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Maid(O)ther✅ by jennytaegguk
Maid(O)ther✅by Stupid Innocent
Taehyung was the maid but also the mother of the children who he took care of. cover credits to @EstelleKnightrise Banner credits to @Nhicodelle
My Brother by ackermannlvi
My Brotherby levi
"Is it okay though? To fall for my own brother?" Jungkook always asked this question to himself and never got a reply, but today he is questioning one of his h...
Arrange Marriage✅ by Kavi_1306
Arrange Marriage✅by Kavita
Kim Taehyung is a normal university student and...on the other side Jeon Jungkook is the famous idol in the whole world...whom everyone loves and one of them is our Taeh...
Kim Taehyung bully of their university and loves to bully Jeon Jungkook...... Jeon Jungkook nerd of their university.... Will Baby bully fall in love with dadd...
Memories | I Still Love You | ✔  by PurpleHeart9795
Memories | I Still Love You | ✔ by Purple Heart
[UNEDITED] A story where Jungkook is the only heir of Jeon company and is already engaged but fell for his wedding designer, Kim Taehyung. #Taekookau Start : 1st June, 2...
behind my back. tk ✓ by hobiphoric
behind my back. tk ✓by chuッ
;;completed ✓ where in taehyung and jungkook texts eachother behind their backs about how they cannot stand each other. -without knowing they are actually texting eachot...
I Told You So  [TaeKook Hurtifc] by SSears90
I Told You So [TaeKook Hurtifc]by SSears90
[Oneshot] BTS are trainees and under the impression that Taehyung is the last to join the group. Making him the youngest. When Jungkook surprisingly shows up, Taehyung f...
Nothing Like Us by Valarium
Nothing Like Usby Valarium
"There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me, Together through the storm. There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me, Together" Part...
The Best Mistake by StoleYourJams
The Best Mistakeby TheLostSoul
"What do you need the most to live?" . . . . . . "My pills and blades." . . . . . . . . . . . . "Are you sure you need them to live?" ____...
oneshots v.k. by jungk00kie_jeon
oneshots v.k.by kez
taekook oneshots top! tae 🐯 bottom! kook🐰 little space- little space is where you get into the head space of a child, entering a child like care free space, away from...
Canoodle | TK° by PranitiSinha
Canoodle | TK°by taekook_realm
{Completed} Jungkook is in need of cuddles and someone who can be a big spoon for him. Coincidentally, he comes across an App where one cannot hire someone to cuddle. F...
My Mysterious Husband  by Stans_BTS
My Mysterious Husband by IKA
A young boy get married to a man he just met 10 days ago ,and after that his life turns out to be crazy. A supernatural au With married couple things Taekook story Give...
Astray | Taekook ✔ by taekoo_kii
Astray | Taekook ✔by Kii
"Hey, babe-" "Jungkook-Jungkook, I don't want to be here, I'm coming back, I'm not staying here another minute, I'm com- " "taehyung? Taehyung...
Fabricated Love by StoleYourJams
Fabricated Loveby TheLostSoul
"Did you witness the murder?" "What murder?" _____ Where a clueless person is getting bugged for having witnessed a murder. //taekook\\
P l e a s e . . . [ Taekook - Self-Harm AU ] ⚠️ by NoonaNora
P l e a s e . . . [ Taekook - Self...by Nora
TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ☆Includes: Depression, self-harm, bullying, manipulation, and others. Don't read if you have a problem with it. ~ Jeon Jungkook is a young student tha...
Tom and Jerry || Taekook ff [Completed] ✔ by Cas_writes7
Tom and Jerry || Taekook ff [Compl...by Cas⁷
[Completed] It is a story of two boys who have a relationship as tom and jerry rather if they fight and prank each other so much but they find comfort with each other...
VENOM [taekook] by Jerryning_07
VENOM [taekook]by 💌
My world revolved around him, but we never collided. Just like how the Earth revolves around the sun, but they never touch. Because if they did, The Earth would burn. An...
Maybe, Everyday | taekook ✔️ by jeonjunggo
Maybe, Everyday | taekook ✔️by --
[COMPLETED] Taehyung is reckless until he met Jungkook, the doe eyed boy, skin like snow-white with cute smile and shining stars in his eyes. TAEKOOK SHORT STORY •botto...
In Heaven || Taekook  by JeoninnieArmy
In Heaven || Taekook by JeoninnieArmy
In which Jeongguk goes to a party to see his crush Namjoon but ends up in a closet with his crush's friend Kim Taehyung playing seven minutes in heaven.
Taekook oneshots~ by worldpowerbts
Taekook oneshots~by taekookisthelove12
•| top jungkook •~ bottom taehyung This book contains ~taekook oneshots including//~~ ANGST FLUFF OMEGA VERSE VAMPIRE AU OFFICE AU HIGHSCHOOL Au And even Smuts 🌸🌸...