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Can You Save Me? by kitcait
Can You Save Me?by Caitlin Taylor
Ariana, a small girl with a terrible past. after moving to a new town with her abusive adopted dad John, she meets Dom, a tall muscular sex god who she is terrified of...
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The Undead Hands by yandi1123
The Undead Handsby Yandelay
All my life I have felt left out. But when my family had the accident that changed, because I got fear. I always thought, in another world people have freedom from every...
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Good goes bad by IdaStensbakk
Good goes badby Ida Stensbakk
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scarlet by Lara_Moore
scarletby Lara_Moore
There is something his about words. His expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so...
His gaze Is The Warmest I've Ever Felt - Ryden Fanfiction (Short Story) by TheSkyBlueZombie
His gaze Is The Warmest I've Tania Urie
First day in high school, Ryan Ross meets a handsome young guy with luxurious features and a gorgeous physique.
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sticky kisses by bubbalinemarcylee
sticky kissesby QUEEN otp
this is gunna be sexual af. lesbehonest itll be really sexual. ENJOY YA LIL NASTY ;) <3
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Ability To Kill by mynamesrolandaa
Ability To Killby mynamesrolandaa
What if you were born with an ability to kill? What if every thing you did could kill someone? What if you had to fight your emotions everyday to ensure the safety of ev...
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Waluigi haz sum fun ;)) by WahWahWah_
Waluigi haz sum fun ;))by Waluigi is sexay
Bowsr and wigi have a fun tim ;D
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kokoro is no longer brokoro &lt;3 by volatilesnowstorm
kokoro is no longer brokoro &lt;3by xXJENYA_THE_GERMXx
sobnice sexii luverz kinky yum
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The Real Country Boy by MargaretMay99
The Real Country Boyby MargaretMay99
Could you imagine your father hiring a incredible sexy new farm hand for the summer without telling you? What if he was a conceded ass hole, a conceded ass hole that y...
Lemon Mash-up by lemonfanfictions
Lemon Mash-upby lemon fanfictions
Co-owner, Captain Senpai, has created lots of interesting lemons that will surprise you at every turn! ((Another wild admin appeared; Cryingbeds))
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Choir Practice by jorge_gomez
Choir Practiceby jorge_gomez
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What I Wouldn't Do (Hunter Hayes - Rated R) by 18plusjustbecause
What I Wouldn't Do (Hunter 18plusjustbecause
This is the story of Francesca Rallescendo and her boyfriend, Hunter Hayes. As Hunter pursues his music career and Frankie initiates her own "business" venture...
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sherly ant jawwn ar sexi (PART 2) by martinsbutt
sherly ant jawwn ar sexi (PART 2)by martinsbutt
SEQUEL fur ma first story wit @221benaddict :sherly ant jawwn ar hawt
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Falling for The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fic) by fxcksbands
Falling for The Nerd (Justin Claudia ♥
Being attractive and smart literally means you have the world in your hands, right? Well that doesn't apply for Jade. Being the un-social person is and all, she ends up...
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Sugar, Spice, And All Things Nice! [BoyxBoy One Shots] by -SweeterThanSweet-
Sugar, Spice, And All Things Rihanna Smith
Sex? Yes. Boys? Yes. Pure filth? Definitely! Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and prepare yourself for a whole load of smut!
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