and her friends have been traveling for months after what happened at her birthday party. How do they survive? (Inspiration from slickpaw's book, and she is also m...
Sailor moon by xXMoonlight_NinjaXx
Sailor moonby Anime Girl❤
Usagi vermisst Seiya umheimlich, doch eines tages kommt Seiya wieder auf die erde, wird sich daraus eine enge freundschaft binden oder vielleicht liebe?
Kings and Heirs (A Da-iCE Fanfiction) by Da-iCEFanfiction
Kings and Heirs (A Da-iCE Fanficti...by Da-iCE Fanfiction (Da-iCE Mem...
The land of Erifield has lived in peace for over 30 years since the great war. When news of an ambush reaches the king of Silverwind, will he reach for his sword or will...
Moonie'ler Bilir - Sailor Moon by ohmychibiusa
Moonie'ler Bilir - Sailor Moonby chibi moon 🎈
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