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Book 1: Child of the Shore (Naruto X Oc X Kabuto Love Triangle) by HokageOrochimaru23
Book 1: Child of the Shore ( Andreina Cummings
Hamako's Hōzuki was born in Kirgakure with her older brother Mangestu and her twin brother Suigestu. When her older brother Mangestu died her and twin brother Suigestu...
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios {Under HEAVY Construction} by kiibark
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios { ᏆᏚᎪ
i've seen a few of these around and i thought i'd try it out. requests are open as this story is relatively new whether it be for new characters or a scenario idea. |DI...
a second chance (naruto!various x reader) by KarmaSenseii
a second chance (naruto!various KarmaSenseii
after finding her mother dead in her living room, y/n loses all hope and ends her life in the process however she wakes up again but is in the body of a baby?! this knew...
The Angel Of Darkness (Itachi Love Story) by animelover123
The Angel Of Darkness (Itachi Jackie
Time has passed since the Uchiha massacre; barely anyone has heard from Izuka. Due to her quick thinking, she escaped death's clutches and survived after being betrayed...
Naruto | One Shots by SadLittleApricot
Naruto | One Shotsby ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
Since I did an Akatsuki One Shots, I decided to do a collection of one shots for the regular Naruto characters as well since I absolutely adore this series and it's char...
R E S I S T A N C E by mostlyamanda
R E S I S T A N C Eby 아만다
Throughout her time serving under Lord Orochimaru, Ayuka never thought twice about the young Uchiha whom she met in passing. She kept to herself and worked diligently to...
All I Need [SasuHina] by Mina_Ray
All I Need [SasuHina]by Mina_Ray
Hinata loses her memories while on a mission and is found by someone unexpected. He saved her life and now she devotes herself to him. As they embark on a journey to ful...
All I Have Left by SHMU3L
All I Have Leftby saM 🍥
Konoha 11 and Team Hebi come face to face. The remainder of team 7 is determined to bring Sasuke back home, but Sasuke is determined to finish his goal; this leads to a...
Reborn as Karin Uzumaki {naruto fanfic} HIATUS by purple_Mbish
Reborn as Karin Uzumaki {naruto itaaa-kun
Being reborn in narutoverse is one thing, but being reborn in the body of Uzumaki Karin is a whole different thing entirely. A self-insertion tale told through the eyes...
My Last Letter | Sasuke Uchiha by Yonokia
My Last Letter | Sasuke Uchihaby Yonokia
Kikyo was just an experiment of the Snake Sannin, nothing special in the eyes of many. She was taken by Sasuke Uchiha to assist him on his quest to hunt Itachi Uchiha. S...
Reborn Fox by DJ360X
Reborn Foxby DJ360X
After killing accidentally killing Naruto in a fit of rage and adrenaline whilst fighting Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke takes it upon himself to make things right in the most un...
Daisuke Uchiha (Naruto's Fanfic) by linasyafiqah
Daisuke Uchiha (Naruto's Fanfic)by Lina Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha is happily married to Sakura Haruno. She gave him an elder daughter and a son; Sarada Uchiha and Daisuke Uchiha. Sarada felt as if she's not really noticed...
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (SasuSaku) by Pink_890
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend ( Diane
For years, Sasuke has constantly watched Naruto, his best friend fail at relationships and romance. However, one day Naruto finally gets the chance to go on a date with...
You Reap What You Sow by SlythrinPrincessRin
You Reap What You Sowby Adelis faith feliciano
What happen when they betrayed her what happens when they call her name like weak, useless, a pathetic excuse of a waste of space. What will she do will she stay and tak...
A C C E P T A N C E by mostlyamanda
A C C E P T A N C Eby 아만다
Three years have passed since the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, but for Ayuka Yuna, it still felt like only yesterday. Nightmares and gruesome memories of the bat...
Sasuke and Sarada by Artsygirl37
Sasuke and Saradaby Artsygirl37
I kept dodging Pain's attacks and I could see Dad struggling to stand up "Sarada run! Hurry!" I looked at him and I actually saw fear in his eyes " I won...
The legendary Tsunami ninja (Sequel to Child of the Shore) by HokageOrochimaru23
The legendary Tsunami ninja ( Andreina Cummings
It has been almost 3 years since Hamako had lrft the Hidden leaf village the village to search for the place where she truly belongs. Hamako makes appearance after thr...
Shichikatana no Naruto 七刀のナルト by Sage4600
Shichikatana no Naruto 七刀のナルトby Sage-san
Nuibari, the sewing needle. Kubikiribocho, the executioner's blade. Hiramekarei, the twin sword. Kiba, the lightning blade. Shibuki, the explosion sword. Samehada, the s...
Naruto One Shots by AshleyBlackmoore
Naruto One Shotsby Ashley Blackmoore
Collection of one shots based on Naruto. Filled with your favorites. Vote comment tell me what you think and who you want to see next :) I'll do my best. Hope you enjoy...