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Winn Schott x Reader by DananaBurger
Winn Schott x Readerby Dananaburger
"You cant love me. No one can." Y/N said with a frown. "No," Winn said. "You can be loved, because I love you so much"
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Emmett Jones  by IINEXTCXPII
Emmett Jones by Ł.Ʀøgeʀ$/L.O’brien
Theme song: If I had you Adam Lambert
Cw  OC's by lilasadoration
Cw OC'sby 𝖇𝖆𝖎
Fandoms - camp rock , totally spies , winx club , the vampire diaries , the originals , legacies , shadowhunters , Percy Jackson , pretty little liars , the young elites...
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El guerrero saiyajin resurge  by DavidMZamora
El guerrero saiyajin resurge by David M Zamora
Esta historia transcurre 250 años después del torneo del poder,los amigos de nuestro querido saiyajin murieron por causas naturales pero son goku mejor conocido como el...
a situation misled (supergirl fanfiction) by Superverse44
a situation misled (supergirl Superverse44
Kara and Lena were friends. But sometimes things get complicated and a friendship goes awry. Feelings are hurt, Relationships are explored, and true motives are explored...
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fem!characters imagines by glowing-cosmos
fem!characters imaginesby [on hiatus]
Includes characters from: ○ Arrow ○ The Flash ○ Supergirl ○ Legends of tomorrow ○ Once upon a time ○ Harry Potter ○ Percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus ○ Shadowhunters/morta...
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DC One Shot And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
DC One Shot And Imaginesby Charlotte
Hello so this is a book filled with DC One Shots and Imagines. You may request any ideas you would like us to write. This is filled with one shots written by Hannah, Cha...
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Changing the Past: A Karamel Fanfiction by SupergirlFandom
Changing the Past: A Karamel Hi I’m trash
Tyler and Hadley Danvers-Matthews are the future twin children of Kara and Mon-El. In the year of 2034 on the twins 15th birthday, tradgety strikes and Tyler and Hadley...
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Dc Super Hero Girls 2019 x Male Reader Love by AOKankei
Dc Super Hero Girls 2019 x Male AOKankei
Your the New Kid at Metropolis High you live in a world with hero's you think like would be the same till you meet a group of girls that change everything with the help...
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Celebrity Imagines (Requests Closed) by BigBadSofty07
Celebrity Imagines (Requests LoveOverPowers
*REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW* All sorts of celebrities will be added. gxg bxg And even bxb will be added if requested Mostly femreader unless stated other wise *I do...
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Supercorp by uncommonshipper12
Supercorpby uncommonshipper12
*set 10 years after time supergirl is set* Kara Danvers is the CEO of Catco Lena Luthor is the CEO of L-Corp They are married with kids who are seniors in high school...
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Webbed love: DC Superhero girls X male Demon Spider Reader by deadpoolmerkwiththem
Webbed love: DC Superhero girls dead pool
Meet y/n Arachnid aka angle dust the hottest demon in the underworld and the decsendent of Hades God of the underworld and Aphrodite the goddess of love but what happen...
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Supergirl Fanfiction by GOAPWRITER
Supergirl Fanfictionby Lexi Morgan
I enjoy a good scenario now and then, something that isn't real and most likely won't ever become real, but just a scene that I would want to see play out. I write scena...
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Oneshots starring Blake aka headcanons ill never finish by JinxD12
Oneshots starring Blake aka NotReal
Exactly what it says. Ignore the blake part though.
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I can't lose you two. You're constant to me. by alex_Corney96
I can't lose you two. You're Alex
What I think would happen if Kara and team supergirl Knew Barry and Oliver about their deal with the monitor but with a twist in it.
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The Speed to Rob a Queen's Heart - Olivarry by ollievarry
The Speed to Rob a Queen's ollievarry
Oliver Queen is in love with Kara Danvers. He plans to tell her during dinner, but things don't go as planned: she breaks the news that she's now in a relationship with...
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Afterglow by cc-riley
Afterglowby Cecilia Riley
In 1947, an unknown flying object crash landed in Roswell New Mexico. When government officials arrived on site they found an alien ship in ruins with the survivors of t...
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Lena Luthor/Katie McGrath/Reader by Katie_Luthor
Lena Luthor/Katie McGrath/Readerby P. | Editor/Writer
Just A Short Stories Into One. -[Ranking: -[4th in #katiemcgrath - November 2, 2019
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All Heroes Suffer//Avengers by pandaexpress23
All Heroes Suffer//Avengersby Killer Frosty
"Shame On Me For Having A Human Heart."
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The Guardian and the Avengers (N.R) by jessica17lewis
The Guardian and the Avengers (N.R)by Rebecca Lewis
supergirl and The Avengers cross over. Danielle banished daughter of Zeus as she was banished to Earth were she becomes part of the Danvers sisters. she works at CatCo W...
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