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One Punch Man : Class S Saitama! by Vanzuin
One Punch Man : Class S Saitama!by Lanban
Don't ya want Saitama to get more popular and get more recognized by the public? Also becoming a Class S Hero along with Genos? Well you have came to the right place. In...
Comes and Goes by Alviva1945Chaser
Comes and Goesby Alviva
Edward Xu had known Sonia Henson since kindergarten. The two of them and a whole collection of kids had played in the woods and by the ocean for months in the summer. Th...
Earthlings by Rae_Man
Earthlingsby Rae Bowles
The SeaFolk were always so peaceful, and always understood the boarders off earth and sea. Never once did they hesitate to welcome humans into their home. That is, till...