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USS Nimitz and USS Gerald R. Ford on Azur Lane ( 2 Nuclear Carriers x Azur Lane) by AegisGundamIII38
USS Nimitz and USS Gerald R. Stevenson Alba III
When the two Nuclear Aircraft Carriers went to the World of Shipgirls
Azur Lane: Middle Age Duo by lagneverfailed
Azur Lane: Middle Age Duoby lagneverfailed
"We may not young anymore but not old yet. We still moving foward with life." 2 middle-age person from Indonesia and Malaysia accidentally teleported to the ne...
Azur Lane : Might of The Dragon by RGX4399
Azur Lane : Might of The Dragonby Ryan
Onwards to the year of 2035, the PLA Navy successfully built their latest supercarrier, Zhejiang of the Type 005 class pocket sized supercarriers. The supercarrier is cu...
The bloodied chains REWRITING by KMS_Hindenburg
The bloodied chains REWRITINGby Your friendly O-class
Having been forced out by the Sirens from Deutschland, KMS Bismarck and the rest of the Ironblood encounter a sudden storm that sends them to the World of Azure Lane. Up...
Azur Lane A Unit Sent to a another world by asalinas31
Azur Lane A Unit Sent to a asalinas31
A group of soldiers from four different nations were on their way back from their last mission When a mysterious thunder storm appears out of nowhere flying through the...
Azur Lane:My Oc Q&A by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:My Oc Q&Aby Shadowgamer
Tide:guys it's Tide here,I managed to hack into the authors phone and make this story so you can ask all of us Oc's any questions,you have Shadow:feel free to ask anyth...
Sink or Swim by Zap3000
Sink or Swimby Zap/Zoe3000
In the year 2440 CE, the Sol System is in chaos. The three Megacorps, Jupiter Arms, Akula Vector, and Oberon, and the Home Planet governments compete for power in the af...
Azur Lane : Into another World by Sniper_tha_Jolteon
Azur Lane : Into another Worldby Sniper-the-Jolteon
It was 4th of April 2024 After Defeating the Axis Sirens with the Help from his Siren Ally the "Allied Sirens" Giving Humanity a Victorious Win in the "Si...
Azur lane can we change war by asalinas31
Azur lane can we change warby asalinas31
The war between humanity and the sirens going on since WW2 nothing had change but one day eight of world best soldiers had the ability to kill the sirens. Until one da...
Camp Buddy X by BismarckIron_Blood
Camp Buddy Xby BismarckIron_Blood
The truth is... War never changes no matter which era has upon... . . . Azur Lane x Camp Buddy Fanfic💝 And other Yaoi characters
Azure lane:Brotherhood Republic by Amikoken15
Azure lane:Brotherhood Republicby amikoken15
Basically a Filipino ship faction instead of girls it's boys. thanks giving me an idea, and thankfull I'm back playing Azure lane.
Azur Lane Character Idea by RGX4399
Azur Lane Character Ideaby Ryan
Hello, fellow readers. This book is an Azur Lane character idea book that I make when I get bored to read Wattpad stories (slow update). This book does not always includ...