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A Tsunbaru's best friend (diabolik lovers x reader) by Joanna09876543216
A Tsunbaru's best friend ( Joanna09876543216
Being a tsundere's best friend wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Except from Akato who has some how make a friend in a car also known as subaru sakamaki. Though Akato isn't...
Do whatever | Shu Sakamaki Fanfic | COMPLETED by _Erza_Gold
Do whatever | Shu Sakamaki D R E A M S
Izumi Komori, Yui's sister,Izumi was a great student. She was a very smart yet young beautiful girl. Izumi never thought she could ever be a very good student with good...
Karlheinz's New Wife (Diabolik Lover) by RedStrom
Karlheinz's New Wife (Diabolik Srena_Foxstar
"Boys... Meet my new wife and your new mother." Togou announce as he wrap his hands around her waist.... "Togou.. I like.. No.. I love all of them!"...
Selcouth | Diabolik lovers x reader | by Simply_Gray_
Selcouth | Diabolik lovers x Gray
Shizuka Y/N arrives at the night school as an exchanged student. Half first blood and half vampire. She encounters the sakamaki and mukami brothers as her arrival gave t...
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers × Male! OC]  by Arichli
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers × Ari Richli
OFFICIALLY COMPLETED!! {As a child grows there are bound to be phases that they enter and then leave. With our particular main character, that was a fascination with the...
Not all cute things are friendly~ by mavelbtsandcfandom
Not all cute things are friendly~by mavelbtsandcfandom
In which Yui's adopted sister comes to the sakimaki household and enchants the boys with her charms but is she as innocent as she claims? (Laito x shuu x reiji x kanato...
Yui's"Step brother"(Subaru Sakamaki X Male Reader) by kenken618
Yui's"Step brother"(Subaru noneartistkhoul
Yui is sent to the Sakamaki house hold to become the sacrificial bride but Yui's "step brother" M/n Okuruma get dragged a long because Yui didn't want to go al...
Yui's Sister (Diabolik lovers) by jammygurls
Yui's Sister (Diabolik lovers)by Jammy
Who knew that Yui has a sister, well not related by blood but she is by adaptation. She's quiet the opposite of Yui, she has a dark past that she wishes not to speak of...
My Silent Goddess (Subaru Sakamaki x Mute OC) by Maira_Sakamaki871
My Silent Goddess (Subaru Subaru Simp
My name is Athena Yamatoga. I am the adopted daughter of Seiji Komori. I was adopted by Seiji at the age of five and 2 months after, I stopped speaking. The reason being...
Shu Sakamaki x Reader by SkyeLeelouChiya
Shu Sakamaki x Readerby SkyeLeelouChiya
You are sent with Yui but for a different reason than her. Yes, you know that she is a sacrificial bride but you cannot do anything about it. Your job is to take notes o...
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios by Aspin_does_art
Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenariosby Aspin
Boyfriend scenarios for Diabolik Lovers, including the Sakamaki Family and Mukami Family. Slight NSFW in some
An Awkward Love (Shu X Subaru Sakamaki) by AlexHenretty
An Awkward Love (Shu X Subaru Alex Henretty
There were two males in the Sakamaki household. Strangely, they had feelings for each other. They didn't know that other had feelings for them. They just through they wo...
Yui's brother (Diabolik Lovers X Male oc)  by AnfreakingSssssnake
Yui's brother (Diabolik Lovers X AnfreakingSssssnake
Just... Just read this shit i cant even think of the description anymore....
Happiness? (Yui's sister)(Diabolik Lovers) by km_mdzs049
Happiness? (Yui's sister)( Nemesistic
WARNING: Yui is a bitch in the story so if you're a Yui fan please don't read...(Seriously guys) Lost her parents, left being alone changed Kristine's usual optimistic p...
Worlds Apart (Diabolik Lovers x Reader by DayzhaDeshazer
Worlds Apart (Diabolik Lovers x Dayzha Deshazer
When y/n thinks she's escaped the underworld she finds herself in another dimension with six needy vampires. Disclaimer: None of the art used in this book is mine and I...
Diabolik lovers scenarios/imagines (Sakamaki) by PuppygirlJess
Diabolik lovers scenarios/ Sweetnightmare
Just like my Mukami one!!!!!! Please send in requests if you have any.
Diabolik lovers x Male Oc  by RavenChess
Diabolik lovers x Male Oc by RavenChess
HOMOSEXUALITY, LGBTQ CHARACTERS, 18+ THEMES, YAOI, BLOOD, FIGHTING, angst and A LOT of kissing! If none of this bothers you please go ahead! And if you want to give any...
Their Other Halves (Diabolik Lovers) by Riza2412
Their Other Halves (Diabolik Riza2412
Although all of Karlheinz's sons despised him, they were all grateful for one thing. Their other halves. Their reason to live. Karlheinz gifted each of his sons with som...
Diabolik Lovers Oneshots by 5SecondsOfMyDarkness
Diabolik Lovers Oneshotsby Müll
<<< SLOW UPDATES >>> A book full of very attractive, sadistic, as well as somewhat mysterious vampires. Well, we know more about them more than Miss Yu...
Forbidden Fruit [Diabolik Lovers x Male] by SamLee-J
Forbidden Fruit [Diabolik Lovers Sam Lee
[male x male] The Sakamaki brothers. We've all heard of them. 6 devilishly handsome young men, each with their own unique and messed up personality. Or... ...Was it 7 of...