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VENGEANCE by Draange
Arco final de "wunder der seele" Años después de haber abandonado el pueblo, Kara decide regresar para hacer pagar a aquellos que tanto daño le hicieron, jugan...
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Superflash:Collison Course (Volume 2) by CallmeBethel
Superflash:Collison Course ( Aabhash (Luis walker)
it is second book in series of Superflash collision course. hope you enjoy it.
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The Collection by Emilia_Rowan
The Collectionby Emilia Rowan
Krypton is a dying planet. Desperate to save their world, Kryptonians come to Earth seeking humans to help repopulate their species. Every year, women are taken from Ear...
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Plot Shop by Korrynn-Nadine
Plot Shopby Korrynn Nadine Reimer
Where I sale story ideas I come up with but have a serious case of writers block and can't write it.
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Superheroes  by krector
Superheroes by krector
Barry and Kara grew up together. Barry has known about her powers since they were little. They met Oliver and everyone else as they grew up and became who they are to e...
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For The Fatherland (Supergirl Fanfiction) by Superverse44
For The Fatherland (Supergirl Superverse44
Basically a one-shot of what I pictured happened when Earth-X Kara killed Earth-X Alex.
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Supercorp - Smut by Iuthor
Supercorp - Smutby 𝘞𝘪𝘵𝘦
Just Enjoy! 👀
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Castle Walls ▶ LENA LUTHOR³ by shadymcgrath
Castle Walls ▶ LENA LUTHOR³by 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚
❝ everyone thinks that i have it all but it's so empty living behind these castle walls. ❞ *** in which the saga of the luthor girls continues
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! NEW VERSION ! " you're different. you're keeping something from me, your family and your friends, and soon it's gonna cause you to self destruct. " ( EARTH 3...
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Instagram Supercorp by DdahLimah
Instagram Supercorpby Düda'h Limah
Sem sinopse por enquanto
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Adventures in the Arrowverse (One Shots) by ophelia2217
Adventures in the Arrowverse ( ophelia2217
I'm an Arrowverse nerd, probably will be mostly Supergirl and the Flash with some guest appearances from other shows.....enjoy :)
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Isabelle Ramon  by Lokis_Queen01
Isabelle Ramon by Lokis_Queen01
Isabelle is the younger sister to Cisco Ramon and Dante Ramon. Despite the fact that she isn't really close to Dante he is very protective of her as they have a simila...
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Angst - Reader/Lena Luthor by SimpleTimes1
Angst - Reader/Lena Luthorby WhatAWay
I am upset. Lena is dead. Everyone is dead. Season of joy? You mean season of angst
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Family - Reader/Lena Luthor by SimpleTimes1
Family - Reader/Lena Luthorby WhatAWay
Various small stories about the reader's life as Lena's wife. Prompts by: Janafo28
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Supergirl- Keira Lockhart by clarktravis624
Supergirl- Keira Lockhartby clarktravis624
Keira Lockwood works at Catco media as a member of the IT team alongside her best friend Winn Schott and also her crush Kara Danvers. When Supergirl arrives in National...
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Lesbians and superheroes  by iamnotgayy
Lesbians and superheroes by iamnotgayy
Kara and Lena are dating, so are Ava and Sara, and many other people. This a giant cross over for the lesbians.
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𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐈È𝐑𝐄 ; multi. role play by bennettsbaby
𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐈È𝐑𝐄 ; multi. role playby bennettsbaby
a multi-fandom role play book as well as an oc book.
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Dc smuts  by smutsShallLIVE
Dc smuts by smutsShallLIVE
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Multifandom Characters x Fem Reader imagines/one shots by Twinkel52
Multifandom Characters x Fem 666SuYung666
I turned this into a multifandom book. Fem x fem reader only and it also includes unapreciated celeb's that don't get the love they deserve. Hope you enjoy and let me kn...
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A Journey  by NayaZorEl
A Journey by Naya <3
An arrowverse story. This is set at the end of season 3 of supergirl, when the legends left. However, Reign ended up dying completely, which means Sam died as well. Ther...
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