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imagines and one shots for the weak by Mckensie_04
imagines and one shots for the weakby -Bitch-
hot mess ... you can use it as inspiration for fanfic or whatever you like... all ideas are original ( i ThInK) all gifs, fandoms, and other stuff... I don't know... al...
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In the early twentieth century ,a visionary teen Steven Aguero ,who was 16 at that time, was thinking to go to a space venture .He lived in NEW YORK with his family .He...
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Asmodeus by -_peaches_-
Asmodeusby -_peaches_-
Asmodeus is the powerful king of nine hells, with 72 legions of demons under his command. He is the prince of demons, the God of lust and is one of the seven princes of...
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Another Mundane Romance by like_art_or_not
Another Mundane Romanceby like_art_or_not
Two souls, tortured, forced to die and be reborn, all because of a doomed, forbidden love from long ago.
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Return by AngelicDemon01
Returnby Shweta Shaw
Syn is just your normal DJ at a night club enjoying life until she lands herself in another world with no idea why it how. Even if the new world is magical and the super...
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ELOISE  by Kaajal99
ELOISE by Kaajal99
One Girl. One Vampire. One werewolf. One cursed love. One Fate , Three lives. Sequel to " AVA " , you don't need to read it to understand it though.
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鈽撅笌 饾晩饾暒饾暋饾晼饾暎饾暉饾晵饾暐饾暒饾暎饾晵饾暆 饾晭饾晵饾暎饾暏 鈽斤笌 [ 饾憘饾憶饾憯饾憸饾憱饾憶饾憯 ]  by wolfzbane
鈽撅笌 饾晩饾暒饾暋饾晼饾暎饾暉饾晵饾暐饾暒饾暎饾晵饾暆 饾晭饾晵饾暎 鈽撅笌饾悁鈽斤笌
Daniel. Prince of Destruction. The most feared Vampling. Sia. Orphan. Seemingly human. What happens when Daniel discovers something about Sia and does something to her w...
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City of Halvencia by eaintthethtaraung
City of Halvenciaby Eaint Thet Htar Aung
Chlo茅 Patterson, the girl who talks about strange unusual things from her dreams, the girl who has extraordinary mind, later found out that her dreams were glimpses of h...
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A highschool graduate, Hope Rivera just graduated and is looking forward for a future of her dreams. After all she carries a very big baggage that no one can imagine hav...
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TETHERED FATE (Jungkook Werewolf FF) by kookie0048
TETHERED FATE (Jungkook Werewolf kookie0048
"I'll make sure your heart shatters to pieces." Jungkook hissed at his mate. "I never stopped loving you, not even when I hated you." She cried back...
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Doctor?! (Vampire!Law x Male!Reader)  by MeeraGoo
Doctor?! (Vampire!Law x Male! MeeraGoo
June Kyle (Reader!Male) is a transfer student from Marine Academy to Grand Line Academy. Due to his parents work, he had to move and also transfer school. Since his pare...
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Night of Destruction (Part 5) by AnkitArora292
Night of Destruction (Part 5)by Ankit Arora
After their great defeat, Rajveer and Sameer give up to avoid more deaths. However, the destiny had something else planned for them. This is the fifth part of The Night...
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BEAST 1: The start Of It All. by Subby_star
BEAST 1: The start Of It Subby_Star
The story starts with the very strange murder of five year old Lloyd Toland's parents. Overwhelmed with fear and anger, the young boy undergoes a metamorphosis that give...
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釒踞弻釒⑨幀釒 釓瘁帾NK釓 (岽徤瘁磭 s蕼岽忈礇s) by Lexinator04
釒踞弻釒⑨幀釒 釓瘁帾NK釓 (岽徤瘁磭 s蕼岽忈礇s)by 薀岽噚瑟纱岽岽涐磸蕗04
One shots of your favourite ships or of your favorite characters from the Netflix show Outer Banks.
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The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA by SSKV_RED
The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBAby SSKV_RED
Everyone is afraid of something, some people is afraid of spiders, some is afraid of heights, some is afraid of being left alone and many more. It is called "Phobia...
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Stupidnatural by Bianca__rid_
Stupidnaturalby Bianca MorningStar
Questa sar脿 una serie di mini dialoghi, chat, immagina, telefonate e scambi di battute pessime tra i personaggi di supernatural, io oppure, negli immagina, y/n (te che l...
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Gabriel x reader imagines by Ariasilvers
Gabriel x reader imaginesby Ariasilvers
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The Vampire and the Fox by MuslimOtaku
The Vampire and the Foxby Shadowstrike
When a vampire comes across a little girl by a lake his life is turned upside down
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Hikari And The Supernatural  by lazyTanuki33
Hikari And The Supernatural by lazyTanuki33
Hikari was only an artist, a twenty year old artist that still goes to college, an artist that ate lots of food and drew 24/7. So imagine her surprise when she meets a m...
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Dear addiction by 221castiel
Dear addictionby Destiel
Dean is a rockstar with millions of sales world wide, but after the death of his brothers wife, he leaves for New York to both help Sam and lay low. Of course with a cut...
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