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004 |M.W x Reader| by 1-800-Turning
004 |M.W x Reader|by w r o n g n u m b e r
Four was just another girl like Eleven, an experiment to the bad men. One of many human experiments with unique abilities ordinary people did not have. She had escaped H...
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Heros From Another World by AlphaStryke
Heros From Another Worldby Cayde-6
This is a crossover story between BNHA / My hero academia & Destiny I do not own any rights to My hero academia or destiny and am only responsible for what happens with...
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Unchain Beta Reader Copy by so_many_wips
Unchain Beta Reader Copyby so_many_wips
Book two of Murder of Crows (super duper secret wowwee)
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Shino Kage: Feline Misfit  by Zhind_Urkynon458
Shino Kage: Feline Misfit by Zhind “Zee” Urkynon
The hidden past of Shino Kage. How she became the person she is today.
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Mind, Body, and Code #NaNoWriMo by LittleVee
Mind, Body, and Code #NaNoWriMoby Vee Lozada
-- Detroit Become Human × Us -- ❝You know what's the worst thing about being alive? Being reminded that you shouldn't be.❞ ❯❯❯ Bionics Pharmaceuticals has an Android for...
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♡I Fell In Love With an Alien♡ by MrsCraigeeeee
♡I Fell In Love With an Alien♡by 07
Can you love someone that doesn't belong in Earth?
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Intergalactic Schemes by cxsmicbaby
Intergalactic Schemesby ✿。* ☆**ιZ **☆*。✿
Space : the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Cardinal. Its lifelong mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizatio...
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In the Shadow of the Lily by berkentinabelt
In the Shadow of the Lilyby James S Stetina
Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, hi...
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PlaneBreaker by BigHunk666
PlaneBreakerby Mitchell Clark
Why are people changing? Why is reality shifting? Why is this universe in danger? Who is the PlaneBreaker? A new chapter is posted every day or every other day.
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All Mother: A Post-Industrial Fairy Tale by LindseyTaveren
All Mother: A Post-Industrial Lindsey Taveren
When the acclaimed Dr. Margot Ren began her research on restoring collapsed insect populations she never imagined the long-term impacts. After a tragic accident in her l...
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As Per Usual by Quinn_lyy
As Per Usualby Quinn
A zodiac story about a 16 year old, soon to be a high-school drop out that finds something suspicious with the new exchanged students, that some-how know about the missi...
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[Translation] Defective by Priest by ascii0
[Translation] Defective by Priestby ascii0
This is a translation exercise. The purpose of posting it here is to invite discussion on some of the artistic choices I've made, and each chapter will be followed by a...
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Adventures of General J. Bottle by WeebSlayerMaximus
Adventures of General J. Bottleby John Oh
After WW10 General J. Bottle was left without anything to do, a little girl comes to him to find her mother. He rejects her, but then realizes that he has no goal or dre...
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Purple Skies by n0thing_413
Purple Skiesby n0thing_413
The birth of Dr Ultraviolet
My Mad Creations by TrevorDane
My Mad Creationsby Trevor D Respress
The Author finds himself in a world created by his own madness, populated by his characters.
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»★« αρσятнèтσѕ єιяèиè »★« by Starphyro
»★« αρσятнèтσѕ єιяèиè »★«by Starphyro
Aporthètos: From the greek; To be unconquered; unplundered. Eirènè : From the greek; Peace. ╰☆☆ ⓌⓄⓃⒹⒺⓇ ⓌⓄⓂⒶⓃ ☆☆╮ Diana of Themyscira; Clay; Wonder She has always lived...
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Outcast Moon (Silverstar: Book 1) by StevenFGalloway
Outcast Moon (Silverstar: Book 1)by Steven F. Galloway
The year is 2520. Humanity has colonised near-space and reached a state of comparative peace, but on the fringes of the Solar System, unrest stirs... An evil corporatio...
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Us and Them by WickHarker
Us and Themby Wicc
Set in the far future, a group of elite soldiers defend the humans who slumber beneath the surface from an influx of eldritch horrors. pic unrelated
The world has changed and the greed for knowledge and power is at the bar. Now monsters are coming and the whole of the human race are introverts. But something is off...
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Mariposa- Project Flurry by Cutiekeeby
Mariposa- Project Flurryby Keeby
Mariposa have the power of Cryokinesis, the power of ice and snow. She lives in a government base with other people with powers. One night, she escapes with a group of f...
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