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Disappear by aetheryl
Disappearby Aela
What would you do if you woke up one day being the only person alive on earth?
Starry Eyed- Will Robinson x Reader (Lost in Space) by coolbananax
Starry Eyed- Will Robinson x CoolBanana
Y/N= Your Name L/N= Last name --------------------- Will Robinson x Reader (Lost In Space) --------------------------------------------------- I didn't see much so I ma...
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Werewolf Within (boondocks) by DreamyKitsune
Werewolf Within (boondocks)by Dreamy
Ever since the marriage between Thelma Lawrence and Robert Freeman and Halloween happened, Huey's been acting a little...strange. But when Halloween passed, Huey's beha...
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THE END by xo_girlboss_xo
THE ENDby Runahem
At what state you would be in when you will realize you are not what you see and there is more to it. There are responsibilities awaiting for you but the main thing is...
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The Creation of Xyphus:  The Supernova of Dega by minus1digit
The Creation of Xyphus: The minus1digit
After winding up in the brig for the second time in his life, LMAJ Brandon Xyphus finds himself piloting a brand new ship headed for a super-massive asteroid. After the...
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Elementalism by ryunasachi
Elementalismby Naito Akira
Chasing secrets of your past have never been easy, especially if your memories have been erased by mysterious people from a parallel universe. The worlds have crossed ov...
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The Future Beyond by urmooniverse
The Future Beyondby Esha Moon
Seeing the future was both a blessing and curse. It was a one time big time sight that changes her life. From then on, she wanted to change the future in all possible wa...
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 Kimetsu no Yaiba: a Adventure tale, Part 1 by allison765
Kimetsu no Yaiba: a Adventure allison765
the story begins with Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, a 24-year-old young man who falling into a well in a abandoned shrine after his boyfriend, Adam was missing, f...
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Artificial Intelligence: Robots by khueon
Artificial Intelligence: Robotsby Me🔛🔝
It would be better if you read the before you start reading to get a better understanding of the story ☺️ *********************************************** What are the hu...
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The World in Between by dragonsfall20
The World in Betweenby dragonsfall20
When Lindy falls through a hole in her stairs, she's transported to a dying world. Teaming up with her doppelgänger, (of sorts), they fight the controlling hand of the G...
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RED HORIZON (Heliocite Saga #1) by HopesPen
RED HORIZON (Heliocite Saga #1)by Elizabeth Hope
If everything fell apart, what would you fight to protect? Seri is diligent, empathetic, and an optimist to a fault. Azariah is bold, resourceful, and full of power...
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Eva by Cattatonicat
Evaby Cattatonicat J
A story about Eva and Ines shortly after they ran away from Heaven.
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Anti-Fragile: Orphan Saga by DangerFawkes
Anti-Fragile: Orphan Sagaby Danger Fawkes
For Space Academy hotshot Aurora Kohl, her way is the only way, but when her father is killed by government-created super-soldiers, she's forced to join a misfit crew of...
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Inside My Head - A Collection Of Me by r0sal1ne
Inside My Head - A Collection Of Meby Rosaline Johanson
"inside my head - a collection of me" is a collection of short stories, writing exercises, and poems I wrote. Most of these are the manifestation of the feeli...
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Remala by TacitusKadari
Remalaby Tacitus
In a single night of Terror, Vilkar and Inima were seperated from their Father and left on the Steppe covered Starship Graveyard of Viskama. Hastur, their adoptive Fathe...
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Cloaks & Lasers:  A City Divided by minus1digit
Cloaks & Lasers: A City Dividedby minus1digit
Illustration by: Nickolay Zakharov Book one of a brand new series, shedding light into the world of Xyphus; a setting in my WIP tabletop role-playing game. This series...
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VICHIKA- A Dystopian Science Fiction Tale by Ankur_Mishra
VICHIKA- A Dystopian Science Ankur Mishra
Vichika will create a new world for the reader with numerous possibilities. It is always interesting to visualize a beautiful future, but this book will change the ver...
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Super Girl: The Unexpected Kryptonian by Angel_CTH
Super Girl: The Unexpected Déjà
I never given any thought to of being a hero. Let alone help Kara and Kal-El save a few dozen people, go through a breached portal from time to time and met The Flash, G...
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Intellect by hayxden
Intellectby Ashley Hayden
"You can save us." Her stern voice faded leaving a soft reminiscence behind. Tears welled up in her eyes. She reached out to graze my cheek. I smiled regretful...
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The Land Beyond The Wall by A_Jamal1982
The Land Beyond The Wallby A_Jamal1982
Seven heroes shall arise for a challenge, Against the worst they shall face, But as three leave, only one shall return, The highest rank, one will be placed. The reaped...
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