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TINTED ▷ Sam Winchester [1] by mwthatcher3
TINTED ▷ Sam Winchester [1]by Mick Thatcher
❝I've done things. Things I can't forgive myself for. And I don't want to tell you guys, because I'm afraid you won't be able to forgive me either.❞ - [SUPERNATURAL SEA...
All of Space and Time by ArkhamKn1gh7
All of Space and Timeby ArkhamKn1gh7
This is season 11 written with an added twist. You! This is a 13 X reader insert that starts with season 11. There will be flash backs to your relationship with previous...
Red vs Blue Season 11: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 11: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 11, the Reds and Blues have been shipwrecked in a mysterious canyon, they will have to work together to survive the greatest foe of all... themselves. ...
The Dangel (A Supernatural Story) by MadHatter5555
The Dangel (A Supernatural Story)by Careless
(Takes place through the events of Season 11) My name is Nellwyn Spencer, and this is the story of how I became a part of the Winchester family. Of how I became friends...
Season 11 Drag Queens x Reader by LadyBerry01
Season 11 Drag Queens x Readerby ♏️SupremeScorpio♏️
Season 11 just added a 16th member! Ailzeh Star brings sweet and bubbly REALNESS! Will the queens get along or will some dislike her? I do now own Rupaul's Drag Race...
TIVA FANFIC: Broken Years, Rivers of Tears (NCIS) by CreateYourReality
TIVA FANFIC: Broken Years, CreateYourReality
The year is 2015, two years after Ziva's departure. Both Tony Dinozzo and Ziva David have been leading two separate different lives and starting over, but they continue...
Grey's Anatomy by NIKKI-AMY
Grey's Anatomyby Nikki Anderson
After the recent events of Derek's death, Meredith tries to accept her life without him. Addison Montgomery pays a visit for Amelia. Takes place after the season 11 fina...
Adopted by GiGi and Crystal by dshelisha2004
Adopted by GiGi and Crystalby The Drag Writer💕💙💋
While Season 12 of Drag Race was airing GiGi and Crystal were secretly dating. But GiGi decided they needed to add some on else to their secret family. They adopted this...
𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐘 ✦ DOCTOR WHO by DamnSalvawhore
In which Penelope O'Brien, an alien refugee, finds her soulmate in a Timelady. [SEASON 11] [13TH DOCTOR]
let them chase us// branje fanfic by Xx_miaaa_xX
let them chase us// branje fanficby мιa🖤
"What if they find us?" "Then we run. Let them chase us. I just want to be with you,"
Not the only timelady by midnightmountain
Not the only timeladyby midnightmountain
Ellie isn't human, but she has no idea because her parents wiped her memory of being on Gallifrey and made her into a child before sending her to Earth. Also her name is...
Branjie Adopts ( Adopted By Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Brooke Lynn Hytes) by dshelisha2004
Branjie Adopts ( Adopted By The Drag Writer💕💙💋
Vanjie Love's kids. He always wanted to adopt a black child.💜💙❤💕😜😎😋
Manan in BiggBossHouse by dramaticallycute
Manan in BiggBossHouseby dramaticallycute
The title says it all....lets see what happens when unknown people enter bigg boss ready for a crazy stry.
Unlikely Allies (Ninjago Season 11) by Emperor_Drakkon
Unlikely Allies (Ninjago Season 11)by Emperor of Confusion
(COVER ART OR THE CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME!) After leaving the village to find a way to save Zane from the dreaded and ruthless Ice Emperor, Lloyd finds himself wi...
Menus and Manicures - branjie  by dvlano
Menus and Manicures - branjie by 𝘸𝘢𝘭𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘧
Vanessa is friends with almost everyone in town, or so she thought, until all of a sudden she meets a new waitress around her age.
[Ninjago] Into the Unknown 愛のネクタイ by rabbitmermaid
[Ninjago] Into the Unknown 愛のネクタイby Willow Hibiki
Akita keeps having these dreams, and hearing voices at night... Like someone is calling her. Her Brother says it's just her imagination, while others claim it could be...
THE NEXT STEP rewrites | Season 11 by tnsdancedramalife
THE NEXT STEP rewrites | Season 11by 𝙩𝙣𝙨𝙙𝙙𝙡 - USE YOUR VOICE...
*Credit to BOAT ROCKER MEDIA and FRANK VAN KEEKEN* 🌟 rated #10 of #atroupe as of March 2020🌟 🌟 #103 in #thenextstep out of 1k+ books as of March 2020 🌟 11.0 | 7 Chap...
Doctor who season 11 by midnightmountain
Doctor who season 11by midnightmountain
Yaz has the power of telekinesis. Yaz is also from Gallifrey but she doesn't know until she meets the Doctor. Ryan's nan ends up getting injured and goes into a coma and...
Already boundless - Dean x Reader by AngelMariaKurenai
Already boundless - Dean x Readerby AngelMariaKurenai
Spoilers of 11x21. Dean talks with Amara but when she touches him she realizes something far deeper. That he betrayed her. But it has nothing to do with Chuck. But with...
The Wolf and The Dragon (Book 2) by Akita_Ninjago
The Wolf and The Dragon (Book 2)by Akita Red Ruby
"My land was once peaceful and pristine, but that changed a decade ago when the Ice Emperor imposed his will and corruption upon us and destroyed my people. Now the...