Seeliecourt Stories

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Faerie by JenniTomalin
Faerieby Jenni Tomalin
Once Upon a Time the Beryl crystal maintained equilibrium in the mythical kingdom of Faerie, which resides alongside our own mortal world. When the crystal is stolen, th...
Colder than Ice by Unknown439
Colder than Iceby Nokto (Ilar)
A powerful evil force is coming, will the guardians be able to stop whatever it is? Will Jack reveal something much more sinister than the powerful evil force? Or are al...
Silverbow [The Shadowhunter Chronicles] by luckandillusions
Silverbow [The Shadowhunter Brea Ingram
*BOOK BASED* New Orleans is the epicenter of the Downworld. Niya Reynaud was born with the Sight, but as a mundane she's always been doomed to the fringes. That all chan...
Silvana by DisobeyedNervous-Son
Silvanaby Death of a Fanboy
Silvana grew up with a normal family. She had normal parents; Seth (pronounced Set), her supposed twin brother; Jack, older brother by 3 years; and a dog, Sonni, that wa...
White Lies by Sara_Smith_Writes
White Liesby Sara-Kate
Madeline Lake had a fairly simple life, or so she thought. When she meets a mysteriously handsome boy named Robin, her whole life is tossed around. Now, instead of worry...
In the Woods Somewhere by pearl-writes
In the Woods Somewhereby Pearl Douglas
Cara Willoughby escapes from her overbearing family by applying to a small midwestern community college. Attending Boundary University seems to be the best decision she'...
Fairy Law by gazettE_world
Fairy Lawby gazettE_world
Summery There was a garden where two courts of fairies lived Seelie and unseelie. The too fairy courts wanted to live together in peace. So the two courts got together...
Winter, My Love by TurquoiseSakura
Winter, My Loveby Elizabeth A. Martin
Eira Graceline is being watched. Not by potential kidnappers, or by people who want the power she wields- and she does wield power- but by Winter, a boy who each year re...
Lady Of The Courts by IslaWhite
Lady Of The Courtsby ???
Aphria Yewslain, the bastard daughter of one of the princes of the Seelie Court and the lord of the infamous Chameleon Court, has been expelled from her father's court o...
Faeries' Wisher by PrincessNyanChan
Faeries' Wisherby Just call me Kimmie
"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy" ~Walt Disney This is true for seventeen-year-old Keesha Hyles who made a wish to...
A touch of Fae by Ic3y_Fantasy
A touch of Faeby Icis & Briana
Lilith Amaranthine is a Fae; a dark Faery who uses her magic to harm others. She never questioned her way of living. That is, until a Light Faery (Fabian) takes her agai...
His Fairy Princess by Rucabear
His Fairy Princessby look all you want...
"So if you aren't crazy... what are you?" "I'm a fairy princess." 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 As a wallflower and general dork, James has never...
The Ephemeral Bride by samann357
The Ephemeral Brideby Samantha Downing
Dinsmore was founded by Alan Hannigan and his wife, Fingula Cedarhill. Hannigan fell in love with his fey wife, and she fell for him in return. However, they were shunne...
Before hope is lost by faithdavies
Before hope is lostby Faith
When King Kiernan of the Unseelie Court stumbles upon an unknown, under skilled faerie, Wren Rumis, he instantly drawn to her untamed magik and sees an opportunity he ca...
Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose by sipsomecoffee
Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Roseby Coffee Break
**Updated every Friday, still a work in progress so there will be light editing after publication!!** Life deals people decks of cards, and sometimes it's a shit deck. S...
The Crown by EmmaRose111
The Crownby Emma Rose
Maeve thought she knew exactly what she wanted: to become a fighter for the Seelie Court. But when she finds out who her parents were and what they wished for her, her...
Child Of Revenge by myFriendToldMe
Child Of Revengeby myFriendToldMe
*Warning: Do not read this if you have not finished reading City Of Heavenly Fire* The Accords more stable than ever, with one proble: the Seelie Court being Abandoned...