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The Other Dimension by iam_av
The Other Dimensionby iam_av
Naniniwala ba kayo na may iba pang dimension? O ibang mundo? Mundo na kung saan ay ibang-iba sa mundo natin? Isang mundo na puno ng mahika, o di kaya'y mga naglalakihan...
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The Celestial Decree by Higanbana01
The Celestial Decreeby Higanbana01
I used to be a highness waiting for the time to sit on the throne. I used to live simple with a principle, But how come I used to be a warrior of nowhere. How come I u...
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Ghost in the Machine by SEViolet
Ghost in the Machineby Sara Elaine
Series Five. The epitome of scientific and technological development. A coalition of genius, invention, fantasy and determination. When A.I. first became available to t...
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Lightrunner 💜 by KarateChop
Lightrunner 💜by Kimberly Vale
An elf enters a street-race tournament to escape a corrupt city trapped in endless night. ***** When Alyndra witnesses a murder in a back-alley, the House of Horns gives...
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Liars by OctaviaLocke
Liarsby Octavia Locke
"You couldn't very well lie, without knowing the whole truth." Every year, the Federated United Americas, tasks its elite soldiers to participate in a nation...
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Heros From Another World by AlphaStryke
Heros From Another Worldby Cayde-6
This is a crossover story between BNHA / My hero academia & Destiny I do not own any rights to My hero academia or destiny and am only responsible for what happens with...
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PlaneBreaker by BigHunk666
PlaneBreakerby Mitchell Clark
Why are people changing? Why is reality shifting? Why is this universe in danger? Who is the PlaneBreaker? A new chapter is posted every day or every other day.
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ANOMALOUS : Rise of the First Creatures by -OuttaTheWayNERDS-
ANOMALOUS : Rise of the First Maximum Effort
With their unusual insensitivity to their home's climate changes and their own unique physical attributes, the citizens of Weather Town had thought they'd seen it all fr...
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FusionVoid Short Stories by GamerGirl12Offical
FusionVoid Short Storiesby geek with the most
This is to house small stories that aren't exactly important to the FusionVoid universe. A LOT of fanfics and AU content.
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Past Coming Back by flsbasss
Past Coming Backby doodlebean8
15 years ago, a psychopathic dictator committed suicide, freeing from a chaotic and cruel rule. 15 years ago, a new government, filled with passionate people was created...
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Emotion Detected □ Namjin by cute_seokjinnie
Emotion Detected □ Namjinby ˚。⋆୨୧˚ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ˚୨୧⋆。˚
" You bought a human slave? " " He's an Android..... " " Oh, so are you gonna have Android babies or something? " Namjoon dislikes androids...
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World War K: They Call Him... Gojira by MasterGojira19
World War K: They Call Him... MasterGojira19
Imagine a world where humans and kaiju both coexist. But instead of them living together in harmony, the monsters live in their own society where that peace is never bro...
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Sweven by mythomania
Swevenby 19/44
in which five people with very unique abilities intermingle while one's consciousness is trapped in a video game. involving time travel, shared dreaming, portal guns, in...
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Alessia  by LyssaPrinceton
Alessia by
Captain Jaina Blackwood has her own ship. After taking on some new crew members and passengers, she's sent to help a race of women who look down on men. Can Jaina and he...
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Her Gun Was Alive by Geekygirl0506
Her Gun Was Aliveby BB-0506
Dhara finally gets out of life as a Panem. Scarred and traumatized by her old job she fights against her demons to be there for her siblings. Finally happy with her lif...
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Black Diamond by Namelessscribe
Black Diamondby Ugochi
For over two thousand years ARCHESS ASARU has fought in his people's seemingly endless battle against the Dolomites and their dreaded thue'sukh mounts. That is, until a...
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Adventures of General J. Bottle by WeebSlayerMaximus
Adventures of General J. Bottleby John Oh
After WW10 General J. Bottle was left without anything to do, a little girl comes to him to find her mother. He rejects her, but then realizes that he has no goal or dre...
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Afire: fight for the Earth begins by sjmegrav
Afire: fight for the Earth beginsby S J Meg Rav
Seven hundred years have passed since the Wars. The Earth is half destroyed, and the human organization - the Leadership - has taken complete control of the way the new...
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A Talisman to protect against the dark - scifi-fantasy short stories by Karo-Ruu
A Talisman to protect against Armisael Nebuchadnezzar II
Gallagher's cyborg body was never designed to last, even after ten years of servitude in the war and countless medals she could not buy freedom. Trouble was a thousand...
What's Out There by ECSherman
What's Out Thereby E. C. Sherman
*UNDER REVISION - NO SET SCHEDULE* A War for Sargada Book + + + Sargada is a planet under fire. The native Nemarin and the invasive, parasitic Nevkar have been at war fo...
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