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Reversed Roles by JRRules46
Reversed Rolesby JRRules
She was like fire in the dark so unbreakable and hard But he was like a medicine in the pain singing the song of Ice and Flame 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 "Apricots look like bu...
The Stars Between Us by wheadee
The Stars Between Usby S I R • W H I T N E Y
Two teens find refuge in each other despite a bitter family feud that could leave them in ruins
Picking Up the Pace by LLDouglas2020
Picking Up the Paceby LLDouglas2020
After high school, Josephine Winchester left her small hometown and cheating boyfriend as fast as she could. Now many years later, she is back, thanks to her grandmother...
Hennessy the Shepherdess by cloggermeg
Hennessy the Shepherdessby cloggermeg
Hennessy is navigating the newness of college through reconnecting with an old past-time, writing. Will it help her stave off her homesickness? Help her make friends? An...
What If by genevievenolan
What Ifby Genevieve Nolan
Twenty-something Alexa Ryan and her stable boyfriend Carter are slowly building a life together and after three years, Alexa's ready to take their relationship to the ne...
BEARDS by gossemer_wingz
BEARDSby gossemer_wingz
Serena and Deandre are Hampton Court High's 'it' couple. They have been together since sophomore year all the way to senior year. There isn't a day where they aren't men...
At Death's Door by YvetteRussell
At Death's Doorby Yvette Russell
[ A girl who is dying meets a boy who never will. ] Elta knows her days are numbered. And she's quite content to spend them quietly on her own, isolated in her rural hom...
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE  by BooksAndSugarSpice
*Under Editing* What happens when chocolate mixes with poison? That's right, it's a recipe for murder...And a damn common and popular one in New Orleans if I say so... ...
A young adult WHEN HARRY MET SALLY for fans of Kasie West! Jacks Dixon just moved to the Middle-of-Nowhere, Colorado. He's staying with his brother, Bennet, and his brot...
The Vanishing by Lara_Bennett
The Vanishingby Lara
"Sebastian," I whisper, my eyes wide in terror. "Where is everyone?" "I don't know Cam. I seriously don't know." During the early hours of...
the red moon by smolbean569
the red moonby smol bean
its about a young girl and a grumpy lumber man with a cold heart and a shady backstory, can the girl save him from his own desires or will the town fall into the claws o...
military girl  by ur-fav-les-girl
military girl by ur-fav-les-girl
"i'm so tired of fighting for something... when it doesn't feel like their ever fighting for me." small town? check preachers daughter? check hardcore? check g...
The Glass Bottom Boat by AnaiahPress
The Glass Bottom Boatby AnaiahPress
Her worst nightmare lies in the depths below. Surrounded by the romantic paradise of her sister's destination wedding in Jamaica, Madison Grey realizes she must overcome...
Basil and the Head by hopeful_cynic
Basil and the Headby hopeful_cynic
Basil was like every other seven-year-old boy. He enjoyed watching superhero movies, eating Goldfish, and searching for the legendary lost head of Genevieve Maria de Cha...
Elmwood by thecursivecat
Elmwoodby Liya
Lily was having the same kind of summer she'd been having for years in the small town of Elmwood... Helping out at her grandparents' Antiques and Vintage shop, avoiding...
Valtorian: A Sticky Business by Kk_williams18
Valtorian: A Sticky Businessby KK Williams
Book one Ayla Angel Applewood is from New York who doesnt want to take over the family business or get married to some guy that she doesnt like at all. All she wants t...
Feelings of color and pain by Kailynelizabethg
Feelings of color and painby Kailynelizabethg
Whitley Sinclair grew up in an estranged town in Washington State, things are a little on the poor side, the richest person in the town has millions. She's an old lady n...
Sinner (GxG) by safiyagwrites
Sinner (GxG)by ✨S✨
"Elinor was like a gust of wind or a beautiful butterfly. She was the foam of an ocean wave and the feeling you get from blowing out the candles on your birthday ca...
Survivor Of The Desolation by ApocalypticWriter602
Survivor Of The Desolationby ApocalypticWriter602
Will put up later accidently got deleted
Lee-side by ForeverHalfFull
Lee-sideby lily
Set on an island in the middle of a hurricane, Lee-side is a short story about the people and places that bind us, and in so doing, define us.