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Dadzawa:I will protect you by _Oof_why_
Dadzawa:I will protect youby Bored.nerd
Izukus mother dies and aizawa finds him will he grow attached to baby izu or will he let him go into foster care Started April 7th
Bnha/Mha Parent Scenarios  by DatEmoNugget
Bnha/Mha Parent Scenarios by 𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚
Parent scenarios with Bnha Characters! You're the child of the Bnha characters listed below! (No gender roles for the reader!) Everyone added: 🥦Deku🥦 💥Bakugou💥 🔥To...
Arcane by TheGayPotato_43
Arcaneby Your_Local_Gay_Writer
Todoroki was the cold king of the school. Bakugo was a new, angry transfer. How did these 2 end up entangling their fates? #1 Todobaku 07/22/20
▪To Ashes▪quirk Deku au▪ by SuzuneisSilenced
▪To Ashes▪quirk Deku au▪by Suźune♡
Before I was just one of the 20 percent of the population without quirks. But when attempting to save my childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugou from a slime villain I ended u...
Radio Shows and School Woes by The_Founder132
Radio Shows and School Woesby The Founder
Right before Present Mic could hang up on him, Midoriya cut in. "Wait! Is it- is it possible for me- for me to be come a hero... even without a quirk?" There...
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Stiches That WONT HEAL (BNHA X Child Reader) by HollyDavinaWinata
Stiches That WONT HEAL (BNHA X Furret Lover
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I miss you...
Dabi's Twin Sister(Bnha) by GamerPerson11
Dabi's Twin Sister(Bnha)by Gamer11
Emi is Dabi's twin sister. They both ran away from home, being Villians instead of Heroes. Yes they miss their siblings but they have each other, and that's all they cou...
Covererd In Ice -Villain Rehab AU- by Umuglyschool
Covererd In Ice -Villain Rehab AU-by Umuglyschool
~This is my first story I will not put a cover because I suck at drawing and do not want to use any artists drawings without permission and I am too shy to ask~ Izuku Mi...
Bnha x reader one shots by zora2153
Bnha x reader one shotsby zora2153
This is BNHA character x reader alot of them will be yandere x reader but there will also be just characters x reader. These One shots do not belong to me but i decided...
Insanity [Villian Deku AU] by _Bakuhoe_-
Insanity [Villian Deku AU]by _Bakuhoe_-
When someone is kidnapped by the Leauge of Villains, how do you imagine they'd be treated? poorly is what most people would presume, most imagine them getting tortured a...
Shigiraki x male reader by Finhejaiiijj0
Shigiraki x male readerby ok but no .
I never see a shigiraki x male reader so I made one I do not own My Hero Academia
BNHA Smut/Lemon Oneshots by cookiemeplease69
BNHA Smut/Lemon Oneshotsby charlie
This is going to be a bunch of random kinky BNHA shit that I write for fun. I do take request and I don't mind kinks. Let me know what you pretty-kitties want and I'll w...
Bnha Oneshots by kloieyee
Bnha Oneshotsby It's Kloie
Oneshots for all the amazing bnha characters (or most of them)! This is a female (she/her) reader. I also do take requests but don't take any smut/lemon requests. Upco...
~My Only Wish~ BNHA x Reader by islonely
~My Only Wish~ BNHA x Readerby Moon
All-Might the greatest Hero of All Time. But what does that Make Kiyo Yagi? His daughter, She doesn't want to be known as the daughter of The Symbol of Peace all her lif...
The Takeover by The_Founder132
The Takeoverby The Founder
Midoriya, Hitoshi, Toga, Dabi, and Shigiraki have all faked their deaths. They know that they can't fully trust Sensei, but they are doing the right thing. Right?
Shattered Green by mrcornycollins
Shattered Greenby Citrezine.fever
Izuku's quirk Shatter honestly terrified everyone who was told about it, therefore for his sake, his mother decided to make Izuku tell everyone he was quirkless. That ba...
Bnha, next gen? by highrollingNerd
Bnha, next gen?by highrollingNerd
Harue Saito is a quirkless, hero-hating, teenager, growing up in a society where most people are rather fond of heros, as well as have their very own quirk. WeLP, just r...
Reaper //BNHA League of Villains by Griffin_the_door
Reaper //BNHA League of Villainsby SnakeBat
Maki had been taught to obey her father, Tomura Shigiraki at a young age. She never knew her mother and she was the product of a quirk marriage. Her quirk, Reaper was...
BNHA texting stories by prince-yuuki
BNHA texting storiesby Shu
Not my characters My scenarios Bet we won't get over 10k reads Eww why are people reading this.. It's trash #1 in endeavor lmao