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Three types of kisses | Chensung by Hogeee
Three types of kisses | Chensungby Hogee
Jisung and Chenle are Childhood friends who are growing up together. But as they grow older, they realize that maybe they don't see each other only as friends. -Daily Up...
MARRIAGE || chensung 21+ nc by chensunggg
MARRIAGE || chensung 21+ ncby chensunggg
chenle tersentak "Iiih jj jisunghh ngapain" dia blushing warning☢️ bxb!! bocah jauh jauh😭👎🏻
Switch by KimSeo13
Switchby seo
[ SLOW UPDATE! ] Warn! [ Harsh word! Sangat kasar ] Gimana kalo kita coba pindah haluan, tapi untung-untungan dari kertas? Maksudnya pindah haluan gimana dah? Ya ganti...
𝘾𝙧𝙤𝙬𝙙 ; 𝖢𝗁𝖾𝗇𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗀 by dolphiinchan
𝘾𝙧𝙤𝙬𝙙 ; 𝖢𝗁𝖾𝗇𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗀by °. * 𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣 ⸙
『 "theres alot people in the crowd, but only you could dance with me." 』 [ 𝙍𝙀𝙑𝙄𝙎𝙄𝙉𝙂 ] "Wait a second, on...
forever with you | Chensung by HYEPPEUN
forever with you | Chensungby - ' , hye , ' -
sequel of "Stuck with you"! please expect slow updates
Here's My Heart by Yi-123456
Here's My Heartby Yi-123456
Everyday a farmer's son Jisung goes up the hill to watch the crown prince Zhong. When the crown prince was accused and on the run, peasant Jisung is the only one who bel...
When I Saw You: Chensung by Yi-123456
When I Saw You: Chensungby Yi-123456
It feels like I was in and out of this world Traveling all the existing timelines Living all walks of lives Just to win you. This unquenched longing The empty hollow ins...
𝙈𝙀𝙍𝘾𝙔 ; 𝖼𝗁𝖾𝗇𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗀 by dolphiinchan
𝙈𝙀𝙍𝘾𝙔 ; 𝖼𝗁𝖾𝗇𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗀by °. * 𝙄𝙣𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣 ⸙
❥︎ In where, jisung cant stop sending letters [ COMPLETED ] - - Highest ranks, - gloomy #2 - chenji #13 - park #157 This book has a sequel, (on going) Which is...
Quit Trying- ChenSung by MultiStanbeech
Quit Trying- ChenSungby Jazzy
If only life, school, and love were easy.
trapped in a photograph || chensung by sungiesplanet
trapped in a photograph || chensungby lia
falling in love with someone is a crazy feeling. whether it's forbidden, complicated, or a secret, we can't do anything about it. but Jisung? he couldn't be crazier for...
Let's Stop! by Yi-123456
Let's Stop!by Yi-123456
What happens when Chenle asked Jisung that he wants to stop filming Chenji's This and That? (A Short Story)
Fake Love To Real Love |Sungle [Ongoing] by RamosRamos145
Fake Love To Real Love |Sungle [ Roro_selyne12
english chenji story Chenle resently just had a break up and jisung decided to be his fake boyfriend for revenge them relized that they were fiancè.slowly getting even c...
Our School Days by Yi-123456
Our School Daysby Yi-123456
Sometimes when you thought that you had the most pain, it was the other who was hurt more. It's monsoon season again. Was it because we met under the gentle tears of th...
In My Way (Nct Dream bxb) by athalee96
In My Way (Nct Dream bxb)by Atha Lee
Berbagai cara dilakukan seorang untuk mengespresikan cintanya, seperti; Haechan yang menunjukkan cintanya dengan cara mengabdikan diri pada sang terkasih walau harus men...
Not, Bestfriends | Chensung ✔ by HYEPPEUN
Not, Bestfriends | Chensung ✔by - ' , hye , ' -
→ sequel to bestfriend !
Bestfriend | Chensung ✔ by HYEPPEUN
Bestfriend | Chensung ✔by - ' , hye , ' -
c o m p l e t e d ! ✔ - its a sad fic - if you dont wanna cry just simply dont read - i deeply apologize Y'all will hate me for this.
[🔛] "Park Jisung" -Nct- Fact by a_firefly
[🔛] "Park Jisung" -Nct- Factby nai330
Anywhere anytime everything about him. Base any resource I can reach, I will compile here. NOTE it, This is Nct Jisung Stan territory. *in malay|english|indonesia Crdt:...
Hyung  by Neo-Zen
Hyung by 𝓝𝓮𝓸 𝓩𝓮𝓷
Chenle Jisung Jichen Yaoi *You can read Zawgyi and Unicode version*
M.A.R.K by mrsblackswan86
M.A.R.Kby mrsblackswan86
Can we start all over again? After tons of rejection and betrayal, Donghyuck chose to walk away from Mark's life
Haloo yeorobun wofu sudah comeback dan membawakan chensung story again~ cuma cerita tentang jisung yang jealous dan badmood seharian,chenle berusaha membangkitkan moodny...