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Harry  Potter characters react to ships by kawaiicatgirl19
Harry Potter characters react kawaiicatgirl19
Dramonie and WOLFSTAR are the first ships of many other ones that these LUCKY people will be recasting to^^ You will be able to request ships and everything on every Cha...
Love never fails by B_Minnie
Love never failsby B_Minnie
Severus Snape missed the love of his life Lily more than anything and it had broken his heart win she was killed, but when he met little Ginny Weasley, his heart began t...
I Am Lily (Sequel to She's Not Lily) by TimeLady96
I Am Lily (Sequel to She's Not TimeLady96
Lily Duchannes's life seems to be perfect, she has an amazing family, a perfect boyfriend, and the greatest friends anyone could ask for. Yet there is a certain professo...
Drarry - Funny Conversations by Belle_4152
Drarry - Funny Conversationsby lil' nugget
These are conversations from Jk's Wizarding World of Harry Potter, exploring the ship of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. These conversations are based off ones that I hav...
Always and Forever - A Harry Potter Fanfiction by DiamondStarz99
Always and Forever - A Harry Daena Delaney
James Potter is dead and the Dark Lord may return... But he might not. Anyway Lily Potter and Harry Potter are alive but Lily must stay away from her son because the Dea...
snapes daughter draco malfoy x oc by LilyroseHill
snapes daughter draco malfoy x ocby akira aizawa
When a young witch goes to Hogwarts and falls in love with a certain Slytherin and meets one of her parents. Her parents are non other than lily Evans and severes snape
the marriage law (mauraders era) (snilly)  by mc51061213
the marriage law (mauraders era) ( mc51061213
in this story its like after the second wizarding world. after the war her personality changed like everyone else but for the worse only one person can bring her out of...
story ideas by moonlight20101234567
story ideasby moonlight20101234567
for anyone looking for an idea to a story I will update when I can pls comment/message me if you are gonna use an idea bye bye little butterfly (miraculous is the best)
Love has no limits (SnapeXDobby) by ellaiguessidk
Love has no limits (SnapeXDobby)by ellaiguessidk
𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓱𝓪𝓼 𝓝𝓸 𝓵𝓲𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓼 Ever since Lily Evans, the love of Severus Snape's life died, Severus had not felt any love or hope in his life. Lily was the lig...
Griffindor Party (Snilly) by curlycarly7
Griffindor Party (Snilly)by curlycarly7
Snilly! Snilly! Snilly!
Twilight vs Harry Potter by GeekyOptimist
Twilight vs Harry Potterby L.M Paz
How is this even a question???
A Twist in the Tale by anna2lizzie
A Twist in the Taleby anna2lizzie
What if James and Lily just weren't made for each other? Imagine the twist in the tale.
Freak - A Harry Potter FanFic by BooksAreForLife394
Freak - A Harry Potter FanFicby BooksAreForLife394
Freak. That's what Petunia called her, always threatening to go and tell her parents of what she saw. But one day, there was a boy, his hand held out to her. A boy who w...
Always: A collection of Harry Potter oneshots by elyse_kk
Always: A collection of Harry elyse_kk
Harry Potter Oneshots from Snilly to Romione to Personalized. Comment if you'd like a personalized one :)
Always: Severus & Lily by classqic
Always: Severus & Lilyby renée ♡
She told me that she loved me by the water fountain. She told me that she loved me and she didn't love him. That was really lovely and was innocent. Now she has a cup w...
Little Miss Potions [] by Magicather01
Little Miss Potions []by Magicather01
Clara Jane is not her real name. She was left at the steps of a muggle orphanage when she was but a baby with no letter nor name. Nothing but a basket, tiny baby clothes...
A Second Chance by casualstoryteller
A Second Chanceby Mi'an
We all know what happened in Godrics Hollow. We all know what happened when James and Lily Potter gave their lives to save their son. But what if Severus after dying in...
Just a flower by fangirlfiction_
Just a flowerby fangirlfiction_
Snape thought Lily and him will be friends forever. And one day fall in love. But all that changes when they go to hogwarts school and are in different houses. Lily meet...