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A Filipino SPG True Story.  by chimineeee24
A Filipino SPG True Story. by Chimineeee
Reminder: for 16+ ONLY✔️ Admin: Ms.Jane24❤
Gally x Reader by RileyTwenty
Gally x Readerby RileyTwenty
An adorable, awkward, extroverted girl is the newest Greenbean-or rather, Shebean-in the Glade. What trouble will having a girl in the Glade stir up? What happens Gally'...
NCT and Stray Kids imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
NCT and Stray Kids imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
NCT imagines coming up!
Tied Up by WriteOnlyBath
Tied Upby Write When Bath
I'm a New Reporter and I travel the world to dig out the ugly truth. Except for this time, it is my pussy got dug . . .
You're not too grown {Todobaku} by Tamaki_PlusUltra
You're not too grown {Todobaku}by Tamika
bakugou is a high school student at U.A 18 years old. and a spicy rumor goes around that the new since teacher is a hot yung man, and he's very nice. are you guys going...
Math Teacher | Kim Namjoon Fanfic 🔞 by Isabelhardstan
Math Teacher | Kim Namjoon Isabelhardstan
I'm just a Senior high student. But is it okay to have an affair with my math teacher?🔞 I'll never forget the time at night when we had that hot session 😏
Through Smoke and Ashes by audacitisy
Through Smoke and Ashesby that-girl-with-wifi
There is no prophecy. There is no tell tale legend. There is no scripture written down in a book or a hidden cave. There is only the spoken word of the Gods. Dare not go...
MonstaX smut and imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
MonstaX smut and imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
In this book will be smut and cute imagines with Monsta X members😊😉
The gilded butterflies by chasingfivetw0
The gilded butterfliesby jen 🌙
Hundreds of years later, scholars will say that the beginning of the end of Westeros started with a tourney. Those who saw the truth know that the end of Westeros happe...
sincerely yours, angel. by angelbabe777
sincerely yours, angel.
they call me angel; here to deliver the words of pain, memories of love and emotions i've observed from my time on earth. this is something to relate to this is my story...
Unfathomable  Destruction  by Perfect_Hue
Unfathomable Destruction by easypeasy
You can only be with her when darkness is overpowering within the thick air.
Famous Rape Survivors and How Things Have Changed by Kiana_Maria
Famous Rape Survivors and How Kiana Maria
There was a time when a celebrity could not reveal that she had been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted without facing severe criticism and ridicule. That time is n...
Brown-Eyed Heaven #Contemporary Lit Contemporarylit Urbanfiction street lit by Chaunalea
Brown-Eyed Heaven #Contemporary Contemporary Lit Urban Fiction
A dark-skinned black female virgin befriends a popular and wealthy guy (he's black too). One night they both get drunk at a party and she thinks that he rapes her but sh...
Out Of This World, But Imperfectly Amazing by StxrBlight
Out Of This World, But ★
These two were a couple literally out of this world. Due to Earth's standardized society, they might just have to adjust to that weird standard for couples in order to f...
The road to imperfection by BBL_BEAST_MODE
The road to imperfectionby 😳😳😌😌
It's the year 3005 and the world has done a 180 when it comes to gender equality. There are the certain expectations of how women should behave and why they should do. I...
God's Killer | H.S. by straightvodka2011
God's Killer | tati
"Think you can take me?" I arched an eyebrow. "Are you doubting me?" She answered. // She tasted heaven in his lips, but heaven isn't somewhere she b...
Mistress Avenue by always_clever
Mistress Avenueby Nia
In the year 2199, time seems to have rewind to the point of horse and carriage. The great war between the most powerful nations has left all the continents powerless and...
Alpha Incorporated by BG_Davies
Alpha Incorporatedby B.G. Davies
Lust, deception, revenge, love--all in a day's work for Isabella Measures, intern to the powerful CEO of Silicon Valley's Alpha Incorporated. But when the hot billionair...
The Royalty (Prince Harry Fanfic #4) by SophiaJohnson255
The Royalty (Prince Harry Fanfic S. Johnson
Prince Harry has popped the question and Lucy has said yes. As now an engaged couple, Harry and Lucy have more problems to deal with. The media is everywhere and they ar...
ZENDAYA SMUTS (FXF) 18+ by cardiscum
ZENDAYA SMUTS (FXF) 18+by ዠለցijለ
I do not wrote these smuts!!!! all mf credits go to their respective lovely owners 😘👍🏾 yall homofibic/transfobic/racist asses move on out. thats all gay/lesbian shit