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Harry Styles Smut Imagines  by sultrystyles26
Harry Styles Smut Imagines by Sultry Styles
Harry one shots from your POV. In depth & detailed smut (because most of the ones I've found are very brief). - freaky/kinky - Some bdsm chapters - Daddy kink Open to...
one shot smuts  by smuthoess
one shot smuts by teehee
just some smuts for all you nasty people boy x girl & girl x girl
Bakushima smut (mostly one shots) by thatweirdo567
Bakushima smut (mostly one shots)by ✨weird ass kid✨
top : bakugo bottom : kirishima all smut , some mpreg , omega , other ships here and there kinks include : daddy , SM play , bondage, masochist and sadists, and other...
Haikyu [ x reader ] smut book  by ch1ckent3ndo
Haikyu [ x reader ] smut book by Sky🌻
One shot smut 🙈 suggest characters if you will - this is gonna be kinky | FEM READER|
BTS bxb Smut Collections by ji_ternal_kook
BTS bxb Smut Collectionsby ride jimin
Warning: -bxb -mature content Each chapter may contain: -bdsm -daddy/oppa/master kink -food kink -omegaverse -yandere/possessive kink -reversible couple♥ ACCEPTS REQUEST...
•||• Anime boys •||• OneShots •||• ⛈🌻🍋 by DontTalkToMeIn2025
•||• Anime boys •||• OneShots •||• DontTalkToMeIn2025
List : • Tokyo Ghoul : Kaneki/Hide/(Maybe Ayato) • BlackButler : Ciel/Sebastian • HxH : Killua/Gon/(Maybe Kurapika) • Haikyuu : Kuroo/Kageyama/(Any other suggested to m...
Benicio Drew x Reader Oneshots (COMPLETED) by ToriTheBoss
Benicio Drew x Reader Oneshots ( ToriTheBoss
Benicio Drew, AKA Bendy, leader of the biggest mob in ToonTown. Here are some oneshots with the sexy ink demon.
WWE SMUT  by metalheadgirlkick6
REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN.HERE IS HOW TO REQUEST superstars your name backround and last but not least if it has a kink and if yes which one.I CAN WRITE WHATEVER YOU AS...
skz smut 18+ by seokminscumstain
skz smut 18+by heki
rlly super cool oneshots 🤑🤑💯💯 bxb reader x idol femdom femboys gay😍 straight😿😿
lust // bbrae by -lizorgasm
lust // bbraeby .
steamy oneshots of gar and rae.
Kakegurui Girls x Reader Oneshots by w1tchbl4dez
Kakegurui Girls x Reader Oneshotsby hi
Some smut and fluff oneshots
Sanders Sides Smut Book by _pink_cyanide_
Sanders Sides Smut Bookby Logan/Lo
Probably not going to upload often :/ I only made this because I have horny followers smh uh yeah
Max x Reader | Smut Oneshots | Camp Camp by Violet_Wolfie
Max x Reader | Smut Oneshots | QuitWattpad
Just some smut oneshots, mainly in masochistic style. NSFW (Obviously). Suggestions are open!
Smut Sanders by sanderssidesnsfw
Smut Sandersby sanderssidesnsfw
One-shot book of Smut based on Thomas Sanders's Sanders Sides. -feel free to send me prompts in dms, you will remain anonymous. -TW for language, graphic depictions of s...
Supernatural xReader One Shots (Requests Accepted and Loved) by Nebrohska
Supernatural xReader One Shots ( Nebrohska
These requests are originally from my Tumblr (@carryonourwaywardoneshots). If you prefer to read one shots on Tumblr, you can go ahead and check it out :) As it says in...