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Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1) by the-soul-of-wit
Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1)by Lizard
*A tale set in the world of Skyrim* *The first in the Arch-Mage Trilogy* The Dragonborn has disappeared. Alduin has yet to be destroyed. Rowlen Mabierre, a Breton, joins...
High Queen (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #2) by the-soul-of-wit
High Queen (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #2)by Lizard
*A tale set in the world of Skyrim* *The second in the Arch-Mage Trilogy* Songela Steelhand wants nothing more than to join the Stormcloaks and fight to free her land f...
Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction  by Lau-ren-tia
Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction by Lauren
• Completed Skyrim fanfiction• Azalia is the sarcastic, fiery and unknowing daughter of two Daedric Princes. When she finds herself in Riften sitting across from a red-h...
Skyrim One-Shots by SpiritedOptimist
Skyrim One-Shotsby TreeHugger
Hey! Welcome to my one-shots. Love Skyrim, love one-shots, so I made a thing. Please suggest some scenarios for me to write up! Skyrim belong to Bethesda.
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) [Requests Closed] by TheDragonBreath
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[Continuation of my book "Of Fond Memories" but it's entirely dedicated for Skyrim oneshots only, unlike my first book which was about both WoW and Skyrim] In...
Skyrim OneShots By MadAngus by MadAngus
Skyrim OneShots By MadAngusby MadAngus
Hey, it's me, MadAngus! This OneShot book contains near everything in Skyrim. If there's something you want to see here, don't hesitate to ask! I've got Ulfric, Farkas...
Of Fond Memories [Skyrim and WoW one shots] (Requests Closed) by TheDragonBreath
Of Fond Memories [Skyrim and WoW ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[Various x Reader] "Skyrim and Warcraft, both are a world of strife and ripped apart by war. There is little to no room for true love... or is it?". These are...
The Dragonborn's Lover | Miraak×Reader by ArtistSamara
The Dragonborn's Lover | Miraak× Samara
A medieval fantasy Romance about an Evil Dragonborn and Pure Dragonborn falling in love. (Y/n) the powerful Dragonborn seeking to end Alduins life, unaware of who her fa...
Skyrim X Readers  by DigitalNeela
Skyrim X Readers by Digital.Neela
Hey now that I have your attention, I'd love to let you know that I'm not doing any requests involving shotas, or any other nasty shit, or lemons (as a pan-romantic that...
Talos  Worship ~an Ondolemar Love Story~ by cicerolove
Talos Worship ~an Ondolemar Raven Harris
Arasha spent the earlier years of her life with her father, Moth gro-Bagol, in Markarth learning how to work a forge. Despite her father's want to be removed from the or...
Skyrim Oneshots by Black_Cat_9000
Skyrim Oneshotsby Black Cat 9000
Just random skyrim oneshots. I am still new to writing, so don't expect anything amazing. I am open to constructive criticism, and feel free to request stuff.
Far from Home  by antigone_earthspirit
Far from Home by Antigone
Skyrim. A frigid and brutal land. Antigone, a wood elf from Valenwood. This is her story. From Helgen to her final rest. Does she survive the frigid north? How does sh...
Daedric princes X dragonborn by DarkMistress0420
Daedric princes X dragonbornby S. Shepard
something i thought of writing while i was writing my SKyrim X OC Idk why
Team Dragon Rises [RWBY/Skyrim Crossover] by Static_Wolfe
Team Dragon Rises [RWBY/Skyrim Static Wolfe
One day while the Dragonborn was enjoying his peaceful day he is swept to a new land where he learns that someone there is bringing Dragons and he becomes a student at B...
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Howl With Me (FarkasxOC) by JimboSmoothie
Howl With Me (FarkasxOC)by Jimbo Smoothie
#4 in Skyrim 7/25/2020 He's a hero, loved by all. She's a girl who hides in the shadows, living for death. Her parents would be proud. His parents would be horrified. S...
A Cure for a Hangover by SleepyHedgehog211
A Cure for a Hangoverby Sleepy Hedgehog
I've noticed there are very few fanfictions out there for Torvar... so, since I did have a playthrough once where I took Torvar with me and eventually married him, here'...
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x farkas] by memeslovepoptarts
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x memeslovepoptarts
The blunt realization that life isn't always as sweet as it seems is like burnt honey - bittersweet, and living with two competitive wolves fighting over the same prey c...