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✨ShigaDabi✨Little shigarki by Littlespaceanime
✨ShigaDabi✨Little shigarkiby Sfw storys
Shigaraki is a little but no one knows,Till one day dabi walked in his room after both him and Dabi had a big argument.They usually bad arguments so what was so differen...
The Dragon Egg by DramaKelly
The Dragon Eggby Kelly
It all starts when a precious dragon egg is taken from it's nest. Things are set in motion and people that would otherwise never meet, run into one another unannounced. ...
Midoriya's Biological Father by fanfictionreadervek
Midoriya's Biological Fatherby fanfictionreadervek
Midoriya held one memory of his biological father. It was not pleasant. I mean how would you feel if it was a hand pressed one your forehead with a dark smile as your bo...
Explosure (Katsuki Bakugou x Ochako Uraraka) by Glitched_Corpse
Explosure (Katsuki Bakugou x Mason
Bakugou is depressed, he gets bullied at school and gets abused by his father. one day at school he breaks and goes off and tries to kill himself. the L.O.V saves him. ...
⚠ God, I hate feelings... 💜 by SpreadHopeandLove
⚠ God, I hate feelings... 💜by 𝐁𝐈𝐆 𝐒
- - - 💜 have you grown attached ? you promised you wouldn't ... 💜 - - - ⚠ DISCONTINUED ⚠ | this was my first book on Wattpad, i don't care if it's cringy, i have learn...
Random ship pictures by Fuzzy_Clouds
Random ship picturesby Denk :)
I got bored so enjoy the pictures some may be smut but most are fluff
Villain rehab by Melody_Kellogg
Villain rehabby Melody
Dabi toga and shigaraki get caught on there monthly shopping but thank's to toga the end up getting chased by hero's will they stay or will they break free?
~ My MHA Ships! ~ by Psycho_Kitty_Kat_
~ My MHA Ships! ~by Saiko
Hello! It seems you have come across this short little "book" of mine. well, its not really a book but you get the point! i'm going to be talking about some of...
Shiggy&Dabi by 4thinVA1
Shiggy&Dabiby ANIME_WEEB_101
This is my first story please down in the comments suggest more ships I run out of ideas quickly😓 uhm the people are gonna be me shiggy Dabi toga and twice and my girlf...
dabi oneshots by aizawa_and_dabi_simp
dabi oneshotsby dabi and shiggy and aizawa si...
dabi x yn or hawks or shigaraki oneshots this book may contain inappropriate content but it's up to you if you want to read idc how old u are and here are your signs �...
Remember by Madiisboredah
Rememberby Madi/Mason
Izuku had to move to the USA with his dad after his mom died from a villain attack. Bakutodo Shindeku
Gorgoneion by Esachen
Gorgoneionby Satan’s Buddy
Oc x Dabi x Shigaraki
Villain rehab with Deku, his twin and 4 others who lack common sense  by Klaus-Number-4
Villain rehab with Deku, his Klaus, Number 4
is oliver being a dumbass and uploading another story when I barely upload the other 4? yes I am ____________________________________________________________ "&quo...
Chicken... (TodoBakuDeku) by FeralForestFae
Chicken... (TodoBakuDeku)by Arson Jones
I got the idea to write this from @stars_pgn and @angry_blobfish Midoriya had liked Bakugo and Todoroki for a long time, and one day he came up with a plan to make them...
Shigdabi oneshots by HaleyHastings6
Shigdabi oneshotsby TheBisexualGirl
just random thoughts or you can ask and I'll do the request I'll do Hero Dabi x Villian Shigakari[❤] I'll do Hero Shigakari x Dabi[🧡] I'll do Hero Dabi x Hero Shigakari...
who knew? (highschool au) tododeku by idk_how_u_found_me
who knew? (highschool au) tododekuby Dollar Store Uraraka
regular highschool setting, NO QURIKS!! Izuku Midoriya: 16 years old friends: Toga, Dabi, Shiggy 1st year in highschool (10th grade) cute, innocent, and fluffy at first...
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