Sindorei Stories

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The Games of the Void by Dancing_Druid
The Games of the Voidby Fale_Asha
Not all Ren'dorei found themselves wielding the maddening and tantalizing mysteries of the Void willingly. Others found themselves with no other choice, and some it were...
The Curse, the Magister, and the Nightingale by Dancing_Druid
The Curse, the Magister, and the Fale_Asha
With Azeroth being tormented by the Lich King and his army of Undeath, Nightingale believes keeping his Ren'dorei safeguarded within Telogrus will leave them without con...
Destiny or Desire by Dancing_Druid
Destiny or Desireby Fale_Asha
Zaryinor Dawntreader is a youthful Quel'dorei of Silvermoon, enthusiastic about carrying on his father's legacy as a Ranger Lord. After the Scourge rampaged through Quel...
Legado de sangre by Marigarcia14
Legado de sangreby Maria García
Esta novela relata un historia basada en el vídeo juego d World Of Warcraft. es un fan-fic contando la historia de uno de mis personajes en juego. Relata su día a día, p...
She-Wolf of Quel'thalas by laylee715
She-Wolf of Quel'thalasby unusuallyinclined
This story follows the World of Warcraft universe and lore as best as it can while featuring my original character, Vaeris Il'laneth. This will be her history, her stor...
Voidtember 2019 by NyxxPunnings
Voidtember 2019by Ravenfyre Pentrust
Voidtember 2019 Short Stories derived from the art prompt list.
Jenovaa S. Sin - The Rogue by Jenovaa
Jenovaa S. Sin - The Rogueby Jenovaa S. Sin
Jenovaa Sin. The story of her random adventures, misadventures, explorations and more! Based in Azeroth, in the video game World of Warcraft.
The Cloak(Discontinued) by Dreamlessnite
The Cloak(Discontinued)by DreamlessCat
No one knew who she was, and no one cared. No one knew what she looked like, and no one wanted to know. Most didn't even know she was a girl. She would do everything she...
Alma de cristal by Hendelie
Alma de cristalby Hendelie
Cuando Athramar Azurocaso fue víctima del Vacío, muchas cosas se rompieron: Su fuerza de voluntad, su memoria, su orgullo... su propia alma. Y con ella, los lazos que le...
De la sangre del Sol by Hendelie
De la sangre del Solby Hendelie
Tras la caída del Castillo de la Tempestad, Maldathar Ilvana viaja a la isla de Quel'danas y se une de nuevo a las filas de los leales al Príncipe. Al ser descubierto, r...
A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down... by TheSpookyKabuki
A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the レン
A journey to collect rare herbs turns uncomfortable.
Light for the Past, Blood for the Future {World of Warcraft Fanfiction} by LeftySerinus
Light for the Past, Blood for Lefty Serinus
Delarea Dawngazer did not share her family's enthusiasm for the glory of the sin'dorei. She was, indeed, a blood elf. However, her interests led her to the study of hist...