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Emilie's Baby by Kay_Dee_Em_Dee
Emilie's Babyby Kay D
"I think I might be in trouble, Nicky." I whispered, sitting on my bed. Nick sat with me, taking my hand in his and rubbing circles over the backs of my hands...
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse Mccree x Reader) by FlameWolf111
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse FlameWolf111
You were Young when you First met Jesse Mccree. He was a year older than you, making him sixteen. At first impression you could care less about him and his gang, but aft...
Friends? | Bryce Hall  by lovehypehouse
Friends? | Bryce Hall by lovehypehouse
Jess is tiktok star, Bryce Hall's best friend for life. But what will happen when Jess goes to college and Bryce moves to LA? And what will happen with Jess and Bryce's...
Daddy Has A Shotgun, But You Have My Heart {Completed} by TheRiverRunsDeep
Daddy Has A Shotgun, But You Savvy
One look at Ethel, and you can't help but stare at her. It's not her beauty that catches your eyes, it's the burn scars that cover parts of her body. There are a few th...
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. ( Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
george ezra imagines - HIATUS by ambergrace_
george ezra imagines - HIATUSby amber
short one shots of everyone's lover lover lover
Hold Me by littleblack-0
Hold Meby LittleBlack
I grabbed my phone searching for a certain contact. A contact I didn't think I will press on it one day. A contact which ignored all my calls for the past whole year. A...
The Fugitive Grandma by DmitriRagano
The Fugitive Grandmaby Dmitri Ragano
Johnny Valentine is a lonely boy who dreams of becoming a hero, just like the masked avengers in his comic books. His feisty grandmother Stella is a retired supermarket...
Coffee And Shotguns (Destiel) by TPmusic
Coffee And Shotguns (Destiel)by TPmusic
When a peculiar hunt brings the Winchester brothers back to Lawrence, Kansas, Dean finds himself more dependent on coffee and less on sleep. Add an attractive male pol...
A Slayer's Magic (DoomEternalxFairyTail) by Spector45
A Slayer's Magic ( Spector45
Doom Guy+Demons=Body parts Doom Guy+The FairyTail Guild=??? Lets find out.
The Saving of Sam Winchester by mylittlelou
The Saving of Sam Winchesterby Cassidy
{SUPERNATURAL FANFIC} When Sam Winchester was 6 months old, The Yellow-Eyed Demon didn't just bleed into his mouth; he took him from his family. Cut to 15 years later, h...
MURDA BUSINESS - NBA YOUNGBOY  by prettylulglockie
kentrell was kidnap by a mafia family . after a while tha daughter help him .
My Life As A Nerdy Kara (EDITING/WRITING) by Zee-Mysterious
My Life As A Nerdy Kara (EDITING/ .
🔱 Alex looked at me with his lips lifted up slightly at one end, ''We will teach you how to fight.'' Shrugging nonchalantly in the end while slipping his hands through...
Small child kills local goth by its_souda_time
Small child kills local gothby gloom
chihiro goes on a killing spree and kills everybody including you so u better watch out u piece of crap
Born ON Fire [SLOWmo UPDATE] by zeekyut
Born ON Fire [SLOWmo UPDATE]by Dianne Grace
Isang babaeng handang gawin ang lahat makapaghigante lang. Isang babaeng may pulang mata ang nangangati ang mga palad mabigyan lang ng hustisya ang lahat. Ang madilim na...
Undertale Headcannons! by IheartSQ
Undertale Headcannons!by Sakura-No-Hana666
Bet you $100,000 dollars that no one's gonna read this!!
T@gged by ziggyziggy123
T@ggedby ziggyziggy123
Carter Johnson is tagged along with bestfriend Elisia, the outcast Rowan, and Ms. popular, Hailey in a very weird video.
RS6, Smoke's insta by -Boba_Fett-
RS6, Smoke's instaby Boba Fett
...Just get on with it ya' bloody blokes.
Angel With a Shotgun by MiNinjaGeek
Angel With a Shotgunby Sama Ranjbar
"He may look like everybody, but he's not like anybody. He needs to get out his wings and fly." ~~~~~~~~~ Ariel Evans. The girl who is going through hell, with...
SHOTGUN [BTS x OC] by tsurugarenX
SHOTGUN [BTS x OC]by tsurugarenX
Jiah desperately needed a job. At her lowest point in life, she ran into a handsome stranger who not only offered her a bar snickers, but a temporary job for taking care...