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Light Novie Awards 2019 | The Light Novel Society by lightnovelsociety
Light Novie Awards 2019 | The Light Novel Society
Sign Ups [CLOSED] Judging [In Progress...] Come One, Come ALL! Are you an anime fan? A light novel fan? Do you write such stories? Looking to gain more views and reader...
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World War K: What Is A King To A God? by MasterGojira19
World War K: What Is A King To A MasterGojira19
Imagine a world where humans and kaiju both coexist. But instead of them living together in harmony, the monsters live in their own society where that peace is never bro...
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In the Shadow of the Lily by berkentinabelt
In the Shadow of the Lilyby James S Stetina
Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, hi...
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Relentless by slipleah
Relentlessby Leah Slippy
Celeste is taken on the adventure of her life. Learning about her intriguing past, she has a hard time coping with her revelations as she is thrust into a civil war that...
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How to train your dragon 4: Near Horizon by JayTheNightFury
How to train your dragon 4: Near Robotic dragon child
(Weekend updates(probably) "There were dragons when I was a boy. Some say they crawled back into the sea leaving not a bone or a fang to remember them. Others say...
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Star Wars x Reader Inserts by LillianOfLiterature
Star Wars x Reader Insertsby Lillian Mitchell
Star Wars characters x Reader Book || Status: ONGOING Requests: CLOSED Book of Star Wars imagines, gif imagines, one shots, and series. All are X Reader. The titles of e...
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Rise Before Fall by Myheart711
Rise Before Fallby Myheart711
I knew it. I knew everything. Everything before anything. I knew the answers to my math test before we were even told we were going to have one. I knew when the homeless...
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The Rose of Flames: Shady Beginnings by _C_Harmonia_
The Rose of Flames: Shady _C_Harmonia_
A young lady, going by many names, is not your average girl. She knows how to kick ass, hack her way through life, and fight bad guys left and right. Need a break? HA! I...
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Behind bloodthirstiness by moonchild_021
Behind bloodthirstinessby moonchild
"Vampires are monsters. That's what I've been told. They won't hesitate to kill, so you need to be faster. Two options: kill or get killed. Choose. Except that I wa...
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Darkness Must Come. by darkhybr1d
Darkness Must ~dīfferent fr%m ∆ll~
Darkness Must Come: Book one of The Great Cycle Trilogy. (Coming soon)
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All Out War - The Third Season by ToffeePopper
All Out War - The Third Seasonby ToffeePopper
The Scorpius and Orion was has intensified even more, as Scorpius is beginning to push Orion back. As Orion begins begins its counterattack, many of the characters will...
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ZONATIONS (Rewriting) by ThingsUCantImagine
ZONATIONS (Rewriting)by Jay Jye
At fifteen-sun cycles-old, Ka-La would rather be storming around The End, virtual gun lasers blazing, than being a princess in a gilded tower. The End is one of three z...
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Worlds Apart by trashypoopy
Worlds Apartby Yara Pluma
WORLDS APART "We might be light years apart, but you'll forever be in my heart." ~~ Stephanie Ara Eilidh is just a simple woman who lives a simple...
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Fighting For Stars by _Infinite_Dark
Fighting For Starsby Dårk🖤
Far in the galaxy is a small planet called Ollora. This planet was beautiful and one of the most peaceful planets out there. All of that changed when Supreme Zla' Gospod...
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Spartan  Champions!!! (An rp) by King-of-psychos
Spartan Champions!!! (An rp)by Psychotic-King
Fighting is a common cause but in the year 2024 is a new year for the name fighting!!!
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Human Interaction by tigerlilyforyou
Human Interactionby Briann
"Sometimes, you replay the events in your head and wonder what was the right words to say. You never felt so alone and yet only one person can cure the empty feelin...
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The Angels Gift by Crystal_Fandoms365
The Angels Giftby Crystal_Fandoms365
This is a story about Crystal, a Princess of the planet Crylia. Crystal was born with what is known to her kind as the "Angels Gift", she is the only person in...
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We Are KAAFF | Ambi by DonTheRock
We Are KAAFF | Ambiby DonTheRock
A peculiarly quiet school lockdown results in the students of Grant High being required to transfer to a private school. After missing the bus that was supposed to take...
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Neowalkers: The Guardian or Vir by TylerScottSanchez
Neowalkers: The Guardian or Virby Tyler Sanchez
Lorelei Phaellas, destined queen of the Hethos people, is met with shocking news: to avoid conflict, her father is giving up their kingdom to be governed by the Neowalke...
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Honour Amongst Thieves || Ready Player One by ophelia_bennet
Honour Amongst Thieves || Ready Ophelia Bennet
❝I don't think anyone can ever stop being a gunter. Once the obsession starts, there's no stopping it. And even though I've spent two years trying to turn my back on it...
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