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Science Boyfriends Stories by brimac0518
Science Boyfriends Storiesby Bri (Commissions OPEN!)
A collection of stories featuring Tony Stark/Bruce Banner from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each chapter is a different story. Ratings, summaries and any applicable wa...
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Science bros College AU by acovertdidsystem
Science bros College AUby Ghost
Basically short chapters with details of Tony's and Bruce's relationship. I ship Tony and Bruce too much so I decided to make this "guide to write science bros col...
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Avengers Headcanon One-Shots by Death_Skies
Avengers Headcanon One-Shotsby Bryanna
I'm going through a phase with the Avengers and Loki right now, so as long as I'm in it, I want to do some one-shots. Mainly things I find on the internet, but I'm open...
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Te Amo by Sabaku_no_Akemi
Te Amoby Sabakü no Akëmi
Bruce Banner siempre pensó que había nacido para estar solo. Su madre había muerto y su padre lo había convertido en un monstruo. Nunca espero encontrar un excéntrico mi...
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Future Be Kind (A Sebastian Stan Fanfic) by Saysays222
Future Be Kind (A Sebastian Stan Ruby Writefort
Delphia; meaning 'vision of the future'. She's always had these premonitions- and they do a great job of giving her trust issues when it comes to men. Will Sebastian Sta...
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Forgive me? I can't. by Girsgirly
Forgive me? I can' Girsgirly
"I'm sorry. Tony, please. I'm sorry." Bruce said. "forgive me? please?" Bruce ask. Tony turned away from him. "I can't." Tony replied.
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Stucky High School AU by BoyOfDarkness1307
Stucky High School AUby Marvel Obsession
(In case the cover is tricking you, it's not pre!serum but it's not Avengers world) It's literally such a stereotype and so common but I don't care cause I'm a stereotyp...
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Marvel oneshots by Coffeexndstars
Marvel oneshotsby dead
Incluye: Thorki,Stucky,Maxicest,Stanner y etc. Ocasionalmente algún *inserta personaje* y tú. [Todos los personajes pertenecen al universo marvel]
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What if I could save him? by Girsgirly
What if I could save him?by Girsgirly
"we all know Coulsons dead, but we also know, SHIELD has his body. they're getting doctor Cho to reprint his tissue slowly for his funeral." "yeah so?&quo...
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Heartstrings by Burning_Phoneix
Heartstringsby Phoneix
"Falling in love with you was the most difficult part for me. Knowing that you can't love me back, I fell in love with you more." Bruce has started to have fe...
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I'll Steal Your Coffee by TassieDevilBoy
I'll Steal Your Coffeeby Баки и Стивен
A small set of memories rushed through his mind. His eyes glimmering in the low lighting as he folded his hands in his lap. He's been waiting for years, his hopes loweri...
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homeostasis by SunsetScomiche
homeostasisby SunsetScömìche
homeostasis noun ho·meo·sta·sis \ˌhō-mē-ō-ˈstā-səs\ : the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained b...
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When The Storm Blows Over (I'll Be One With You) by SunsetScomiche
When The Storm Blows Over (I'll SunsetScömìche
Summary: An exploration of how Tony tries to understand Bruce, while Bruce tries to understand himself as the Hulk.
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For Mankind by Qvc_Sellin_Lattes
For Mankindby 🌴🐬
(previously titled For The Alamo) ALAMO/STANNER BROTP/INDEPENDENCE DAY/MAD MAX/WHO IS SHE THO Bruce and Tony have finally accomplished it. Time travel. How will thi...
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Catch Me, I'm Falling. ((REQUESTED)) by SuperWhoLockian
Catch Me, I'm Falling. (( Abbey
Anonymous requested a fic, wherein Clint Barton saves Bruce Banner. ((Avengers fic))
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An Infectious Injection by DementedPandas
An Infectious Injectionby DementedPandas
An unknown virus has been discovered by American scientist Eric Selvig. This deadly disease attacks the immune system and targets the blood stream. It spreads like wildf...
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Save {Bruce x Tony} by Tschanz-dieEmogans
Save {Bruce x Tony}by Tschanz von Schmanz
Imagine living in a world in which everyone, including you, has a voice in there head to help them when there are suffering. The voice of the love of there life, the per...
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