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Hall of Fame by idkanymore24598
Hall of Fameby idkanymore24598
A dream. Something we all wish to someday grasp. But for one girl, her path to glory has only just begun. Alex is like every other high school girl. That is, if every hi...
Baby Girl 🍆🍑💦 by Clowngirlsspam
Baby Girl 🍆🍑💦by Clown Girl 🤡
18+ CONTENT** Idk what to write as the description so just read :))
The Heat #WATTYS2019 by LexieTheLemur
The Heat #WATTYS2019by Lexie
Every year, two times a year, the Heat occurs. Unmated females with their first heats are let out in an expanse of territory where they are forcefully mated and claimed...
Alishex...A sex story! by Vindexy
Alishex...A sex story!by Vindexy
This is Alisha's story, a short story. A young, beautiful, and provocative woman who was occupied in a relationship with Jacob, however never got physical with him. Alis...
NCT and Ateez imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
NCT and Ateez imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
🖤Book full of imagines to live Y/N's life🖤
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ⓛⓤⓢⓣⓨ ⓕⓐⓒⓣⓢ  by Fuckingyou_-
ⓛⓤⓢⓣⓨ ⓕⓐⓒⓣⓢ by иαυgнту яσмєσ
ℓυѕт νѕ ℓσνє мутн & fα¢тѕ ѕσмє ℓσνє ѕтσяιєѕ ѕσмє ℓυѕту ѕтσяιєѕ нєℓℓσ єνєяуσиє.! нєяє уσυ gσииα fιи∂ ѕσмє ιитєяєѕтιиg qυσтєѕ αи∂ ѕтσяιєѕ, ¢σмвιиαтισи σf ℓσνє & ℓυѕт...
NCT and Stray Kids imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
NCT and Stray Kids imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
NCT imagines coming up!
MonstaX smut and imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
MonstaX smut and imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
In this book will be smut and cute imagines with Monsta X members😊😉
You're not too grown {Todobaku} by Tamaki_PlusUltra
You're not too grown {Todobaku}by Tamika
bakugou is a high school student at U.A 18 years old. and a spicy rumor goes around that the new since teacher is a hot yung man, and he's very nice. are you guys going...
The secret map by storyliines
The secret mapby storyliines
- The Secret map - It was war between two of the tribes, the elf and orcs. they clearly had have this war for ages but it have been controlled for these past months. Emi...
Shawn turned into a girl! by I_write_weird_fanfic
Shawn turned into a girl!by I_write_weird_fanfic
Shawn Mendes features as a macho sexist chicken who has his eyes on Camila. He wants Camila but she cannot stand him, he makes her feels so objectified and less of a wo...
Random Crap by BlueandBronze4Life
Random Crapby Emma
This a bunch of random crap, mainly sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and a bunch of TV shows and movies. Suggestions are welcome, message me or comment, and I wi...
Shaped  by bibbbb_
Shaped by bibbbb_
In a school for girls, where the mafia man send their daughters to get trained to become the perfect wife for some guy who decides to buy her. This is the story of Harp...
Oscar Wilde Quotes... The Truth Sayer  by Buapim
Oscar Wilde Quotes... The Truth Akosua Addae Buapim
Oscar Wilde is without a doubt one of the most outspoken writers ever and here are some of his quotes which will tell you the ugly truth we refuse to acknowledge. This...
Roomates ,, Alvaro romero  by bachlulala
Roomates ,, Alvaro romero by bachlulala
" I don't believe in love " I said rolling my eyes " just because your ex crush of 3 years didn't like you back doesn't mean love isint real " she s...
Make Them Bow by AlaskaJohnson99
Make Them Bowby Alaska Johnson
Still healing from her older brother's death, Evangeline Blackwood faces the social pressures of college, grief, parental expectations and her sudden feelings surroundi...
true prince ♕ harry  by spicythot
true prince ♕ harry by birdy
"You're no true prince without a princess, Harry. The kingdom needs a queen not a wench." "It doesn't matter if she is a servant or not. She will be my p...
You Don't Know Me by Pluto7137
You Don't Know Meby Pluto
Alexandra Callop isn't so 'typical' as you may have thought. Those who don't know her think she's an average teenager. Little do they know what she's really like. After...
Yall Just Don't Like Black Women by jasthefeminist
Yall Just Don't Like Black Womenby Jasmine ✨
A book full of angry black feminist op-eds and rants written by this black girl so keep your misogynoir to yourself ✨ i am not a teacher so please don't ask me teach you...