Sexualharrassment Stories

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BEAUTY BELONGS TO BEAST... by 1secret_author2
What if beast fell in love... will the beauty accept him? ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ - SHE MAKES ME FEEL HATE, DESIRE , ANGER,LUST AND SOMETHING EVEN MORE DANGEROUS...LOVE... I LOVE YOU CR...
TAMBARI[The dark hunt]  by SiyamaIbrahim
TAMBARI[The dark hunt] by Siyama Ibrahim
People round the world are being taunted and looked down on due to the feeling of misery and low self worth that is caused as a result of direct and indirect factors whi...
Cheerleader (GonKillu) by sillyhysteria
Cheerleader (GonKillu)by beth
Killua switches schools after an incident at the previous one. She thinks she'll fit in at this school since nobody knows her nor her past self, but when pieces of her p...
touching by mooonquakes
touchingby moon
a short something. a written piece about sexual harassment. I wrote this in 6th grade for the girls in my class who were harrassed.
Secrets Of Our Own by aljopai232
Secrets Of Our Ownby aljopai232
You should keep secrets from your best friend... (avenger fanfiction) Peter and you start becoming close. But something comes between you... a secret that cannot be t...
Shhhh by nicole13clark
Shhhhby nicole13clark
a babysitter who plans revenge on all men who hurt her pleaseeee read sorry if it says Michelle
Mr. Tacher by SongoftheDragons
Mr. Tacherby SongoftheDragons
this is a monologue poem that I wrote myself.
The Infected { Book#1 } by RenisherBlackstock6
The Infected { Book#1 }by Renisher Blackstock
Jemma Kinderson was born into post apocalyptic earth, where the population of women had decreased rapidly after a scientist gone mad created a syrum. That was intended t...
the story of blink's fandom: Mme secret question?. by GinaRossRuego
the story of blink's fandom: Mme Gina Ross Ruego
isa ako Sa fan Ng black inspire ako gumawa Ng fandom blink's biography handa ako Sa lahat ng consequences sa si amarah Sabina vizconde..isan...
Comfort ship one shots by Azi-Purrziezzzz
Comfort ship one shotsby Azi!!
Hey, I write Danganronpa comfort ship one shots in here for when I'm in a unstable state about my comfort ships, or just for others to help make them feel a bit better(...
Bleed: Book 2 A Gone Insane Novel by AuthorBG
Bleed: Book 2 A Gone Insane Novelby AuthorBG
Two lovers named Athena and Jason find land and take care of a young boy and girl who also live each other. They disapprove. Becca is drunk and smoking half the time and...
RE. [On Hold] by BigdiShehzadi
RE. [On Hold]by BigdiShehzadi
From the One who lost her Soul, This is the only thing I can give to people. To the society that kept me caged yet fed for years and years. All of this is , in some...
A New World by CALionhart
A New Worldby C. A. Lionhart
Peri always wanted to go outside. She had only vague ideas as to what the world outside looked like, thanks to Father's stories. Now that he is gone, she must venture ou...
A.D.A.M. - Advanced Digital Application Matrix by YvonneDeBandi
A.D.A.M. - Advanced Digital Yvonne DeBandi
Lydia Jack, an artificial intelligence specialist with a dangerous secret, is tired of swimming with sharks. Filled with disappointment from too many rugs ripped from un...
Hating The Memory |Completed (2) by samanthaxjordyn
Hating The Memory |Completed (2)by Samantha Jordyn
Emery has just got excepted into Harvard, she is moving into an apartment just of the campus. When Elle went to Australia, she met Ace and found out something she wasn't...