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Daddy by KittyQueenxx
Daddyby Alice Van Buren
Lucy celebrates her sweet 16 and stumbles upon a sugar daddy. She lies in order to keep him and starts living a double life. Can she pull it off? started writing: 2020...
Teen parents by thespeakingtree
Teen parentsby thespeakingtree
#19 on 20 nov 2017 #28 on 17 nov 2017 #36 on 14 nov 2017 #41 on 13 nov 2017 #46 on 11 nov 2017 #49 on 4 nov 2017 #59 in fanfiction on 2 nov This story is based on manan...
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020] by ur_favouritexx
The Wrong Crowd [Wattys 2020]by _CallmeTK_
A NIGERIAN THEMED NOVEL "You have got your tities out and panties in a twist but your crush doesn't still notice you." Ore is a sixteen-year-old undergraduate...
Pity Party//Jally by RogerTaylorSwift
Pity Party//Jallyby Jill
It's Johnny Cade's sixteenth birthday. He's holding a birthday party and is hoping that his friends will all attend. Unfortunately, things don't entirely work out. I i...
One more kiss (Posie AU)  by posieswolf
One more kiss (Posie AU) by posieswolf
My own little twist on the night of Josie and Lizzie's Sweet 16 birthday party and everything after that ;)
Sweet Sixteen by Indie_Core123
Sweet Sixteenby Maxine T
Katsuki liked the grass that stood so tall next to him. Katsuki liked the fireflies that lit up the sky around him. They lit up with every step he took. Katsuki knew his...
Envy by texasbelle24
Envyby Cortnee' Belle
Zoey a high school freshman wanted a boyfriend like her older sister Kylie so bad until she met Aiden ..the new boy at school . Zoey wanted to be like Kylie popular and...
Summertime by whatshappening321
Summertimeby whatshappening321
Summertime memories are unforgettable. Get lost in the paradise of our own minds. 🦋
Sweet sixteen  by Bhoyuqp
Sweet sixteen by Queen
I had all the attention I needed from him. He promised me he'd be gentle. Grandma warned me, she told me I was too little for things like that, like paying attention to...
Sweet sixteen by ottthatmebae
Sweet sixteenby ottthatmebae
My name is Essme Walker and i live in Florida, America. One if the most special days of my life was coming up. After 8months of planing my sixteenth birthday party, and...
No One Else Come Close by AkiJeon22
No One Else Come Closeby AkiJeon22
Base on my true love story ! Isang babaeng hnd nabubully SA dati nyang school n ngayo'y nabubully na dahil sa isang lalake.. at ang lalaking ito ang kanyang 1st love , M...
Sweet 16 by Crstll7842
Sweet 16by Crstllstupid
3. June is her birthday but... why does it happen every time in the same date? Read and find out!
Missing Highschoolers by Trinzies
Missing Highschoolersby Trin
Read about what it's like in my shoes and many others.
As Seen on YouTube: Callum Leighton Airey by Alfa123abc
As Seen on YouTube: Callum Leighto...by ❤️
Evie was a beautiful girl who met the love of her life in the most unexpected place: her sweet sixteen. Yes, the boy was her brother's friend but she was generous enough...
Sweet sixteen by lizzwrite
Sweet sixteenby Feranmi
Sweet sixteen has always been every girl dreams and hope. Celebrating sweet sixteen tis year has always make me happy. Time to gain my freedom, to drive and new life as...
Anticipated Love... by nat2797
Anticipated Love...by Natalie M.
Brooke Harrison's life was filled of distinct memories. Reminiscences were the corks that plugged the holes of her heart. Lately she's been unhappy, though it seems impo...
I NEED HIM! by Nana017013
I NEED HIM!by Elena Beric
"Why do they always see him but i never?" That's the question I ask myself every day literally every day. My name is Y/N, I am 16 years old and I am going to H...
Dancing With Dust (ON HOLD) by Elizabeth_Burk
Dancing With Dust (ON HOLD)by Elizabeth Burkett
After the death of their mom, Deanne and Danielle are left with each other, and their dad. Danielle hates their dad, and haven't seen him in eight years. Deanne, who was...
Is this real by iya_dizonnagal
Is this realby iya_dizonnagal
On Kathy's sweet sixteen she wanted the twins to come will her wish come true