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Septiplier One Shots by emily_shantelle
Septiplier One Shotsby em™
Occasionally a random story idea will pop into my head and I'll really want to write it, but not make a whole story out of it, and since Septiplier is my one of my OTPs...
There's A Plus One {Septiplier x Reader} by Lawliet-Senpai
There's A Plus One {Septiplier x Lawliet Ryuzaki
Jack has had a weird feeling toward Mark since Cringemas 2016. He's not sure about what this feeling is, but he knows it's got something to do with the septiplier ship b...
Enter The Dark World by lonegiver
Enter The Dark Worldby lonegiver
He's been watching, he's been waiting, now he wants Jack. An unsuspecting Jack is sucked into the Dark World, but something else comes out. As a desperate Mark tries to...
Flower Crown by potpocket
Flower Crownby potpocket
Pastel Jack x Punk Mark AU - (the cover isn't even oof) Jack is a shy, stubborn flower boy. He adores anything nature and pastel colored. His favorite things to do; draw...
love of the damned [ANTISEPTIPLIER] by bananamyllk
love of the damned [ANTISEPTIPLIER]by wyatt
Years ago, 2 killers were at the very top of America's Most Wanted list. Their names? No one for sure knows. And no one will ever really know. Their sanity and humanity...
Considered A Disorder ~Septiplier by Septiplier_TRASH_Sam
Considered A Disorder ~Septiplierby Neko
The year is 3698 and the world population is over 12 billion. The government realizes quickly that soon enough there will definitely be a problem with overpopulation...
The Freak in the Pastel Skirt // Septiplier by jaemonn
The Freak in the Pastel Skirt // jae
Mark was the school bully, he was known for his constant attacks on the newer kids. One day, a pastel boy came to his school as what he thought was a foreign exchange fr...
    ɴᴇᴇᴅy   { Septiplier } by gone_septic
ɴᴇᴇᴅy { Septiplier }by gone_septic
ll Septiplier ll A story where Jack feels like he isn't "enough" for Mark. This is based on a song called "Needy" by Ariana Grande
Disconsolate // Septiplier by oFrost_ality
Disconsolate // Septiplierby QUITTING
THIS IS AN OLD BOOK MADE IN 2015. So yes, I know it's preeetty bad. :/ Back in the past two weeks, there was a horrible disaster back in Pax Prime 2016. Sean's friends...
Training Wheels  by potpocket
Training Wheels by potpocket
Jack loved Mark. Mark didn't know Jack. This is their story. - A story in which Jack is in love with someone who doesn't even know he exists. [Inspired by the song Train...
I Think I'm In Love (Septiplier Fluff) by PastelJacki
I Think I'm In Love (Septiplier 👾🌸𝓟𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓵🌸👾
Jack moves to L.A. because of family problems. And he's moving in with his best friend (and secret crush), Mark. The weird thing is... they don't know that the other is...
Training Wheels {Continued} by Pushkeen
Training Wheels {Continued}by Jake's Trash™
~This story is being continued by me! The first 5 parts and the description were written by the amazing PotPocket. I did, however, make the cover.~ Jack loved Mark. Mark...
Birthday Boy (Septiplier Smut) by Vixelurr
Birthday Boy (Septiplier Smut)by Vixelurr
Did you read the title? It's a Septiplier smut! ~Warning: If your 10 years old or younger, I suggest you to not read it.~ It's Jack's birthday, and everybody came to his...
Rooftop  by lxyn69
Rooftop by Your new mom
This story is completely owned by MariaMediaHere on deviant art. Sadly, the comics were she stopped making them years ago do to her collage studies and other stressful t...
Crowned Chaos by potpocket
Crowned Chaosby potpocket
Jack was an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life in L.A. Being a waiter at a small diner seemed like all the world had for him... That was, until the Prince of England...
YouTube middle school by darkness270
YouTube middle schoolby darkness270
jack has just moved to america from Ireland (he HATED moving). he wants to fit in but how? he was walking to school one day and all of a sudden he got forced to the fenc...
Expectancy by markiboofer
Expectancyby ?
When Jack soon discovers a new trait (one that would change his life forever) , he then begins to find ways of how life could be turned around from depression to happine...
Two Players Required (Septiplier) by BillieStray
Two Players Required (Septiplier)by Billie
In the game of life, you could go alone, but where's the fun in that?
Soul Mate Markings (Septiplier) by dwigtschrutebbbg
Soul Mate Markings (Septiplier)by 'Dwigt'
Mark is a big time You-tube star with millions of adoring fans. He's devoted all his time to his career and plans on keeping it that way. But what happens when his soul...
Ink- Septiplier/Tythan AU by RedTheKillermau
Ink- Septiplier/Tythan AUby Josie
"Why did this feel so absolutely perfect?! And hey, how come nobody told me I was gay?!" Sean is an artistic guy. He loves to draw, more digitally than on pape...