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Did You Say My Husband. . . ? (boyxboy) by AH0PELESSR0MANTiC
Did You Say My Husband. . . ? ( Royalty
Jeremy Rodriguez, a young police officer -One of Seattle Police Departments finest- has a horrific accident that leaves him with memory loss. Not only does he have to co...
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Dangerously in Love by lemmedriivedab0at
Dangerously in Loveby Jazzy💖
I had a description but wattpad deleted it :/ I'll write another one someday, but in the meantime, please read my book :)
Mystery Woman by Aurora808
Mystery Womanby Aurora
A wealthy couple is robbed and abducted by three desperate criminals. But things go wrong and two of the kidnappers are killed. The third kidnapper, a woman, is lying se...
MONSTA X - All Fanchants by Maddie403
MONSTA X - All Fanchantsby May
all fanchants for monsta x' title tracks 몬스타엑스의 노래에 대한 모든 응원법
Thug life 2 by chocolatedolllay
Thug life 2by Melaningoddess
Shantelle is doing everything to hold her thug down .Even with these chicken headed ass hoe's knocking on her door all the time claiming they pregnant she still been hol...
Escape or Die by LeAnnTurk
Escape or Dieby LeAnn Turk
Eli and his friends are trapped in an old abandoned hospital. Now they must find a way out. In the process he finds a few things out about himself. Some of the ghosts in...
The hardest: Old West Yarn by KeithondeBique
The hardest: Old West Yarnby Keithon de Bique
Old west. A man and woman are chased by a posse. The woman, De Miller, can she bring fortitude and live?
DANGEROUS LOVE by Hobidrippin_247
DANGEROUS LOVEby Hobidrippin_247
"You won't get away with this." "Sorry but...... I ALREADY HAVE😈
Will Live On by Hellion42
Will Live Onby Hellion42
What happens when the law forgets that an outlaw is, in fact, outside the law? What distinguishes a man - a real gentleman of the West - from the rest of the flock, the...
The Hood by JERuizWerks
The Hoodby Eddie Ruiz
A promising young man is gunned down in a case of mistaken identity.
Dark Angel (Sequel to White Raven) by pata10
Dark Angel (Sequel to White Raven)by JJ Mahoney
(Sequel to White Raven) With Michael, Christian, and all the other bad guys out of the way it's time for Rave and Ary to finally focus on making it as a couple. Rave is...
Mobster Paradise by TylerREndres
Mobster Paradiseby TylerREndres
Picture it, there's a man with moral conflict; he is a mobster, his name is Tyler and he has begun to Fear about his thoughts of the eternal afterlife. He makes a deal...
More Than Meets The Eye by RimUranium
More Than Meets The Eyeby Rim
When a renown fashion designer and critically acclaimed movie producer fall in love, the result is Autumn Pearce. Autumn has just about everything a person could want; f...
Shootout by Exel1945
Shootoutby Exel1945
In 2015, one family except for one was shot dead by the unknown assailant . Jonas Tarkov , a former KGB agent . Wants to seek revenge against street gangs , triads and s...
The Body Under the Bridge by SamKench
The Body Under the Bridgeby Sam Kench
A dirt-poor teenager, bullied at school and forced to take care of his brain damaged mother, finds himself caught in the crossfire of professional criminals when he stum...
Golem by writerdanhardy
Golemby Dan Hardy
Please go to & nominate. If its selected you get a FREE advance e-copy and I get a Publishing Contract! Dr. Ekaterina “Ka...
Another victim by Zapho_
Another victimby Zapho
Aziel was only 10 years old when he lost his mom who was the only parent he had left. He ends up in a gang as is their private killer who will do anything to get fed.