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Light ➼ Peter Pan ✓ by Allison_Belle
Light ➼ Peter Pan ✓by ~ 𝒶𝓁𝓁𝒾𝓈𝑜𝓃 𝒷𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒 ~
Years ago, the Evil Queen cast a curse that created Storybrooke, where she lived happily with her husband, Robin Hood, and her daughter, Angelina Hood. Fast forward and...
He's My Teacher. (A August Alsina Love Story.) by ThatGirlShae1
He's My Teacher. (A August ThatGirlShae
This book is about girl name Hazel Skyller Harris. Hazel is 18 and a Senior at Westbrook High School. Hazel's parents died in a car crash. It's just her and her bro...
Trapped by bb_bhavya
Trappedby Bhavya Batra
What if you get so engrossed in a story book that you didn't realize when you get trapped inside it?
Psycho But It's Okay  by vampiremint_
Psycho But It's Okay by Kakira Mint 🌸
By. Author Ko Moon Young
The Once Upon A Time Characters Texting by ewhite9
The Once Upon A Time Characters ℓιzzιє
Belle: Hey readers! This is an AMAZING book filled with our AMAZING texts. Emma: Yeah we are defiantly AMAZING!! Gold: Oh plz girlfriends let's not get narcissistic...
What I need (Fred Weasley love story) by storybook_believer
What I need (Fred Weasley love storybook_believer
Lily Perez is what you would call a ordinary teenage girl. Unless you knew she was a witch. Her childhood had been turned around since she was five. Her mother had been...
CROWS IN THE WOODS | peter pan  by YumiJinwu
Atanase Dracula is the son of Dracula as one could tell from his last name. Nothing has ever gone right in Nase's life. A beautiful mother ahead of her time dying from...
Brody and The Black Knight by Brody-wolf
Brody and The Black Knightby 💛Brody The Wolf💛
Who ever said only the Arabian Nights needed Brody's help? back in the times of King Arthur in the story of King Arthur Brody is about to be called to another adventure.
Lost Boy | 1 ✔ by XCrocusX
Lost Boy | 1 ✔by ᙭ᑕՐ૦cυs᙭
Last night was the first time I met Peter Pan. | Book 1 in the Lost Series |
My Imaginary Story Book by readharshitraj
My Imaginary Story Bookby HARSHIT RAJ
HELLOW READERS Nice to see that you are reading my book. Soo, it is my first book actually, in which I am putting in all of my short stories written till now. Some thi...
Star by Lumos4life
Starby Vanna F.
"With every book you read, the more depressing normal life becomes." - Astara Knight Astara Knight wishes desperately that she could escape the boring, normali...
Her Mother's Daughter (Jay x reader) by OfCourseItsHer
Her Mother's Daughter (Jay x DarlingOfAce
(Y/n) Gothel is the only biological child of Mother Gothel, the two lived lavish lives cast off on the Isle of the Lost. (y/n) was the heartthrob of the isle, the eviles...
The Wolf who fell for Little Red (Sans x Frisk) [REWRITING] by Ally_Sato
The Wolf who fell for Little Red ( ALLY SATO
(Currently being rewritten) The wolf did his normal hunting at a slightly later time than usual. As he walked, he saw a girl with a red hood. The girl was scared and ran...
Daughter Of The Moon by GLRobles
Daughter Of The Moonby Gianne
A path between good and evil was never drawn upon us. Two paths for each choice were the ones we had to choose and this is something that Adrianna Parker never expected...
Paws 'n' Flaws by Ellipsity
Paws 'n' Flawsby Paul
"Paws 'n' Flaws" is the story of a tabby cat named Tanzania (referred to as Tangy) who has a yearning desire to be adopted and loved by an owner someday. She e...
Typical fantasy story gone wrong by R4in_0f_Li9h7
Typical fantasy story gone wrongby R!!NA Sakurane
Just a fantasy story, that's gone out of the usual ............. Maybe I will put my friends in here... If they let me
Can I?  (Raven x Apple) / Should we? (Cerise x Briar) by Sweetcici123
Can I? (Raven x Apple) / Should CiCi
Ever after high! Raven and Apple have been getting certain looks from their friends whenever they are near each other. What happens when Apple confronts Raven about it...
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince by JustcallmehShy
The Liar Princess and the Blind Shy
I DO NOT CLAIM THIS STORY. This is the main story of a game I've recently been playing. I am not claiming it is mine, and I give all rights to the original creators of...
Love At First Sight {A Spinel x Gem! Reader story} [DISCOUNTED]  by SumireSpaghetti555
Love At First Sight {A Spinel x An Ace Attorney Fan Now
You're part lf the crystal gems. You have been by their side for many years, fighting against homeworld. But after Steven found out who Rose Quartz really is, he had est...
The Hidden Storybook // Short Story by kellyderienzo
The Hidden Storybook // Short Storyby Kelly DeRienzo
A girl learns a lesson to not touch the storybook her Grandmother used to read to her and her brother when they were little. Things have changed recently and her Grandmo...