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What Really Happened by GeorgiaHart97
What Really Happenedby Georgia
What if this is true? What if this really happened? Stefanielle's chemistry was instant. We all know there's something else there. I respect Danielle's and Stefania's pr...
Another side of me | stefanielle by stefaniellefictions
Another side of me | stefanielleby Stefaniellefictions
Danielle's nickname is sunshine but there was one person who broke that shiny side of hers. Can someone bring this side back? A fanfiction about Danielle and Stefania fr...
Mom's new love (marina) by PippaMoon03
Mom's new love (marina)by PippaMoon03
Maya Bishop has a fourteen year old daughter named Harley; she got pregnant by accident with her boyfriend Jack and they lived together as a family until he died when Ha...
13/Stefanielle by isleythorns
13/Stefanielleby harlivysummer
A love story between Danielle and Stefania. smut warning
It's Just Ours (Stefanielle) by Gayvre_spampinato
It's Just Ours (Stefanielle)by Gayvre_spampinato
A story about the icons themselves, Stefania Spampinato and Danielle Savre.
A Beam of Hope by TheFlash7656
A Beam of Hopeby TheFlash7656
Book 1 This is a marina story and it is about their adopted daughter Hope. The story will tell you about the struggle of her life with CF (cystic fibrosis) and also bein...
Million Dollar Masterpiece by justanotherwriter234
Million Dollar Masterpieceby justanotherwriter234
Carina is an up-and-coming artist in New York City, when one of her paintings gets bought in a gallery showing by a multi-millionaire everything that follows turns her l...
Bella 💛 by cxberryx
Bella 💛by Cxberryx
Love story x
stefanielle one shot by babyblanchett
stefanielle one shotby babyblanchett
The sex scene in 5x16 turns even sexier.. I've never written smut before so don't be mean to me xD
Baciami🖤 by FlylerWarrior
Baciami🖤by M.artsx
Who knew that a simple „Baciami" would change so much. Sometimes it all happens in one little moment, like bumping into each other at a bar. Story about Maya Bishop...
First Sight by marina_vause
First Sightby marina_vause
Danielle moves to New York willing to start a new fresh life, without knowing anyone or where she was putting her self into.
True love by Jemily_Stefanielle
True loveby Jemilylover
This story is about Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato falling in love with each other at first sight, but will they act on there feelings and tell one another or ju...
Texting with Stefania Spampinato | Stefanielle by saltzmantwin
Texting with Stefania Spampinato | saltzmantwin
unknown: shdkhey me: ?? me: i think you have the wrong number..? unknown: wait i was tezxting my friend jessica, im on some stupid party and i cant fucking find her unk...
The New Member of the family  by Carinaxspampinato
The New Member of the family by Carinaxspampinato
Chief Ripley gives nineteen another chance with the PRT, Carina and Warren work closely together to save the lives of everyone possible, but with fresh starts comes new...
Maya and Carina: Alternate Universe  by KayLeigh1935
Maya and Carina: Alternate KayLeigh1935
Maya got her promotion as captain but her team hasn't been to pleased about that. Three months of hell she has been put through. There is a light in her life however. A...
Before Anything Else | Marina  by ARIZ0NA__
Before Anything Else | Marina by smarti ♡
The journey of Maya and Carina to become mothers using an unknown donor.
Marina One Shots  by marinagrey19
Marina One Shots by Mikaelle
Im just trying to write cute one shots since im in lockdown haha :)
You, Me, and the Kid: A Stefanielle Story by shay_kam
You, Me, and the Kid: A shay_kam
Stefania Spampinato. An Italian goddess. An Italian goddess with a secret. Only her mom, dad, and brother knew about this secret of course. But what happens when she mee...
Forbidden Kiss (Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato) by Ernestawriting
Forbidden Kiss (Danielle Savre Nesta
"How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?" "I'll catch you,"
Love You From A Distance by justanotherwriter234
Love You From A Distanceby justanotherwriter234
When Dr Carina DeLuca takes over a shift at her brother's restaurant she never thought she would find the love of her life, and it would be safe to say neither did Serge...