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Restart Everything [That time I got reincarnated as a slime] by TensuraLover
Restart Everything [That time I TensuraLover
Rimuru Tempest start having dreams about Shizue Izawa it's been bothering him everyday he always think about her being alive but even if he can bring her back to life he...
Rimuru's Restart [Revised] by Galvannandreii
Rimuru's Restart [Revised]by CAG
A FANFICTION of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime). I do not own any of the characters all credits to the rightful owner The Story...
Another Past ? by ParadexTM
Another Past ?by ParadexTM
This FanFic will be about Rimuru . his friends and foe's, but also other new Charakters. It depends on the LN but not the whole story. I do not own the rights of That Ti...
unordinary story (rewritten) by ChickenNoodleSoup01
unordinary story (rewritten)by Jenna_The_BTS_Fan
this is a rewritten story of a story i wrote a long time ago, it is much better now
Behind the Lies by Izaya4Info
Behind the Liesby Iza-Kun
Is it all Just a Game that Izaya plays, or is there a reason behind everything?
The No Good Gang-MHA/BNHA by cxffeeNdonutz
The No Good Gang-MHA/BNHAby ☕︎︎Hᴀɴɴᴀʜ☕︎︎
MHA/BNHA- 4 students in the UA general studies course are bitter about not being accepted into the hero course, so they band together to create "The No Good Gang&qu...
Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry Potter Crossover) by ollieboy27
Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry
When Harry is expelled for the accidental murder of Professor Quirrel, who was secretly being possessed by Voldemort, he is sent to Japan by Dumbledore along with a myst...
Origins Games - Co-Written by ChickenOrigins | OH HOLD by Xx_LeSinestria_xX
Origins Games - Co-Written by Janet 🟡
This is a book about Origins (MHO, FTO, & OOO) and others playing games like: SPIN LE BOTTLE Ask or dare Truth or Dare Kiss, Marry, KILLLLL Others LET THE GAMES BEGINNNN...
Comfortably Numb ;; Kaminari Denki x OC by DarkErrors
Comfortably Numb ;; Kaminari Dax
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 KaminarixOC - 2021/01/03 , #3 GeneralStudies 2021/01/03 Takahashi Shizu didn't want to be in the spotlight, she didn't like the idea of having all t...
The Snow Demon (Naruto Fan-fiction) by adamsk71
The Snow Demon (Naruto Fan-fiction)by adamsk71
Yuki has been on her own with her companion Shizu for as long as she can remember. People want her dead, people want her alive. She just wants to be left alone. When she...
Durarara by Blackkissedrose
Durararaby Hentaiqueenxx
shizu izaya basicly all about them and other people mostly them
Shiki (Natsuno x my OC Shizu) by EmoKiki
Shiki (Natsuno x my OC Shizu)by Kiki
This is the anime called Shiki not the Shiki from vampire knight.
Zetsubonoshi |Sezon 1| by Suria-Chan
Zetsubonoshi |Sezon 1|by Andrea Urishi
Oryginalna powieść Anime . Tak.. zdecydowałam się zrobić jakieś oryginalne Anime(Jako książka XD) . . . . Okładkę dam później
Hush, Doll ━ Book 1  ━  A Naruto Fanfic by blazinraisins
Hush, Doll ━ Book 1 ━ A Naruto rain
There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home. Book 1
Shizu-chan? by HellowNeko
Shizu-chan?by •Gays are my life•
shizo-chan has to live with izaya for awhile well workers build his house.
Milky Rain by Shirohi_Hitomi
Milky Rainby Shirohi Hitomi
Ikebukuro continues living along its people. among all persons, Shizuo and Aisara are proceeding into more strange type of life. This fic is about one of my friends, Ais...
Chronicles of Death Part 1: The Heart by stoppedflyer
Chronicles of Death Part 1: The Shizu
Death split himself into 4 beings, each representing a part of himself, this one being his heart that began beating for the first time.
Little but so strong by MitsukiandShiu
Little but so strongby MitsukiandShiuz
Cloud is a special kind of werewolf she was created. Then when the King died she was sent to earth. She met another werewolf name Thunder.
Hidden in plain sight by shellshockerprime
Hidden in plain sightby shellshockerprime
She was strange to say the least. No one really knew her besides Mikaido, even though Masomi grew up with her, he still didn't know much about the girl. Kuroyuki Shizuku...