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Love Is Not The Enemy by Victoria_Elise
Love Is Not The Enemyby victoriaelise
Shannon and Cari had been best friends for longer than either of them could remember, having been neighbors since birth. Their bond was unbreakable, no one could come in...
Wasted On You | Shannon x Fletcher  by camilasromance
Wasted On You | Shannon x Fletcher by d
The Trap by outliner93
The Trapby feelz
The last five years Cari Fletcher dedicated her life to trick some of the wealthiest men of the country. She'd seduce them and do exactly what they wanted until they fel...
Seawalkers- Vorerst Pausiert by oliviaaurum
Seawalkers- Vorerst Pausiertby Olivia Aurum
Die Geschichte spielt direkt nach Band 3- Wilde Wellen! Tiagos Welt sieht nach dem riesigen Sturm fast aus wie vorher. Doch warum benimmt sich Finny auf einmal so seltsa...
Invisible String by outliner93
Invisible Stringby feelz
Hi, my name is Shannon Beveridge and I'm here to tell you my story. But, before you dive into the most important episodes of my life, I think it's my responsibility to t...
Now this is living by pizzalover90
Now this is livingby Shari123
Shannon just moved from Dallas Texas to New Jersey. She then meets Cari Fletcher. They begin to have a bumpy relationship. Will their relationship last? Read to find out
I Know a Place by Unknowingly14
I Know a Placeby Unknowingly14
Do you believe in love at first sight? Not a lot of people do but this one very lucky girl does. Her name is Shannon Beveridge and she learns that love could be found an...
Our Script Is In The Making by OnlyJustADream23
Our Script Is In The Makingby OnlyJustADream23
A Shannon and Cari story idea I had... I'm trying to be creative during this lockdown. I have tried to keep details in this story as close to reality as possible but the...
The  High School Years (Shetcher) by ultimategt
The High School Years (Shetcher)by annathedancr
Shannon and Cari, the iconic duo, but will Shannon and Cari last junior year? Does Shannon fall too fast?
You are my fantasy by lilbevrnrbromy5
You are my fantasyby lilbevrnrbromy5
Shannon has always watched Cari from a distance, but it's her senior year! Will she finally work up the courage to ask her on a date?
Tell Me You're Mine by outliner93
Tell Me You're Mineby feelz
"As Shannon walks out of the elevator, she feels her heart rate go even higher. It was almost two months since Cari broke up with her at the end of march and she ha...
Angel by Victoria_Elise
Angelby victoriaelise
Almost nine months had passed since the doctor had confirmed the beginning of Shannon and Cari's possibly biggest dream. The moment they had talked about since their wed...
My Living Hell by DiamondByrd
My Living Hellby DiamondByrd
Diamonds is 18 years old long beautiful brownish blonde color hair meets the hybrid Klaus oh did I mention diamond is a hybrid too.he gets killed and her life is a livin...
Life Twist (Finished) by JennaDonnelly07
Life Twist (Finished)by JennaDonnelly07
Imagine having the best life with your now called Fiance and your having the best day ever. Until an awful car accident causes Shannon to lose her memory. Can this reall...
True Love | Darwin X Gumball  by FAT4LX
True Love | Darwin X Gumball by FAT4LX
THE SHIP MUST SAILED! THE SHIP MUST SAILED! Followers in this book. Beware of Hitler by the way. Characters: Shari The Sheep Danika The Architect Fred The Uncore Risty...
Heaven Tonight by Martina010411
Heaven Tonightby M.
When Shannon, a bored, pessimistic teenager, meets Cari, a beautiful and talented aspiring singer, at a local singing competition, it's an eye opening experience. That n...
Smile  by OhMsTruce2
Smile by inactive
Even through all the pain, the sadness and the tears, Julie always kept a smile.
Choose by Tinashekashingwe
Chooseby 💜Tinashe 💙
Who will Tinashe choose Devin Kevin or Daniel or will she choose neither or them?? Idk u tell me
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena by tukacuse32801
The Couple Next Door by Shari tukacuse32801
Explore The Couple Next Door PDF by Shari Lapena Penguin Books Listen to The Couple Next Door: A Novel audiobook by Shari Lapena Read Online The Couple Next Door: A Nove...