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Dil-e-Bekaraar by crimson_writes
Dil-e-Bekaraarby crimson._writes
How can someone marry a murderer of her own family? Inaayah munir radwan, nothing but a mystery in its self, only she can solve her. ubaid siddiqui, who has lost his e...
Sukoon: سکون by Riyamfroz
Sukoon: سکونby Riyam
Zayna Qureshi hates the sight of blood because being brought up in a high class mafia family, she has seen it very closely, she has seen the people dying in the most pai...
Unplanned Future by maleeeka11
Unplanned Futureby maleeeka11
Aisha Bilal is 22years old. She has been in love with Sulaiman, and they planned on getting married only for him not to show up on their wedding day, yes he DITCHED her...
Sayonee by crimson_writes
Sayoneeby crimson._writes
What if a girl had to sacrifice herself for family. Getting into a pure bond like nikkah is a dream of every girl. Witnessing such a moment is a proud moment for a chil...
The Journey of a Soul Without Home by AmdzTora_123
The Journey of a Soul Without Homeby Amanda Tora
[Warning English is not my first language] This is a short story participation contest for "Achoo!" by Contests and Challenges. The prompt is "Achoo!!! ch...
His Precious by AlenaAmin
His Preciousby Alena Amin
A typical arranged marriage love story between Azlan and Afiya. What will happen when one strict and serious person meets a sweet bubbly girl? "Afiya, I used to g...
💔MAFARKINA💔 by MissDmk
Read and find out
Ahd E Wafa (On Hold) by Riyamfroz
Ahd E Wafa (On Hold)by Riyam
Ahd e wafa, Promise of loyalty. The 2nd generation of mehr e kaamil couples. How they deals with the circumstances of their lives. Stories:- 𝐐𝐮𝐫𝐛𝐚𝐭 - قربت ✓ 𝐈...
His Obsession  by Lovely_girl_fun
His Obsession by Lovely_girl_fun
A ferocious force of Nature, who Owned the very Essence. His daunting presence sucking the very life of out of his surroundings. The intimidating, domineering, dangerous...
Bethroted At Birth by Lyymarrh_S
Bethroted At Birthby Lyymarrh_S
Umairah your normal sweet , lively , lovely , little mischievous seventeen year old. Whom comes back home from school just to be faced with a life changing truth. What w...
Loving The Broken✓ by aishatu_humairah
Loving The Broken✓by mindful pen
Dreams Shattered, Ways blocked, hope lost, Everything comes crashing down. Painful past, hard present, an unknown dimension for the future, Her name is Hauwa Kulu Jid...
Maya and The Indicts (COMPLETED) by shaheedaserdeeq
Maya and The Indicts (COMPLETED)by shaheedaserdeeq
A nigerian story of a girl who gave up her dreams, her ambitions to follow another path, to save the man she loves. Maya is a Nigerian/Omani and a Hausa/arab girl base...
FRIENDSHIP TO LOVE by zoya__khan
"I need my Hafsa back"he whispered and i stared at him There was a lot to say but my tongue remained tied I wanted to apologize but couldn't I wanted to tell h...
leisurely folktale... by alina_naushad_ahmad
leisurely folktale...by Alina Naushad Ahmad
one shots 1)qulsum🌼sikander (sikander ki deewani)completed 2)sahiba🌼mirza(upcoming) 3)hoor🌼einas(upcoming)
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A Journey with the Devil Himself by Noretakes
A Journey with the Devil Himselfby ~M a i c a~
Rania and Maaz. Two people who can't even stand in the same room without bickering every two seconds. But what happens when one mistake leads to both of them on an insa...
Smoke (BNHA) by VerySober
Smoke (BNHA)by VerySober
"The reason i'm like this is because i don't care about anything really. Not titles, not people, not quirks. Because society's made up these rules of who's who and...
MY STORY  by ummusalmah_lawan
MY STORY by Salmerh💫🌹
"You get sucked in, until something shattering happens; that's when you come back to your senses" When life decides it's time you get your lesson, it hits you...
Salam alaikum everyone who is reading my book i wrote this book to everyone who is muslim and wants a islamic book to read. My book is all about islam it is interesting...
It's About Destiny ✔️ by Inkedbyheart12
It's About Destiny ✔️by Shazia Akhter
(Published on Amazon as an e-book, sample here only)...... Nineteen year-old beautiful girl Hooriya Malik is a rich spoilt brat. She is Arrogant, Stubborn and Discourte...
Married Only to Have Kids by trulylyyours234
Married Only to Have Kidsby trulylyyours234
It wasn't a love marriage, it wasn't an arranged marriage. It was a Halal marriage for the sake of having kids and starting a family. Will it be a loveless marriage?