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The Sexy Maid by LesbianLoveAndLust
The Sexy Maidby Clarissa (Clara) :3
Jessica Parker's new job at an expensive estate isn't what she'd had in mind. With sexy outfits and a player of a mistress, shes one a trip that might turn her into some...
The Mafia's Omertà ( #3 in the Mafia Series ) by darlingrosexo
The Mafia's Omertà ( #3 in the darlingrosexo
Roslyn Shay - Diego De Luca's, daughter. She's the code of silence. The Mafia's Omertà. This is the third installment in the Mafia series, I would recommend reading th...
Male! Character X Male! Reader One-shots (Book 2) by whatpaduzer45
Male! Character X Male! Reader Bi-san
Cover art by @Allan_Keiko (on Twitter). Alright y'all, we know it's been a good minute since I've written one of these, but I had a wonderful follower just prompt me th...
Every boy I've wanted to fuck before by Thea091
Every boy I've wanted to fuck your average teen
smut and spicy 🌶 stories! the best pace for all you smut and sexy story needs. lmk if there's anything you want specifically! currently 4 chapters tysmsm for 1k read...
Weasley One Shots by thalassophxle
Weasley One Shotsby viv ◌ೄ
[ SLOW UPDATES ] Dedicated to Maegan, for being here for me through thick and thin. A series of Weasley boy one shots set in the Harry Potter universe. © All Rights...
Broken by _readerholic_
Brokenby laters baby
Evelyn Lodge, sweet but sassy teenager who means the world to her father. But what will happen when a tragedy strikes and she has to live with her father's best friend. ...
Symptoms of being Human by TheBlackSorceress
Symptoms of being Humanby Samantha Walst
Samantha Smith has it all a loving husband and wonderful kids. Yet her mental health is causing her to feel like she doesn't deserve the life she has. Her ex-boyfriend a...
All Of Me Is For You|| PJM FF by taezfixs
All Of Me Is For You|| PJM FFby Senzar
Two childhood best friends were busy in living a professional life by each other's side, the passion of soaring in figure skating drowned Lee Nari in the depths of ignor...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
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Wings of Freedom (Levi x Reader x Erwin)(Lemon/Smut) by Maximum98
Wings of Freedom (Levi x Reader Heather
Alright. I've already written one AoT/SnK fanfic, so you know how it goes. I do NOT own Attack on Titan! You are 14. Eren's older sister. Your father ignores you and pay...
💜️Mine Only💜️ by YumikoNova
💜️Mine Only💜️by Jeon Jimin
BTS X reader 🔞 ................................................ ⚡ලාංකීය තරුණියකගේ ආදරය දිනාගැනීමට පොරබදින කොරියානු තරුණයෙකුගෙ සහ රොබෝවරයෙකුගෙ සටන⚡ ...
Transformers Shorties by Juggernaut-Sika
Transformers Shortiesby ~`•✦⌇𝔸𝕕𝕒𝕛𝕚⌇✦•`~
These are just short stories. I've been reading a lot of transformers stories so it gave me an idea to write one of my own. This is just to keep you guys entertained whi...
White Wolf Troubles by exoticderp
White Wolf Troublesby exoticderp
"Mine." He turned around growling low. His eyes change immediately after seeing me. The blonde next to him glared down at me. "THAT'S YOUR MATE!!"...
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Michael B. Jordan Imagines  by Nareya3
Michael B. Jordan Imagines by baddest.nnn
Imagines of : -Erik Killmonger - Donnie( Creed ) - Michael B Jordan
You Belong With Me (BoyXBoy) by Soulful-Life
You Belong With Me (BoyXBoy)by Sam Chapdelaine
This original novel is from 2014! I have begun to rewrite it so please go check out the new rewrite posted now! 2 rewritten chapters will come out every weekend!! Howeve...
anime guy x reader     (REQUESTS ALLOWED) by ANIMEGAMINGGEEK
anime guy x reader (REQUESTS lady bug
i am able to write any anime boy you want with my fingers i will start off with a few random anime guys from different animes and keep going from there. there is one rul...
The Lustful Love (R-18) (On Going)  by winonafontana
The Lustful Love (R-18) (On Going) by Ella Marie (FONTANA SERIES)
Fontana Siblings#10 John Sebastian Guanzon Last Story of Fontana Siblings
Death note lemons!!!!! by Allie_Leonhardt
Death note lemons!!!!!by Allie Leonhardt
L is my personal FAV so ya NO ONE CAN HAVE HIM GOT IT!!!!!!???
Dark Shadows by Mighty_Minijoma
Dark Shadowsby Call me Bina
It had been 200 years and Jughead still couldn't stop thinking about her. He wasn't sure if he'd ever get over the loss of his beloved Elizabeth. He knows that he probab...