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The Prophecy by ClaraKarinaOfficial
The Prophecyby Clara Karina
[2nd book for 'Only Us', read that first if you haven't, unless you want to not understand this story] Having your daughter kidnapped isn't really a fun thing you have t...
Insecurities by Midmorning_
Insecuritiesby Midmorning_
Severus is insecure about his hair. Care, a bit of angst, and fluff You are allowed to imagine whoever you want with him, other book characters, an OC or yourself. Plea...
Do I ship it (Harry Potter addition) by Annoying_Orangutan
Do I ship it (Harry Potter Your Orangutan Friend
I have seen loads of creators doing it so i thought i would give it a go. These are just my opinions and i would like to see your opinions on these ships ( also if you w...
& forgive us our trespasses | LORE rewritten by canyounmoonx
& forgive us our trespasses | 𝐣𝐮𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐮𝐬
"I think we're just going to have to be secretly in love witch each other and live it at that."
Harry Potter comics, ships, pictures  by Reedally09
Harry Potter comics, ships, 🖤AllisonReed18🤍
This is Harry Potter comics, Harry Potter ships like (Dramione, snamione, drarry, Harmone, blanny, and harnny) , and pictures. Slow editing...... This is my second stor...
A Law Union by PotterHeadAnnie
A Law Unionby Anuradha Basdeo
(Post - War Events) A Marriage Law decrees Hermione Granger and Severus Snape to be bounded. Join as we unravel the relationship between the two war veterans. SSxHG HGx...
Sei una spina nel fianco, Granger  by alwaysstp
Sei una spina nel fianco, Granger by S.T.P.
La guerra è finita da ormai 12 anni e c'è una nuova studentessa ad Hogwarts. Chissà di chi è la figlia... Silente e Piton sono ancora vivi. Buona lettura!🔆
Someplace Safe  by Vonntage
Someplace Safe by Harmony Frost
In times of great desperation, it's important to have someone to depend on. Someone who can lead you someplace safe. A SSHG romance.
The little things she does by Snamionexx
The little things she doesby Snamionexx
He always watches. The way she smiles at new student no matter their houses, or the way she tosses her hair like a proud lioness. HIS little lioness. Not that it matters...
Hurt by GooseyGirl7
Hurtby GooseyGirl7
Severus Snape once had a little sister, Angelica. She was the light of his life in a dark world. He swore to protect her with his life, but one day atop the Astronomy to...
Equals by basicallyHermionex
Equalsby basicallyHermionex
When the Death Eaters decide to take revenge by spreading a dangerous Virus, the world depends on the two brightest minds of Hogwarts to safe the world. Hermione Granger...
Something Undefined by TheLoneArtist23
Something Undefinedby The Lone Artist
What happens when someone you've seen for so long suddenly becomes the only one all you can think about? A fifth year Hermione Granger couldn't resist the urge to stop h...
forbidden but not impossible  by hermioneandshipper
forbidden but not impossible by dramione/snamione lover
when hermione feels as though her life can not get any worse after what she thought was the end of Voldemorts reign. A marriage law was passed to make her world come cr...
Tragic Love by HermioneSnape07
Tragic Loveby Hermione Snape
A snamione fanfic this story has a lot of triggers don't read it if you have an issue with it!!
Hermione granger- broken bonds (taylonak) by Taylonak
Hermione granger- broken bonds ( Taylona Hagen
Potter. Everyone loved Harry. They love him so much that they wouldn't even look into the trouble and mischief his friends were involved in. Harry got the fame and glory...
Rewrite the past by JKRHero
Rewrite the pastby Julia
Fear. That's all. People all over the world were living their life in constant fear. Ever since Lord Voldemort succeeded in killing Harry Potter in 1998 the world was a...
Ships? Characters? Opinions? by GoldenTrio06
Ships? Characters? Opinions?by GoldenTrio06
I will discuss my opinions of ships and characters... feel free to do the same in the comments.
The Light in the Darkness - a Snamione fanfic by makattack1234567
The Light in the Darkness - a Myra Mak
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light" ~ Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore An impossible lov...
The Beasts Beauty  by staybymysidepleaseee
The Beasts Beauty by Js67
Hermione returns to her eighth year of Hogwarts. But nothing is the same as before. And she can't get a certain teacher out of her head. Only own the plot not the chara...