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klance truth or dare by Grako_straklin
klance truth or dareby Grako_straklin
truth or dare in witch they KISSSSSSSS Lol are you proud of me now mom
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DreamNotFound oneshots by shotato_
DreamNotFound oneshotsby Shotato
Its literally what it sounds like-
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Harry Potter Characters React to Ships! by Ineedacharger
Harry Potter Characters React to Ineedacharger
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funny anime memes by livvyg1
funny anime memesby livvyg1
these are the memes that you want to keep in your phone gallery but they take up to much space. 😂😂😂 Also when I found these and wanted to show them to my friends they...
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AU Gaster's x Reader by SamoanaGirl101
AU Gaster's x Readerby Ruler of the Sea
Just a bit of the Gaster AU's that has ONESHOTS and......LEMONS. Kill me now.
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Instagram  by JustARegularTeenager
Instagram by discontinued
• in which Jungkook runs a blog dedicated to Suga • *short chapters* started⇔04.18.16 completed⇔06.11.16
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Misguided Ghosts | TREEBROS by Ezzresse
Misguided Ghosts | TREEBROSby Ezzresse
Connor and Evan didn't know each other aside from a few altercations here and there. But on the first day of senior year, Evan sees something inside Connor that he didn'...
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Undiscovered [DreamNotFound] by Megalomaniac148
Undiscovered [DreamNotFound]by Han0rita
George and Dream have always been good friends - bonding over plugins and Minecraft and YouTube. However, George begins to feel something...different. Different feelings...
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Artbook by _Mystic_Mist_
Artbookby Mich in Michigan
First few chapters are trash but they get better i swear :,D
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Show me the love (Ciel x Sebastian) by AloisTrancy07
Show me the love (Ciel x Sebastian)by AloisTrancy07
It's friday morning, almost 10:00 a.m. . The weekend its coming and the young master its excited about it because he will have some free time to spend with his beloved b...
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25 Day Ship Challenge CHRISTMAS/WINTER - Miritama - BNHA by Abriderp3434
25 Day Ship Challenge CHRISTMAS/ Ica M.
Happy holidays, everybody! I wasn't planning on doing a second bit to this, but I got such good response and people weren't wanting it to end, so I've decided to make a...
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Love in the Lost Cities  by sssafaa
Love in the Lost Cities by amatheia
Sophie Foster and her friends are now level 6 at Foxfire, and decided to get their matchmaking scrolls. They're surprised by what they find on them. Disclaimer: all ch...
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The Lucky Switch {Gream/DreamNotFound} by theloopyloop
The Lucky Switch {Gream/ loop
For as long as George can remember, he's always felt like an outcast. He'd learned to be cautious when letting new people into his life, never allowing anyone to get too...
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Resist | Boyf Riends Fanfiction by Ezzresse
Resist | Boyf Riends Fanfictionby Ezzresse
Art - not by me ----------- Michael is sent away by his father to a conversion camp only to experience horrors beyond his imagination. He remains strong though, he resis...
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Dreamnotfound One Shots by SliceOfTheLyfe
Dreamnotfound One Shotsby SliceOfLyfe
I decided to take part on this! Here are one-shots about Georgenotfound and Dream, two amazing youTubers and people! Disclaimer: Both Dream and George explained they are...
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New Shipping Book! by Last_Apprentice
New Shipping Book!by 💖𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋💖
Bring this back, but new! Requests are open; it can be from anything! (Working on a cover)
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Object Shippings by CrazyCartoons
Object Shippingsby CrazyCartoons
I'll be making my first object shipping story! This book will most likely be filled with random ships i could think of :v
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The One I Need; Namtaemin(sequel to The One I Want) by forevermoonchild
The One I Need; Namtaemin(sequel 💕ForeverMoonChild💕
Park Jimin has a past and secrets. Secrets he's never even been able to confess to his best friend, Jungkook. The reasons why he chose to hide behind a false alpha pers...
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The Boy at my New School... ( Pregame SaiOuma / Fan Fiction ) by WholesomeRatChild
The Boy at my New School... ( Panta Obsessed
WARNING! This story will contain dark/deep themes such as bullying, suicide, death, depression, descriptions of blood and sadness! This is my first danganronpa fan ficti...
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Keep Her Safe  by haleymarienc
Keep Her Safe by haleymarienc
Adrian Agreste has had many unexpected events happen in his life. He never expected to become a hero. He never expected for his mother to go missing. But most of all, he...
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