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Siren's Lament Ian x Shon by FreshBagel
Siren's Lament Ian x Shonby FreshBagel
In a twist of recent situations, Shon has become a siren and Ian is now fully human. Lyra is ready to sacrifice herself to bring Shon back but Ian isn't about to let tha...
A love that bloomed( Ian x reader ) by DoveKeen
A love that bloomed( Ian x reader )by Keen
Y/N didn't know That sirens existed. Until one came into her life and changed her world. An Ian x Reader fanfic This fanfic follows the plot and events of the actual WE...
Webtoon x reader by chibi_kitty_
Webtoon x readerby chibi_kitty_
Various Webtoon characters X Reader. Requests are Closed for now
Webtoons X Reader ❁ by cloudstrxfed
Webtoons X Reader ❁by { 𝓝𝓮𝓫𝓾𝓵𝓪 }
Hello! Welcome to "cloudstrxfed's" Webtoon reader inserts! There will be a list of Webtoons that I have read and or familiar with. But don't worry, I'll do one...
In Webtoon by mythical-eerie
In Webtoonby mythical-eerie
Random X Reader Stories/Imagines/Preferences  by Ab-Normal_Unicorn
Random X Reader Stories/Imagines/ Ab-Normal
There will be many fandoms and characters. Maybe even my OCs. Updates will forever be slow, and also terrible. I do cuss if I feel the story needs it. I might add smut...
A Lover's Lament // A Siren's Lament Fanfiction by SoraSoarChan
A Lover's Lament // A Siren's Sora
Katrina loved her life the way it was. She loved her parents, her pet, and most of all... him. Zane. His hand would ruffle her hair, and his lively brown eyes would conv...
Siren's Lament by IanTheDeadFish
Siren's Lamentby epik
A girl named Lyra has Shon her childhood friend and a siren named Ian that might have fallen for her.
WTF is wrong with my hair??? by juno1823
WTF is wrong with my hair???by red
In a world when people are born, they have a streak of hair the same color and texture as their soulmate's natural hair. Xerxes ( Zer-xes ) is born with a silver streak...
All Kinds Of Things! by SkyraRosey
All Kinds Of Things!by A.Jade.M.
This is just a bunch of screenshots I have. It's multi fandoms from Danganronpa V3 to Alf. Some memes too. I didn't make any of this. Enjoy.
webtoon rp(sirens lament or let's play only) by Fundy-Soot
webtoon rp(sirens lament or let' Fundy
this is where you can rp siren's lament or let's play YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THESE ARE TO RP THIS!
Profile Pictures by Shadowthepan
Profile Picturesby Shadow
Im just doing this just in case i want to switch back to an old picture or rejoin a cult There is cursing yeah fun
Siren's Lament: ~a Retelling~ by Hunger-gamer4life
Siren's Lament: ~a Retelling~by IrinaVN
original image of the cover by instantmiso. also the story is by instantmiso. I just loved the idea of retelling it, as by this point it has taken over my life seriously...
SirenLyra's Drawings by SirenLyra
SirenLyra's Drawingsby SirenLyra
From anime to cartoons to comics, I'll be drawing. Feel free to leave suggestions. 🐠 *References used
Teenage Years by Autumnleaf55
Teenage Yearsby Autumnleaf
Join Isla Peterson in her mini series as she and her friends make many great memories Beleive me when I say Isla, her friends, and these stories are all very interestin...