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The Lover In Red  {Grell X Sebastian Fanfic} by TheLegitMei
The Lover In Red {Grell X Mei
Grell seems to be a bit of a fanboy for his lover Sebastian! Things begin to happen that changed the young reapers life. The moment Ciel orders Sebastian to follow Grell...
Black Butler Oneshots by Kayxx_xx
Black Butler Oneshotsby Kay
Black Butler oneshots (mostly yaoi)
Finally in Love (SebaGrell) by decorativetrashbag
Finally in Love (SebaGrell)by Oli
Finally Sebastian has fallen in love with Grell. And this story is no dream... its real no lemons here. :) Its assorted love storys of Grell and Sebastian
Never fear William T. Spears is here...{Book 1} by shadow1dark2night
Never fear William T. Spears is Shadow
(BLACK BUTLER X READER EVERYONES INCLUDED!) At the time you were only just 6. Loosing both parents the same day then receiving a new one. A man who opened his arms to yo...
Eye to Eye  by MeganSutcliff
Eye to Eye by jurasssicpark 123123
Sebastian and Grell have been seeing each other for a total of five months now in secret so that hopefully the young master doesn't find out..but what happens when Ciel...
Something to do with Roses: a Black Butler Fanfiction ✔️ by MsLindstead
Something to do with Roses: a MsLindstead
Living in the world of Black Butler: Takes place in rotating 3rd person overview of multiple characters after the end of season 2 Sebastian is overcoming new obstacles a...
Forever a couple "sebagrell" by ravenroxyzimmer
Forever a couple "sebagrell"by Ravenroxyhexer
Hey demonz, raven here!~ This will be a long story about my big OTP Sebastian x grell from black butler!~ i will try to update my story's as soon as possible!~ • This f...
Teachers love  by madfoxanime8
Teachers love by Craigxxtweek🪐☕️🌈
( student grell x teacher Sebastian ) A straight a student named grell sutcliff is failing in her English class because of her teacher being new and a bit older then her...
Love can be confusing  by madfoxanime8
Love can be confusing by Craigxxtweek🪐☕️🌈
So this is a nerdy Sebastian x bully Grell fanfic. Sebastian has been working out and also cutting himself because he's being bullied daily. Grell is being abused by her...
The red sadness ( completed ) by madfoxanime8
The red sadness ( completed )by Craigxxtweek🪐☕️🌈
Grell has been depressed her whole life as a reaper and as a human. She doesn't remember most of her past but it still huants her. She has been denied by love and is pla...
Some Day (A SebaGrell Fanfic) by decorativetrashbag
Some Day (A SebaGrell Fanfic)by Oli
On fine evening Sebastian confesses his love for Grell, but Ciel won't allow the relationship to be. Even though the young master disapproves, the crimson reaper and the...
My Lovely Stalker Sebastian x Grell lemon by cringemaster4200
My Lovely Stalker Sebastian x Bruh
Hmm should this be a lemon? Uh I guess I'll make you wait for that *wink*. Grell stalks Sebastian and gets a prize as well. Yeah umm just see how the story plays out I g...
Black Butler One Shots by JustAnAbnormalTeen
Black Butler One Shotsby Fai
Enjoy majority of the ship that I like, you like and that we all like. Maybe even hate.
A new hope by madfoxanime8
A new hopeby Craigxxtweek🪐☕️🌈
Grell is a young girl with a red hood who has her own secrets. Sebastian is a wolf but he's not as bad as victor and Claude. Grell is being hunted by William,victor and...
The Demon's Pop?! - A SebaGrell Fanfic by williamtsutcliff
The Demon's Pop?! - A SebaGrell williamtsutcliff
Sebastian must please his pop. Sebastian X Grell Fluff! » as of 5/7/16, Grell's gender pronoun has been changed ^w^ «
If I had you  by madfoxanime8
If I had you by Craigxxtweek🪐☕️🌈
Sebastian is a famous singer and dancer while grell is just a stripper at a strip club that wants to be a singer. Sebastian and Grell have been best friends ever since t...