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The Jock Who Might Be My Little Gay Crush by justabigirlwhowrites
The Jock Who Might Be My Little Mel
"I want to kiss you, alright!" "Good, so do I," Forrest Gael, the quarterback of the football team, is tough, sweet, but totally not gay. Or so he t...
The five realms  by lyndseySoliday
The five realms by lyndsey Soliday
Five realms; water,fire,earth,air,animals. six realms escapees. and a lot of drama danger gayness straightness and more adventures. By the way I just started and the co...
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The Game by Lizzylucky
The Gameby Lizzylucky
This, by the way, is my first poem. It's a little cheesy, of course, but I hope it can show a little bit of what it's like to be the shy kid in school. It can be tough...
Confrontation at School by CalebJarrus
Confrontation at Schoolby Caleb Jarrus
Hi. Just Read this. Please. Thanks. Its about a kid who wants to impress a girl by playing basketball.
Trying To Avoid Everybody by AquilesSerdan
Trying To Avoid Everybodyby Aquiles Serdan
Brendon is shy, not shy like he doesn't talk much, he is shy as in he will do anything to get away from people. So when one day two people take interest in him, he'll do...
The One He Noticed by michiehime
The One He Noticedby michie
I sat alone in the lunchroom, waiting for the period to end. I could feel the loneliness wash over me like a tidal wave. No one noticed me, but of course they wouldn't...
How To: Do It by meangirl1212
How To: Do Itby meangirl1212
Delaney Flinn is a heartbreaker who has multiple boyfriends all at one time and is an expert at doing it. Gregory Drew (call him Greg) is a regular kid lost in the back...
The diary by vanessaa8786
The diaryby vanessaa8786
This book starts off as the school's shy girl Ashely leaves her diary at school only to be found by schools most popular kid chase he starts reading the diary, and can'...
gay romance  by ilovetorightstorys66
gay romance by ilovetorightstorys66
between a bad boy and a shy kid the bad boy is roommates and friends with the shy boys friend see what happens
A book of a shy kid by ZacharySkerrett
A book of a shy kidby ZacharySkerrett
This is biography of my life so far. I will be posting how school is going and updates whenever I can. If I have a lot to say about a school year it will be divided into...
lover unknown (Gage x alma ) by unknownBMS
lover unknown (Gage x alma )by unknownBMS
The new kid gage trussell comes to the Super athletic school of pheonix drop he is expecting to be bullied all the way and it matches his expectation until he meets alma...
The New Kid by JohnnyAndConner
The New Kidby uuuhhhMeh?
Luke Jones is the new kid in school, after a cliche first day with flirts and girls oogling. He starts to go unnoticed, except my the two bad boys (who hate each other)...